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It's All in Your DELIVERY!

I guess some people don't realize that tone and the tone in which you speak to others can be interpreted in many different ways. For example if you have a neighbor who complains about the music being too loud you can deliver the message in a normal fashion-which would make me prone to follow suit and help your eardrums. If you come at me in an attacking fashion I'm just going to bite your ass back and 9/10 put you in your place. 
You give someone a position of power and they think that they can talk to you any which way. Where I come from if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything-and people with blatant disrespect because they rank higher than you is something that will never be tolerated on my watch. Attitude reflects leadership and as a leader you have to know that people have different reactions to things an as a leader you should have a great skill set to adapt to all different kinds of personalities. 
This furthermore proves the point that some people …

If SEX Was a sport 👀👀👀

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Sex.... It's yours take it when you want how you want.

Lol amen to this picture above hey listen if it's mine you gonna have to deal with the pain... They say pain is love right? Lol
Jokes aside I don't care how long the relationship is- whether it had its ups it's downs- wasn't always perfect there is nothing that should stop you from consistently giving your woman the business. 
Everyday ending in "Y"

The BluePrint To A Happy Healthy Relationship.

Taking this business class on managing conflict has me really thinking and thinking of conflicts I have had in my past & how responding when angry or stressed isn't the best remedy.

I think that you have to follow a certain way of thinking and reacting when you are in a relationship. You always hear the saying don't go to sleep mad when it pertains to relationships. I think that you shouldn't respond to things that can make conflict when mad. It's about being mature and thinking before you speak- or before you react.

Match their effort- there is nothing worse than being in a relationship putting in all the work and getting nothing in return.

Respect their hustle- you should always be the first to support them in all they aspire to do in life. Supporting their dreams and ambition- I know for a fact is the way to a man's heart. Nothing is worse than being excited about something and it not getting the reaction you expected from the people you love.

Protect their …

We're some people born to fail?

I genuinely want what is best for everyone but I am starting to think that some people are either born to fail or they just don't care enough. In the last 6 months I have had two people that worked for me who just had no regard for any life but their own. The crazy part is the one dude is a father.....I worked all day Christmas Eve and finally sat down with my family to have Christmas dinner and my phone starts blowing up. I see it's the new guy who works for me. My store was closed so I knew it wasn't work related. After the 5th call with Turkey in my mouth I finally answered and he was asking for a ride home from the hospital. He had went into sugar shock and was taken to the hospital via ambulance and needed a ride home. Instantly the thought was where is your wife she drives you everywhere. She was actually at a family party and wouldn't pick her husband up from the emergency room it made me think "what's up"??? So I let it go and politely said I cou…