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It's Almost that Time!!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Capricorn Season Fact!

Character assassination with a Capricorn equals no coming back from that! You can apologize a million times but that's always gonna be in a Capricorn's mind, so choose your words wisely.

The best theme Elite 8 2.99

The best looking icons on iOS 8 are available through in elite 8.  You have to do a paypal donation & 2.99 is the minimum you can do the theme is then sent via email and you add the source to cydia and bam your phone is beautiful. 


PUUUUURGE Goodbye 2014!!

Thank you so much for showing me 2014 that there are 2014 snakes in the grass & I'm happy to purge their asses and leave them in 2014.  Thank you to my stepmom for once again threatening to call the cops on me over an eBay account that wasn't mine, nor did it have anything to do with your selling of bullshit on eBay. You're 66 years old you should probably stop selling painted slates on eBay & get a real job! Maybe that will stop you from hating on me for being self made, motivated, and in 2014 a business owner. I know you like to think I'm broke and poor cause I have worked in the mall selling shoes and just about everything else, but that job and my work ethic made me want to parlay my skills into my own business. I think back when I had nowhere to live in High School and you and my father tried to pawn me off to the army, it makes me wonder where I would be, but I know I'd probably be dead or far far away. I see now that was your intention and I want to t…

You are more than beautiful!

Your giving spirit, your loving ways, the way you pass out on the couch, the way you make sure I'm taken care of even after you worked your ass off all day. The love you display, the smile you grace, the light you bring to every room you walk in. You are the best thing to ever happen to me, we have had more ups than downs and I am glad to always have you around. Without you near I'm incomplete, what makes you so genuine is for your love I never have to compete. They tried to tear us down, but our love made us build a stronger ground. Our bond is unbreakable, strong as Teflon, never again your hurt will I step on. I chose to pick up the pieces of what I broke, and I will spend my life, mending it until the day I croak. What I failed to realize way back when is your heart is apart of mine and that's never going to end. I look in the mirror then look at you and I see the best of me. If the man that I have become is for the best it is because of you so you'll never again h…

Android Lollipop Theme on IPhone 6 Plus

Android Lollipop HD theme in cydia for free! Bring the feel of Nexus 6 to your iPhone 6 plus. Custom wallpapers are available at

Movie Box the main reason to jailbreak your iPad air2 or iPhone 6 plus.

Besides the fact that iOS 8 made it possible to receive your phone calls, text, and FaceTime from your iPhone 6 or 6 plus to your Mac, iPad Air, or iPod touch there are a few apps worth the jailbreak. 
Movie Box is the top for me, I personally have a huge movie collection and I'm constantly watching new releases on blu-Ray & DVD or on demand with verizon Fios. 
Fios on demand is 5.99 a movie for a rental on HD. Enter Movie Box where you can stream any movie from your iPad to your Apple TV, google chrome cast, of Fire TV for free. 
New releases are on here weeks in advance. We watched Get on up the James Brown movie weeks ago from the app & now it's out on DVD today. 
Here's how to install:
How To InstallHere’s how to install Movie Box on a non-jailbroken iOS device:Visit this link in Safari on your device: the green install button.Tap “Install” on the message box that pops up.Once the app finishes installing, open it…

Self-Disclosure equals Happy Relationship Point Blank period.

When you get to write about relationships on a college level in your classes it is a very refreshing thing. I actually learned a lot in my interpersonal communication class & I am excited to share things in real life. Thank you for being patient with me in my progression as a MAN, I know my mistakes I have made and I have learned from them. Here are my thoughts....

Interpersonal Communication Self-Disclosure

I feel that self-disclosure could be the single most important aspect of an intimate relationship. My belief in this is based on it being very important for your significant other to feel important. If they know that they are important to you, they have a meaning and purpose in the relationship. No one wants to be in a one sided relationship; after all it involves two people. When you self-disclose your biggest fears, dreams, goals, and private feelings to your significant other you are letting them in where most people in everyday life will never go. I feel self-disclosure b…

Best Jailbroken Theme iOS 8 IPhone 6 Plus Zen 8

Smooth theme in cydia called zen 8 themes all your icons & you can even get a widget that makes your screen snow. 2.99 in the cydia store. 

She's Winning

Listen if you are about this life you are winning. I feel like often we take these kind of women for granted by not realizing the TRUE TREASURE they really are. Thank you for being Queens!!  I know that if something ever happened to me my lil mama is surrounded by strong, powerful, and classy women & I thank God for that. 🙏🙏🙏 #Gentlemanology101