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Be Humble Bitch SIT DOWN!!

Why you gotta be a thot for??!!!!

Why are people so damn thirsty??!!!
If your ass is out all over the internet you are not wifey material. 
I don't care if your eyebrows are on FLEEK. 
I don't want your link in your bio 
I don't want the link to your instagram model page. 
If link is is bio you either a hoe a thot or trying to sell me something I don't want. 
Guess what if I want it I already purchased it or it's on my Amazon wishlist and last time I checked Thottie isn't on Amazon as of yet although I'm sure some of y'all do Amazon delivery and do something strange for a little piece of change. 
And for the men of the world flashing cash on the internet gangbanging on the internet or just being thirsty "ayo check to dm" lol stop it have several seats. 
1. Flashing cash makes you a licc waiting to happen.  2. People gangbang in the streets not online.  3. She seen your 100 messages and is ignoring yo ass. Lol
Bruh she's not buying what you are selling…

The Right Decision

I think the people we love and the people that raised us want us to make the safest decision and often times that isn't the right decision. Bottom line is if you don't try you'll never know wha failing is like. Why live and be miserable in your everyday life just to be on the safe side of life. I get it we all have responsibility but in my personal opinion it is my responsibility in this life I lead to look back and be proud of what I have accomplished in life with no regrets. If I failed instead of trying I can say yes I failed but at least I tried my hardest. We don't learn from life unless we make mistakes and grow from them. I think you just have to go for what you want and not worry about what others think. I am almost 100% certain that the most successful people in life took a chance and didn't look back.

So K-Dot Named his Album DAMN. Here's the cover 4/14/17!!!

What in the actual FAWK??!! Ohio woman rapes cab driver for 32.00 dollars?!!

Female passenger allegedly rapes taxi driver at knifepoint by  April 11, 2017  Share An Ohio woman is charged with first-degree felony rape and aggravated robbery Hancock County after police allege she raped and robbed a taxi driver while an accomplice held the victim at knifepoint. Police say Brittany S. Carter, 23, called for a taxi around 4:24 a.m. on January 28 at the TownePlace Suites hotel in Findlay, Ohio. The woman entered the taxi with Cory L. Jackson, 20, of Lima. Jackson held a knife to the taxi driver while Carter performed a sex act on him, according to a report by the News-Messenger.Findlay Police Detective Lt. Robert Ring said Friday that authorities are stumped as to why Carter performed the sex act on the taxi driver.We don’t know why she did it. Maybe it was a distraction because they took money from him.The couple took $32 out of the driver’s pocket, according to the report. Ring said they then left the scene, and the man was not injured.

Troy Ave the 2nd Coming of 2Pac?!!!

A firestorm erupted on Twitter Wednesday (April 5) after Troy Avedeclared himself "the new Pac" on Power 105's The Breakfast Club. The New York rapper appeared on the morning show for the first time since the deadly shooting he was connected to, which took place at Irving Plaza last May. The MC had been charged with attempted murder and spent six weeks in jail before being released on a $500,000 bond. Aside from discussing his legal drama, the Brooklyn MC discussed his plans for new music and current state, even comparing himself to late rap legend Tupac.  While boasting about the love he receives at the clubs and in the streets, the rapper said, "It's the second coming of Pac. It's New Pac!" However, he hopes to not go out like the legend, and wants to die old. Charlamagne warned the MC that social media wouldn't be kind to him for making that statement. The rapper had to clarify, "I never want to be another man ... I would never say that I…