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Your Queen

Graduating from wifey material to a man's queen is natural to a real woman because she does all the above with style and grace.
Adding happiness to your man's life and not stress makes his transition into treating you like the woman you deserve to be treated an easy one.
YOU are a team support each other.
Build Together
Develop Together 
Stay Together


Self Love is just that love of self and love of self starts from a deep space within you. You have to love yourself enough to never settle and know that you deserve the best. So many think they can't do better or they don't deserve a better pay or that they deserve to be treated like shit. Self love yourself into a position that if you are broken down to pick up the pieces and say "I deserve the best the very best and that's it"!!!!

Treat her like you are trying to win her at all times.

What is Love?

Ipad killer Galaxy tab s2

I'm going to have a love/hate relationship with apple until I die but I recently scooped up a LTE samsung tab s2 which is samsung's new flagship tablet.

Out of the box I am impressed by its thinness and how light it is.

Once turned on the beautiful screen and the intuitive feeling it gives when scrolling the screen shows that this is the true competition for the iPad Air.

Samsung rewards you for purchasing the product as well.

You get all three of the hunger games movies to date with the download of samsung + app.

My only problem with the Samsung tab s2 is that there is no wireless charging capability. I own the Samsung adaptive fast charging wireless charger so that bummed me out but if you want a great tablet at a reasonable price. 499.99 retail then check this one out it comes in gold/white/black and the LTE version is available in black from your wireless carrier.

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Why Apple is falling off.

I'm team iPhone on AT&T for life but having the chance to play with the latest and greatest flagship phones has opened my eyes.

I have owned the leather backed Lg G4 since it launched and in many ways it is an iPhone killer. It has by far the best rear camera on any smart phone. It's fast it's intuitive and with the leather backing it is classy.

The galaxy note 5 and s6 edge plus in my opinion are the best large screened smartphones on the planet right now. When I play with the demo at my store of the note 5 I'm reminded of what my 6 plus even though it is jailbroken can and cannot do. The killer with the note 5 unlike my G4 is no expandable memory. I grabbed a 64 gb memory card on Amazon and threw it in my G4 for extra space. This gave me the ability to virtually own every game from the original Nintendo via an emulator on the play store.

When I first touched a 6s and 6s plus I was impressed by the feel and they weight it felt way more sturdy and that's where …

Your man's Cell Phone

Your man's phone is if he's like me his livelihood. With that said ain't no way no how that you should not know the code to his phone. Not saying that I'm better than any man but my woman has her own fingerprint to get into my iPhone's and both of my iPads. Also my business phone she has a passcode for that. When there are no secrets the relationship is a level playing field. With that said when you women flirt or try to spark conversations on social media my woman sees that lol. She's not really the jealous type because I don't be replying to the bullshit. But she sees it all. So if you ever run into a situation where you been unfollowed or blocked it might not of been me. Lol. Jokes aside I have made mistakes in the past so she has every right. I used to say you pay the bill? No well stay out my phone. That's not the case today it's a live and learn situation. If you have nothing to hide why be secretive with your phone. It only creates friction. …

A Man's Job is

You 51/50 chicks have the game ass backwards. "I'm broken it's your job to fix me". Lmao if you don't sit yo crazy ass hostile ass down some damn where.

It's not a man's job to pay for the last man's sins or how he did you wrong. If that is how we play then what about the women who have done us men wrong. Are we supposed to treat yall the same? Hell no not a single woman is having that you'd quickly get sat down for the "you got me fucked up boo boo speech I ain't no hoe" LOL

So why is it that a crazy ass woman feels she's broken and the new cat should pay for her being broken? We react as people to our surroundings and its on you to change them.

If you feel all men should pay because of how Derrick treated you in the 99 to the 2000 in 2015 then your hostile ass needs to stay single as a dollar bill. You are gonna end up being the cat lady with 58 cats that no one wants to come to your house if you are focused on the past and what…


We have all made mistakes in life because no one is perfect!! The difference between the adults and those who choose to live and be stuck in the past is that U.S. Adults learn, grow, and blossom from the life threatening mistakes that we have made.

Some people are lost and then they are found, because they choose to make their lives better.

With that said there are certain people of the world who look for you to slip up and make mistakes so that they can attempt to expose you for those mistakes.

In my personal or professional opinion I feel that person is trying to expose you because they are threatened by you.

I know I have a very threatening personality, because no one can alter my beliefs in myself and I am very strong in believing my abilities. To break it down for you I don't care about other people's opinions and they won't make or break me.

When people even think that you are a little bit happy they look to bring you down for your past sins. Aren't we all sinner…

Bootleg Ass Fans Smh

How you a fan only when your team makes the playoffs? I don't get it and it seems that all Pittsburgh Pa fans are this way? Buctober for the pirates how about all year buc fans. As much as my teams piss me off I can never turn my back on them. I love my teams win or lose as painful as the Lakers season was last year I still watched every game I could. Watching Clayton Kershaw give up bomb after bomb to the cardinals stunt but it is still team dodgers. Let's not forget Philip Rivers ability to throw interceptions in the end zone when they should be touchdowns. Moral you can't talk shit on my allegiance when you have none until your team is winning. #FuckTober lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

In front of anybody at anytime!

It's a Privilege! Know that!

Treat her like a queen if you are a king.

Stay in your lane.

Most of all peoples issues stem from not staying in their own lane. It's almost like people jump out of their lanes and look for drama instead of doing them and living their lives. Why add stress to your life and put more on yourself than you should? Because people have serious issues with minding their own business people are always worried about what the next person is doing. You are your own person and you control yourself only you can't control the world. This also stems from people holding onto the past and keeping grudges based on events in the past. That is not staying in your own lane, that is being childish and petty. Me personally I have build my own lane and I'm not letting anyone over.

Thank You Lord!!

I've seriously been neglecting my blog but it's mainly because I have been living and loving my life. I am in a very humble place and I thank God every night for all my blessings. The last couple years and even in the present day there's just so many negative people and negative energy that I am just thankful for no matter what I have gone through to have kept a positive outlook on my life.

I am in a space where I just want to bring everybody up. New career path new outlook on life.

Some people are still holding onto that hate but unlike my old self I just don't indulge in it.

There comes a point in your life where you just focus on what matters and you leave those and things that don't matter where they belong in the past.

We all have so much to be thankful for and to be happy about and I thank you God for making me realize that and also for helping me realize no matter who I become in life what I have in life and all the things that I am blessed with none of it …

Clean Jailbreak of iOS 8.4. iPhone 6 plus.

Tweaks to check out that are paid. 
1. Springtomize 3 2. Apex 2 3. Color badges 4. Color banners 5. Copic 6. Harbor
Free 1. Lock glyph  2. Tweetbot+ 3. Unlimtones 4. Cc button border

Happy Late Father's Day

If you can't handle her worse you don't deserve her best.

Don't take her for granted she's a great woman.

Rules of a Black Gentleman #2

Rules of a Black Gentleman #1

Stay Focused

The 3 A's

The 3 A's
Attention- nothing makes a woman more irritated than when you aren't paying her attention from when she speaks to spending quality time with her. 
Sometimes your woman just wants to talk have great adult conversation but you have to be receptive. 
Affection- when she needs a hug you should be the first to be there for her with your arms open wide. Sometimes she just needs held and to be told it's going to be okay. 
Appreciation- she may make it seem like it is not a big deal but she loves to feel appreciated.  Don't take the little things for granted thank her for all she does show her your appreciation with your actions and words. 
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My Summer is Made!!!

After all these years Twista & Do or die are doing a joint album that is being released on Tuesday!!!
I can't wait Aquafina was released and can be streamed on spotify but you can preorder the album on ITunes for 4.99.

My Favorite New Artist!! Lauriana Mae...

Didn't realize until after I started listening to her that we shared the same birthday. #TeamCapricorn
#NowPlaying City of Diamonds EP by Lauriana Mae

Rules Of A Gentleman Love This!!

Invest in Yourself!!



Gentleman Rules #101

#Zoobhoy8 still going hard!

Denzel LOLπŸ‘¨πŸΎπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Denzel straight busted out my pops mustache from the early 80's?? He has to be shooting a movie lol. 

A Real Man.....

Love Like No Other...

A Real Man......

For my page as I finish my book and put the leg work in..... Hard Work & Dedication.

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Rules To Keeping a Great Woman....

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Fight for LOVE!!

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Value Honor Cherish Appreciate Admire Respect Her heart like it's your own.


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A great woman is an investment!

Amen & it's our job to protect our investment like no other. I feel if more men treated their woman with same magnitude they would their daughter or mother there would be a lot more smiles on faces and headboards needing to be replaced every 6 months. #Gentlemanology101


Just a quick Babe acronym since I hate the word bae. Lol this is how it should be if she's not your babe then wtf are you doing??!! 
There's careers you need money and life gets in the way, but she should come before anyone and anything else at all times. 
If she needs you drop what you are doing to be there for her. 
If she needs a hug, then hug the shit out of her!
If she needs f*cked hard f*ck the sh*t out of her. 
If she needs support on a decision help her figure it out. 
We as men complain we don't get this and that from our women didn't your mama teach you that you have to give to get?You have to give to receive the more giving you are to your woman the more she will reciprocate that energy. 


Friday Motivation!!


Seasons are truly meant to chance However love can be the reason you fall And when you find that spacial someone You will be willing to give them a lifetime. 

Yes You Are Worth It & You are a Keeper!

Don't cross that line!!!

Only a person who isn't a parent brings someone's children into the equation when they are mad. Listen a child is brought into this world full of innocence they can't help who their parents are and they can't help that you are mad at their parents. 
Once you cross that line though there is no coming back!! There are many things I have accomplished in this life and being a father a protector and the first REAL man  my child knows is my ultimate goal, so if you do anything or get in the way of my progress you better watch out!!

Sometimes She just needs to hear it!

Know Your Worth Gentlemanology101