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The Real Story behind the 2pac alleged rape case........

With All eyez on me coming out Friday it’s important to know facts from lies... Pac believed the rape case was a set up from the same dudes who shot him.
 23:02 The Alleged RapeTupac Shakur was photographed by the New York State Department of Correctional Services in March 1995. Tupac was convicted in December 1994 of felony sexual abuse. Spent a few months upstate before being bailed out by Death Row's Suge Knight. Tupac Shakur was sentenced to 1-1/2-to-4-1/2 years in the case.The Details:Some believe that the rape case came about because of the police shooting case in Atlanta. So a little insight on that first.:Of all Tupac's much publicized, violent confrontations in the tempestuous year 1993, none better illustrated the degree to which he had become the exemplar of the gangsta-rap mandate than his arrest for shooting two off-duty police officers in Atlanta. The officers, he would later say, had been harassing a black motorist. The charges were dropped when it…