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My first week with the iPhone X

Well, I’m still waiting for my case to come in but AT&T came through clutch on the early shipment. 
If you have a lot of apps FaceID requires many restarts of the phone to work. 
I have over 1800 apps. 
Most of the apps aren't updated to work with the iPhone X.
The phone scratches really easy its stainless steel, so this makes sense. I purchased some stainless steel polish, and it got most scratches out. It was 7.99 on Amazon. 
The phone is starting to grow on me, but I can honestly say that it's not much of an upgrade from my iPhone 7 plus. I noticed that the wireless charging is intermittent and causes the phone to overheat which is normal and a soft reset fixes that. 
Was the phone worth the 1269.00 cost for the 256GB iPhone X NO! If you were like me and had your phone paid off and are on the fence about upgrading wait for it to go down in price and save your money. It's entirely possible I could grow to love this phone, but after one week of heavy usage, it's just an…