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The Dude who Won 75K at the Madden Bowl is the idiot of the year

So this guy just won 75,000 from playing a video game and turns around and loses it based on racist tweets dating back to 2011. So I guess EA even gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him to take the tweets down and after he won the Madden bowl in December he went on another tirade and lost all of his 75k in winnings. 
I think a lot of people have this ideology about us African Americans but most don't think them aloud they hide behind their bed sheets or in Donald Trumps case and oversized suit and think these things. Just think what you could do with 75,000 of new money from playing a video game!! Crazy!! I guess my question is since he hates us so badly did he have any black men on his squad and if he doesn't how the hell he win?? Lol