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Friday Motivation!!


Seasons are truly meant to chance However love can be the reason you fall And when you find that spacial someone You will be willing to give them a lifetime. 

Yes You Are Worth It & You are a Keeper!

Don't cross that line!!!

Only a person who isn't a parent brings someone's children into the equation when they are mad. Listen a child is brought into this world full of innocence they can't help who their parents are and they can't help that you are mad at their parents. 
Once you cross that line though there is no coming back!! There are many things I have accomplished in this life and being a father a protector and the first REAL man  my child knows is my ultimate goal, so if you do anything or get in the way of my progress you better watch out!!

Sometimes She just needs to hear it!

Know Your Worth Gentlemanology101

Forever Remaining Humble because I am Blessed. Thank you!

Test Of Time