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Zoobhoy 8 iphone 6 Plus!

I've been in love with Elite 8 by BarsOverBeats but this theme looks dope check it out you have to donate to get it on the modmyi forum. 

Valentine's Day

I personally didn't want anything for Valentine's Day because I feel that I am beyond blessed and have everything I want in life. 
With that said I feel that you should express your love and feelings everyday and you don't necessarily need a holiday to do so. 
I always believe that Valentine's Day is a day to cater to your woman its a day to just cater to her and you should do whatever you feel is necessary. 
I seen dudes doing the cliche thing with chocolates and roses and to me that's just fake. I mean maybe I'm cut from a different cloth but I just feel the need to do random acts of love and not be like anyone else. 
If you're blessed to be with the one you love everyday is an honor to have them I your side and Valentine's Day is just another platform to express that love without being forced.