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Speak Victory Not Defeats

The Sprinkle of Jesus IPhone App randomly sent me this two days ago and I happened to check my Apple Watch ⌚️and see this gift!!
How often do we only focus on the bad things in life?
How often do we dwell on our past mistakes?
How often do we focus on who hurt us?
For me I personally am one of these people. I just think of how I grew up and what I was neglected of and how much things would be different if I weren't neglected. 
This quote made me realize that I am right where I'm supposed to be and the could of would of and should of things in the back of your head are just where they need to be in the back in your rear view mirror. 
This moment where you are in life right now is where you are supposed to be. The people in your life are supposed to be there. 
How often does our past reflect our present and makes us run from things that remind us of our past?
What you have seen in life have been through in life and have lived through doesn't define you it makes you who you are!!!

Build Your Woman Up She's Your Muse

A real Grown Man 
Cares about your Happiness
Cheers you on when you are successful 
Supports your Goals
Supports your dreams
Believes in you when you may not even believe in yourself. 
Puts your feelings above his own
Loves you unconditionally 
All the above are apart of your woman shining and being loved. As much as your woman shines you shine her happiness and your happiness are one in the same. I'll never understand the men who want to keep their women down and hide her natural God given talents out of jealousy??!!! Why not use her as the muse she is and use her success as motivation for yourself?!! I think real power couples motivate each other and are each other's biggest cheerleaders. There is no room for hatred or disgust from your significant others success in a relationship. 
He wants you to be Amazing
The old saying goes Happy Wife Happy Life
If she is happy and content your life is that much smoother. Life is Amazing she is Amazing and your relationship is Amazing. I'm not…


Acceptance is an important part of life. Accept life for what it is  Accept life for what it was and learn from it  Accept what will be in life and have faith in what the future holds. 

Finding the Motivation to Move On

I've developed the ability to detect misery in people in all of my years in dealing with the general public. I have found that most people's misery or misfortunes are based on their own actions and how they feel about themselves. Me personally I have never been perfect nor will I ever pretend to be but I have this ability that if I'm not happy with something I just find the strength to move on. In 2016 I worked for the national juggernaut AT&T and it was a very belittling experience for me. I thought I was gonna go in and make all this money and just be so successful who knows technology better than me?!!!! Well that wasn't the case and I found myself upset and miserable everyday to the point where I became physically ill. See the managers at AT&T their job is to strictly monitor and coach and to make a long story short there were 4 managers and they all cornered me one day calling me a liar and a thief over not telling a customer about direct tv. It's laug…