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4 Months with Apple Watch and 2 Months with Ipad Pro

As you can probably tell when it comes to the latest and greatest technology I have it.
 I'm currently carrying everything apple with the exception of the Microsoft surface on at&t 4g LTE network.
If you have an iphone 6 plus or 6s plus the apple watch is a must have. It is literally your sidekick and you don't need to pull oyur large phone out or carry it around to answer calls and text. This is huge if you work somewhere where phones are not allowed. Your emails as well as any other type of notification you get on your phone are pushed to your apple watch as well.
Where the apple watch fails is if you leave your phone at home. I am currently a store manager for Sprint and I have a sprint work phone and sometimes I forget my personal iphone at my house. The watch is useless without the phone.
With that said the 500 entry level apple watch sport is a great buy. I personally have received several calls via my watch and it was fast and convenient. I can honesty say as a per…

Wifey Material!

Some food for thought on my opinion on what Wifey Material is.
Hold Your Man down at all times and if he strays its his loss point blank period.
Most Men won't realize what they have until it's gone.
Sometimes it takes losing or almost losing a real woman to realize the priceless value she brings to your life.

Value The Woman You Have!

I think when in a relationship we often take what we have for granted. We often become complacent and think that they start to annoy you. What you fail to realize is that you may end up missing what you had once it is gone. 
So why not value what you have in the present and consider her presence a gift and not a curse?
I feel as men we always think we are missing something out in the world. Did you ever stop and think what you think you are missing is right in front of you?
Stop what you're doing and sit back and realize how far you have come and that where you are going is even better. 
In 2016 don't dwell on what could be but focus on what is and appreciate what you have. There's a lot of lonely ass people in the world who have no one and you think what you have is annoying?
Grow up appreciate what you have or the next man will. 

Real Men build Homes🏑🏑🏑🏑🏑🏑

She's not your enemy...

Healthy Mind = Healthy Life..