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Not Perfect But Pretty Close!!

No one is perfect nor can they claim to be. But I feel like if a man works his ass off, yet still makes time for you throughout the day he's pretty close. You never know how someone's day is going or how they feel unless you are with them. He could be having the worst day ever yet never take it out on you. We all sin we all make mistakes,but if a good man is going to have to constantly relive his mistakes,eventually enough is enough. You live you learn, there is that one instance that makes the really smart people learn more than others. 
I after 2013 have had the learning curve of all curves. I learned I'm missing nothing, and I learned that I can walk away from the comfort of easy money after 4 years. 
So why am I still living in 2013?
I have tried each day to be a better person,but it's like your effort is never good enough. 
Overthinking is gonna be the downfall of every one that does it. 
If a man comes home every night straight from work. 
Leaves his phone/iPad  out to…

Put Time in your relationship and she will give you the World

Our job as men is to be the protector, lover, but most of all best friend. Can your woman count on you as her go to person when she really needs something? We all have lives we are all on a mission in life to attain some goal, don't lose sight of your real goal her happiness. Remember she's there good or bad she puts up with you believes in you when no one else does. Give her a reason to stay, show her that her we'll being her happiness means just as much to you as it does to her. 
Value your woman Show her she's your equal your partner in life  She is the giver of life, it's up to us to fulfill the life she gives us.  She is sensitive, she needs to know where she stands in your life & how much she means being in your life. 

A man is really honestly as good as his word!

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I am perfect. 
I do know that at the end of the day you can lose everything you have as a man, but you never lose your word. 
Being a man is an everyday learning and growing process. 
I have been practicing the last 9 months to do exactly as I said I would do. 
I used to have an issue with wanting to please the world,in that moment I realized you can't please everyone. 
You can only do you & keep your word. 
If you live by your word backed by your actions you will find yourself not only happier, but the people around you being happy. 
As a man we owe it to our women and our families to live by our word. Real women have heard and been through it all, they want to see actions. When you make a promise and that promise is kept, it gains her trust. If she trust in you, there is a great chance she will trust you with her heart. I believe that doing exactly what you said you were going to do, can and will save a relationship. The key aspects o…

A Real Woman's Value is unmatched..

Defamation of My Character Online To whom it may concern..........

Recently I have seen a fake Facebook page and Twitter page, that was designed to defame my character. That does not bother me at all to be honest. I know who the person is and I know that they are mad and would like to hurt me how they feel I hurt them. The thing that bothers me is the page is based on the myspace says of like 2003-2005. There was this one site that was called bangle, that you rate the person on whether you would bang them or not. This illiterate person claims that it is a sex ad LOL. There were also some pictures of me in the shower from 2003(with a nextel chirp phone) in the shower that I must say were my most popular pictures on myspace. I just want to point out my closest friends in real life were in my top 8, they are my closest friends today. If my intent was to be thirsty why on God's green earth would I have this for them to see? It is called showing out, which I am not aware of that being illegal. Either way I must say to this person, GET A LIFE and also …

The Perfect Man

I've stated a million times I'm far from perfect but I have become perfidy at trying to get better with each day. 
I dedicate myself to everything I do in life as of about 8 months ago it's not about being perfect it's about bettering yourself in my opinion. 
When I found my moment of clarity I looked at the big picture, what will it take to make me happy. 
So I found a new career path that turned out to be the key to my happiness. Although I'm not 100 percent happy with my new job I very wise man that is not my father but like a father figure told me a few months ago nothing is forever. 
I have been catholic my whole life I was in mass 3 times a day until 11th grade when I transferred to public school. So I am not an avid person that goes to church often. But I do wear a rosary around my neck everyday and I do pray often. 
I honestly prayed for a change, I just was not happy with my previous employer. I felt in order to be happy by any means I had to get out I did and …

Chapter 6 of my book is on this

Move on With Your Life I have!

Some people on the internet are so stuck in the past that they lose sight of what life is about. 
Life to me is about getting yours while you can being successful by any means. 
I have recently had someone that claimed to love me desecrate my whole being with her fabrication of who I am in her head. 
I was told that I basically live a lie when this person hides behind fake profiles and makes antagonizing pages to harass myself and my family. 
So my question to you is who is living the lie? The last 8-9 months of my life I have had the most clarity ever and what happened for me 3.30 GPA new career new look on life. 
Last year wasn't my finest moment well year for that matter but what I have done in 2014 is only the beginning. I am the happiest I have ever been yet the person who I believe is making the fake profiles thinks I was happiest with them and my genuine feelings are a lie that someone is making me do. 
I'm a lot of things far from perfect is one of them with that said I'…