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Ode to Kobe......

I became a fan just as I was becoming a laker fan you instantly stuck out to me when you won the dunk contest!! I saved all my money worked my ass off and copped your jersey the same day I copped a penny hardaway jersey{My other favorite player} ironic how you it's played with shaq!! I played in your jersey every year and balled out my jumper was sick especially when there were girls watching. And as a young man after the rape allegations I threw your bobble head away that sat in my living room? As if I'm am one to judge like God but I was young dumb and full of cum! Thank you Kobe you gave me the ambition to be who I am today even when I was on the east coast I stayed up until 1:30 am to watch you play and it honestly made my day. No matter what I was going through I always had Kobe to watch on nba league pass you are literally the only reason I have purchased the pass the last ten years. 
But I love LA from the Dodgers to the lakers to the Kings and through my teams I plan a …

Brecksville Ohio smh

I spent most of February in Brecksville Ohio which is about 7 miles from downtown Cleveland and I have to ask the people of Cleveland why do you always compare yourselves to Pittsburgh?
There is literally nothing going on there I was there a month bored out of my cotton picking mind lol. 
What is there to do? There's nowhere to eat the city is dry as hell aka mad boring shit I didn't leave my hotel room unless I was going to work or going out with my family. 
I will give you this that melt place has great food and there is a great place to eat near where I was working that was a dive bar and that was about it. 
We went downtown Cleveland on a Sunday and there was literally nothing going on the only person outside was holding a #FeelTheBern sign for Bernie sanders. 
I can honestly say I'll never step foot in Ohio again unless I'm taking my family to cedar point bye bye and may I never have to spend a month there again. 
Nice stadiums though although the ones in Puttsburgh are…