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Light her fire!!

Let's be honest a real woman doesn't need a man but if the man she loves stands behind her at all times, always has her back, and motivates her to be a better woman she will set the world on fire. Often as men we belittle our women, but it's our job to pick her up when she's down & let her know no matter what you're down like 4 flat tires. 
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Be Proud of Who you are and where you've been!

Be proud of who you are and what you grew out of! If they don't appreciate your struggle they don't deserve you at your best!💯💯💯#Gentlemanology101

Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With You (Lyric Video) (Explicit) ft. E-40

just in case you haven't got the hint in the last year of me not speaking to you or replying to you, here's some lyrics so you know what's up!!!  And everyday I wake up celebrate and shit cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy bitch LOL!!!! that don't answer message is on point except I use the block on iOS 8 feature though LOL used to do the don't answer though!



Handsome Gentleman

God Got Us!!

No matter how discouraged you feel remember God has a plan. I know this because when my life was completely down it changed for the better & has gone up since. There's hatred for me bigotry even blasphemy of people calling me out my name. God told me do you because I got you & mine & your families opinions of you are all that matters. 
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Stop Chasing the Wrong Things and the Right Things Will catch up!!

It's sad to say, but as a grown man I can recognize when I'm in the wrong. In all honesty up until a year ago I was chasing all the things in life that don't matter at all.  What was I chasing you ask? Chasing nothing actually, what I felt I was missing in life was actually right in front in me. What I realized is that the grass isn't always greener and in order to succeed in life you have to let go of what you think you are missing and focus on what you are actually missing that is right in your face! They say live and learn well I have learned!
+Handsome Gentleman
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Wake Up The West Coast Is Back Week 1...

Unless you have been under a rock you know that Dj Quik has released a new album. To me this is the album of the year!!! Trapped on the Tracks has one of my favorite rappers of all time Bishop Lamont on it and he's as dope as ever. Quik spits his usual dopeness what you expect he's from Compton LOL. But shining the most is Dj Quik's son David Blake II. Back that Shit up is my favorite song on the album and David Blake II is shining the hardest on that song. If you didn't cop it this is a must cop or check it out on Spotify & Beats Music!

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The Things he wants your thirsty ass to know without having to say!

Happy taken with hearts n shit means just that happily taken. Lol there's no coming back or changing that. There is no hope that he might be blinded by the pussy God's so your thirsty ass has a chance. I get that chicks want another woman's man but if he's happy let him be. 
Hey stranger is really thirsty in 500 different languages. It screams I'm scrolling through my phone looking for some hard dick. No means No hopefully the block feature in iOS ends this trend lol. 
No one cares how tight your pussy is honestly cause if they are like me I'm gonna enjoy loosening it up LOL real talk stop that shit!!
If you have children and your more involved in what's going on in my life you need to #Killyourself. You chicks then wonder why your kid can't count?? He can't count the number of dicks you chasing. 
Asking what I drive where I work before my name is language for I'm gonna be asking you to hold something in a week. While it could be you are just lookin…

The Things she wants you to know when you first meet her without her having to say.......

Ok she doesn't want to hear "send me a pic" I hear you cats out in public saying this sh*t LOL if she wants you to have a pic she will send one. 
If she asks you for a pic and you just met she doesn't want to see your raggedy ass dick if she did I know some grown women I'm pretty sure she would pull it out LOL. 
She already knows once she has met you if you will get some ass so instead of begging wait on it??!!! 
If she's a real woman she doesn't care about your money she just doesn't want to have to support your ass!!! That is all. 
Every woman is different so you can't approach all women like they are Suzy suck a dick who's sucked the whole squads dicks off it doesn't work that way. Approach a hoe like a hoe and a lady like a lady. 
Dickfished yes I said dickfished it's like that catfished but with your dick. You know making your dick look bigger but object in mirror is smaller than it seems. Yeah that she's gonna see it eventually so…

The Truth is.... Life Goes on... Life of a Changed Man

I used to get mad when people would subpost, subtweet, or try to assassinate my character, but now I'm personally in such a great place that I just move on. 
I have made mistakes in the past & if people want to continue to bring them present then that is really on them. 
I have moved on with my life and moved my life in a positive direction. 
When you hit rock bottom which I did you find yourself when you really dig deep. 
What I found is I'm not even close to the person that I was portraying. I am a loving, giving, and most of all real genuine person. 
The people that know me in my everyday life know this about me and love who I am. 
For those that know me from the internet and never sat down and had a deep conversation with me there are aspects of me that you will never be able to comprehend. 
You don't know where I've been and you damn sure have no clue where I'm going.  
So when people say I'm just like my father or I'm a devil it just proves the facts that…