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Save The Drama for Your Mama!!

Gangstas Move in Silence

Stronger than I have ever been.....

What 2013 and the beginning of 2014 taught me was that I can get through anything in life. Growing up how I did I've always had to defend myself & I found out that there are real genuine people in my life that always have my back. I stayed working a place that didn't make me happy out of security, but what I did was make myself miserable and I couldn't make those in my life fully happy. What leaving that job did for me looking back was opened many doors and avenues that I wouldn't of had the chance at. In a lot of ways my career choices had my wings clipped. When I walked out that door for the last time as an employee it made my wings spread and now I'm flying. All the negativity and shade that was thrown my way also made me hold on tight to those that have known me and actually do know me inside out. Overall completing and making my personal life that much stronger. Up until then there were cracks in all the above see my job was all I knew and I worked my ass …


My mind is deep walk with me now FLY with me later #GentleMANology101

Bomb First Changed Man My first reply.

LOl alright simple minded bitches I let you say your peace I let you have your words and it's over now you should probably move on. Hiding behind your fake pages saying I'm broke blah blah blah I have let that go on long enough. Saying I lied to you and was gonna be with you when your ass is bat shit crazy has gone on long enough. Let us live we bought a house own our own business new cars were about success why you bitches so bitter?!! Yeah I quit a deadbeat ass job that I was making 34 k if I sold my soul and worked 65 hours a week and? Yeah I had a lapse and got involved with the 51/50 and? Yeah I flirted with someone who thinks I owe them an explanation for my actions And? What it boils down to I don't work in the mall anymore never will and your heaux are desperate to get a reaction out of me!! What you fail to realize the most important thing in my life "hi daddy" I love you daddy daddy pick me up and tuck me in was almost cost to me based on all the above!…

The sh*t you see @ work baby mamas BLOW UP LMAO

What tops two midget skrippas??!! Lol

Christina Perri live

We saw Christina Perri live and in action the other day Tv seat front row it. The performance was awesome and she actually sings live if you get a a chance to catch her I would definetely recommend. I've seen all the greats live from Michael Jackson to Usher to Justin Timberlake she's right up there.