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PUUUUURGE Goodbye 2014!!

Thank you so much for showing me 2014 that there are 2014 snakes in the grass & I'm happy to purge their asses and leave them in 2014. 
Thank you to my stepmom for once again threatening to call the cops on me over an eBay account that wasn't mine, nor did it have anything to do with your selling of bullshit on eBay. You're 66 years old you should probably stop selling painted slates on eBay & get a real job! Maybe that will stop you from hating on me for being self made, motivated, and in 2014 a business owner. I know you like to think I'm broke and poor cause I have worked in the mall selling shoes and just about everything else, but that job and my work ethic made me want to parlay my skills into my own business. I think back when I had nowhere to live in High School and you and my father tried to pawn me off to the army, it makes me wonder where I would be, but I know I'd probably be dead or far far away. I see now that was your intention and I want to thank you for breaking up my family, because your husband isn't worthy of my mother and you two are perfect for each other. What you did to our family and the fact that you boast about meeting my father when he was still married, then he left your ass to go back to my mom until you came knocking on that door that day when I was 9 smh. You did us a favor honestly. I'm convinced my dad had cheated on you your whole marriage and I can't say that I am happy about that although you deserve it. I remember you calling me NIGGER(Yes she's white)when I was 16-17 and I can't help but laugh cause a nigger is someone that's ignorant and your ignorance of portraying your marriage as great as you are the third wheel on dates with your daughter and her boyfriend is disgusting Lol. I enjoyed not inviting you to my daughters birthday party in our 160k new house, highlight of my year actually. Thank you for coming to scope out or old rental house to so you can see what we had, understand this you'll never compare to me and my household because we have genuine love and our foundation was built right yours is based on living a lie, sleeping with married men, and hating your husbands past. Now you are my past & you'll never be let in again. My heart is so big I give second chances constantly, but 2014 was the end of that. 

Secondly to my old place of employment The Walking Company I don't miss your weak ass paychecks, nor do I miss the worst manager in the history of management either. You can sit back plot, strategize, talk shit on whatever you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you are a piece of shit and will always be a piece of shit lol. For years you told me I was involved with crazies, but your ability to cyber stalk was the craziest of all lol. Qutting working for you was one of the greatest moments in my life, the fact that you made me close my last day and said "it's been real" after all the shit I did for your store shows your character. One of a spoiled rich girl who. Had a job just to support an expensive shoe habit. You thought you had me where you wanted me and I got the last laugh when I bounced. You didn't see that one coming I bet? Treat people like shit and eventually they all leave you hanging. You'll find that out the hard way. Stop having people stalk me on LinkedIn worried about where I work, if it's that important @ me on Twitter and ill send you my end of the year pay stub showing you I made more than your whole fucking store combined lol. I'm not your concern anymore I quit in March & that means I quit you not the walking company I had a great experience with them you are the reason I quit. You are why I quit Morgan quit and Samantha quit. Is that why you take when someone quits so personal cause you know it's you? Hmmm don't know but you're purged from my memory. #RIP!!!!!

Last but not least to the people that constantly harassed and tried to break my wife the above aforementioned was actually apart of that. RIP to your ass too, did you get the memo that they aren't breaking up?Your numerous accounts of being a fraud have been mentioned on this website before, but as you can see it didn't work. To think that someone would want to be with you after all that is crazy as hell. If you found yourself emailing, cyber stalking, or just bothering one hair on my wife's head you can kiss my ass and if you did kiss my ass from here to across the street I still wouldn't contact you. You can comment every post I like on soundtracking you can try to spark conversations you can do whatever but we are done bruh!! Ain't no coming back. Yeah I was wrong I cheated, I texted, I flirted, but after all that I found God and I asked him to lead me down the right path & if you haven't noticed that is not with any of the people in this blog post. I'm gone so is 2014. 

2015 here we come stronger than ever a bond that can never be broken. My family is my everything & through God we will continue to climb the mountain top!PUUUUURGE!!


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