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Qualities of A Real Man...

Motivation- the key to success. 
Respect of Women- is like second nature. 
Leading by example goes without saying. 
Spending quality time with your children is second nature and is a gift. 
Set the goals up and knock them down this is an everyday thing for me!
Financial obligations are a must and I'll be honest I LOVE paying bills because when I have rest time I can rest in peace without the bill collectors calling me. 
I love my boys they are like my brothers but they don't influence my decisions I'm a man I can stand on my own two feet. 
I'm always willing to admit when I'm wrong unless you're an asshole then I refuse to lol. 
Faithfulness is second nature yes as human beings we make mistakes but being faithful isn't a job because it comes as easy as your daily routine of getting up going to work or washing your ass lol. Once a man realizes he's missing nothing  in the world by being where he is then it's not an issue being faithful it's a blessing.