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The BluePrint to a Happy Woman in your life!

The #BluePrint to a happy woman in your life and these go without saying after all a relationship is a partnership & none of the above are too much to ask for give & you shall receive it's that simple if you want support from your woman ask for it. Closed mouths don't get fed I feel sometimes we expect things without asking but had we asked we could of saved ourselves an argument. 
Gentlemanology<My Book will be out by December 2014 my mission!

Life Lessons

I'm just glad God caught me slipping and let me know what parts of me I needed to work on & clean up before it was too late! I spent way too much time in the last 10 years trying to be something I'm not & what I learned is I was just fine being myself. So I do that now with no shame all focus & hustle. I have this great opportune to change my life around I'm not on drugs unless you count electronics lol I'm not dead & I'm not in jail. I wish that people understood what motivates me before they judge me, but what I have found in looking at myself is honestly let them think what they think I know who I am & I'll strive each day to be better.