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The Past The Present The Future...

The past is the past the future a ghost all we ever have is now. {Bill Cosby}

No matter how happy or sad I was I refuse to live in the past each day we are given is a blessing a chance to right the wrongs we have done in our lives & to others with that said why is it that certain species of men & woman are stuck in the past? As soon as they do something you don't like they bring up old shit? Like why are you stuck on 20 years ago let that shit go. I got into it with my stepmother on Facebook & that woman is fake she pretends to love me to my face but meanwhile behind my back she wishes me heartache and most of all she'd love to see me in a jail cell. She said something that I found disrespectful and I called her out on it she brought something up from when I was 18-19 and went off about it all lies for all her friends to see so I aired the bitch out that's not family & since she broke up my family to begin with she deserved to feel my wrath. See the woman hates me cause I'm that reminder that my father has a past before her & it drives her crazy!! So unlike the gentleman I am I checked her ass my pops ass and told them to never contact me again ever. Well months go by and I get contacted about an eBay seller account I forgot I had owing 24 dollars in seller fees & according to my stepmother who could be my grandmother it blocked their account even though me & my father never shared the same address which was complete bullshit & she threatened to go to the police if it wasn't paid that opened my eyes cause if my father is married to someone like this you have to watch who you let in your circle & who you let around those you love people are snakes some live in the past & it's clear my stepmother is still bitter my father left her briefly yo come back to his family which she showed up to my house to cause shit for no reason. If a man doesn't want you let him go why spend your whole life holding on & wishing that he loves you?Its not
Fair to yourself real talk. It's crazy how we live in the past & wonder why we are in the same spot 10 years later each day is about a new beginning you didn't like yesterday dust yourself off and get it how you live no regrets. It doesn't matter family friend or foe this is your life live it seize the day why let your past hurt your present or your future that's why it's your past look passed it & to my stepmom thank you I knew you were a fake the first day my pops tried to pawn you off on me your sole mission was to ruffle my mother's feathers you don't believe in family you don't even know what it is that's why you have to get on facebook and talk about how great your life is meanwhile my father is hitting everything with a pulse LOL it's only so long fake family can pretend!!  #RealTalk

See you at the top thanks for the motivation cause you never wanted me to succeed at anything. 



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