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Walk Away!!

I'm currently majoring in business leadership & entrepreneurship & the more I learn about how businesses are run it shows me there is no reward for loyalty & hard work. For instance the month of December I sold 116,000 individually. There were stores in my region where the whole staff combined didn't achieve that!!! A promotion opens & they promote someone on the outside up who has no experience in my field!! This has taught me a very hard lesson I have had numerous chances to walk away & I didn't so I second guess myself & ask why didn't you leave at this chance? I'll tell you why fear, fear of being what I am capable of and accepting things as they are. Now it is roll the dice mode I study the success of people who made it & guess what they got rich became a success based on taking chances & not standing still waiting for a shot so that's what I'm gonna do!! If you aren't being appreciated in your job your relationship …

What A REAL MAN wants

Let me start by saying this only a boy doesn't know what he wants in life, this is a fact. A real man has a plan & usually doesn't stop until it's attained. 
*Respect Yes we like to be respected a simple thanks for dinner & a hug does just that. We shouldn't take these little things for granted or they will stop. Then you find yourself saying "why don't we do this anymore. If a man ask you to respect his wishes & you don't you can probably expect to find yourself on the curb. 
*Believe in Us yes men need you to believe in us it motivates us nothing is more awesome than knowing you have someone at home that has your back and believes in you even when you doubt yourself. This can not be taught you either have it or you don't.  
*Respect our past whether it be children from a previous relationship or he was in a gang whatever you have to respect his past to know where he's going. If he has children consider it a blessing that you have a man i…

Subliminal Messages... My Letter to the General Public If the Shoe Fits Put That Bitch On LOL

I have 55k followers on twitter so @ me if you have something to say I go on at least once a day to tweet my acts of fuckery LOL but in all honesty if its that serious just @ me let me know what's on your mind not that I care or will reply cause I probably won't but you just need to get it off your chest so I don't take up so much space in your head LOL I have done plenty wrong in my life & honestly I am at peace I said my peace & I'm done with it. I've moved so on with my life I'm a year older now & I re-evaluated my priorities. Life goes on it really does & when you have so much to live for & honestly to die for all the mistakes of 2013 are a distant memory. It's 2014 get a resolution & move on. I don't know why people feel the need to go to social networks & talk shit about people they really don't even know. Cause honestly if you really knew me you would know that your little post don't make or break me you must a…

2013.... The Blueprint

The end of 2013 was rough for me personally! But what I learned is always keep your eyes on your prize, eyes on what matters to you most. The people that say they love you & that are supposed to love you really don't. It's those people that been down since day one & never turned their back on you that really love you. See 2013 taught me that people come & go whether blood or not blood but the people that love you flaws & all whether blood or not are the true family. I have so much to live for so much to be positive about & in 2014 I can't let anything or anyone that doesn't love me for me stop me from attaining my goals. I have people that look up to me, people that respect me & I have goals to accomplish. So on January 1, 2014 I told myself "not this year". I'm not even getting into it any of that if you had ill will towards me in 2013 great luck getting to me this year. My eyes are on the prize never ignorant getting goals accomp…

Happy MLK Day

How many of us can't get out of our own way & find ourselves dwelling on our past heartaches & mistakes? I feel like each day is a new beginning to right our wrongs & be the best person we possibly can be... Thank you Dr.King #RIP #HappyMLKDAY

What I Forgot Thank You for the Reminder :-)

I recently heard that I do not know what love is & that my words are not genuine lol so my only question is why would I post them?
When I started this blog is was a place for me to vent & then it turned into much more than that I never created this to seek attention or people's opinions just my life my mind & my thoughts. 
The Instagram page that I owned @1Entrepronegro for a couple years was never created to attract thirst or compliments I just do what I want when I want I didn't care who liked it who followed it who commented it. 
See I was raised right by a strong woman & my intention was to get the thoughts out there growing up how I wished my mother was treated I felt like she deserved the world & she had nothing but shitty ass men in her life the type of men I never wanted to be my father included. 
Well I recently in the passed year found myself committing actions like my father & when I realized this it was way too late so here I am the same man alm…

All of Me!!

Cause All of me loves all of you you're my end & my beginning even when I lose I'm winning John Legend
Love your curves & all your edges all your perfect imperfections 
This song is symbolic to real love to unconditional love to that love that you just don't give up on this is that love you walk down the aisle with hand & hand and you declare this love to the world we are really only blessed with true love once and this song is that I give you aaaaaaall of me no ifs ands or buts exist all me 500 percent until the end of time that's love you don't go into love expecting this but when the time is right you know cause you're all in with no conditions....


Jailbreak ios7 update

Cydia updated tonight & Winterboard now works for iOS 7 & now you can theme your iphone with this software

I had this on my iphone 5 as we'll but this is my iphone 5S running the origin theme by @Fif7y

This is love!!!

Amen if you love you do it without restrictions against all fears in the back of your mind you want with norm demand and you accept your love for who they are not who you want them to be!!! Love is sacrifice love is being a team love is forgiveness love is respect love is loyalty but most of all love is yours you just have to make sure you keep it that way there's no time like today than to declare you love & put your stamp on it. 

Relationships Fail Because?!!!

 I agree with this 1 million percent. I feel like we are all insecure in some way but what starts arguments those insecurities being brought into the dealings in your relationship. It all starts with trust and communication if you have neither then why are you in the relationship to begin with? It's a man's job to make his woman feel secure but you have to let him you can't always keep this wall up and keep him in the dark. Communicate if he does something you don't like call him out on it. Women must also learn that cause we mess up once doesn't mean we will do it again. Sometimes almost losing everything that you love in your woman is a game changing life changing event. It's an ego thing we always think that person will be there no matter what but sometimes our insecurities make them feel enough is enough. I feel like as men & women we both need to learn when to pick our battles when you war war for reason. Cause people get fed up they get tired of the a…

Ain't A woman Alive that can Take My Mama's place!!!

We had our ups our downs but like the saying goes you only have one mother honor love & respect her we had tough times we had great times but that honestly made us who we are a big part of who I am as man is cause of my mother she raised me she made all the sacrifices to make the man I am to make me happy to love me when my father didn't to have my back when no one else did she always showed me love whether tough or not tough it was genuine and it was real. 
See my mom is just that Real she is herself & she doesn't care who likes it she's old school tough with a heart of gold the mind of a genius and the hustle of a CEO and she instilled all this in me. My moms love taught me to be a leader of my family & that with God all is possible!!! It takes prayer hard work & determination no days off God Bless the Child that can hold his own. In a world where we are taught to look up to men to our fathers I wanted to say that on 1/9/14 my mom Is my hero her sacrifice f…

Listen Hear & Feel Her Needs in the Relationship!

This is so true she just doesn't want to lose you & sometimes fussing at you doesn't really means she's mad at you I feel it means she feels like she is fighting for the both of you and you have to meet her halfway right in the middle & show that you too are willing to fight for your relationship. It's frustrating when you feel like you are in things all alone. I feel like as men we have to listen to our woman's wants & needs & really hear her then execute & devise a plan to fulfill all her needs after all if your woman's happy you are extremely happy eating well sleeping well & getting all the action you can handle lol. 

The Past The Present The Future...

The past is the past the future a ghost all we ever have is now. {Bill Cosby}
No matter how happy or sad I was I refuse to live in the past each day we are given is a blessing a chance to right the wrongs we have done in our lives & to others with that said why is it that certain species of men & woman are stuck in the past? As soon as they do something you don't like they bring up old shit? Like why are you stuck on 20 years ago let that shit go. I got into it with my stepmother on Facebook & that woman is fake she pretends to love me to my face but meanwhile behind my back she wishes me heartache and most of all she'd love to see me in a jail cell. She said something that I found disrespectful and I called her out on it she brought something up from when I was 18-19 and went off about it all lies for all her friends to see so I aired the bitch out that's not family & since she broke up my family to begin with she deserved to feel my wrath. See the woman ha…

iPhone 5S jailbreak out ios7!!

Not really much you can do with it right now until cydia updates you can use a few tweaks such as infinidock five icon dock etc Winterboard the theming app doesn't work but I'll keep you posted cause I'll be checking daily.

Vivir Mi Vida {Live My Life} 2014 Theme music

Ever since I heard Juan Uribe of the Dodgers come out to this as his batting music I have loved this song & being that I am fluent in Spanish I love the song even more but what moves me most are the words & the meaning behind the words I'm gonna live my life that's all you can do cry for what? Be sad for what? You only have one life to live & it's here now in the present I'm not gonna dwell on my mistakes my heartaches my pain I'm gonna live my life to the fullest & this is why if you visited my store in November & December this was on repeat & what happened I had one of my most successful individual sales 4th Quarters ever VIVIR MI VIDA!!!!

English Lyrics translation below
I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance [I'm gonna] live my life, la, la, la, la I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna enjoy live my life, la, la, la, la Sometimes rain comes to clean wounds Sometimes just a drop can overcome the drought And why cry, for what? If it…


Love isn't bringing someone pain or drama cause you feel hurt. Love isn't the need to be all in someone's business cause you feel deceived. Love isn't not respecting someone's past or their present. Love isn't not respecting someone's life their very livelihood. See we all have a past we all have a present a future & when someone comes into your life whether 5 years ago or this year they have to respect that. Fuck that nigga that doesn't respect you as a single mother. Fuck that female that tries to knock you hustle. They weren't there during your struggle so why he around during your success. Fuck that man or woman that doesn't love your body the way it is. If they don't love it they can leave it the next will appreciate the work you put in to achieve those curves or that gut. 2014 isn't about pleasing anyone other than yourself. That's real talk. You or should I say we don't owe anyone anything from 2013 it's the past i…



Screenshots in 2014

I just want to say that if you take screenshots of every conversation you have & it's not a joke between friends to share on Instagram yo ass is crazy as hell. I've had this conversation with about 5 normal women that I work with and they agree with me 500 percent. Their reply "who takes screenshots" LOL like if you can go through your camera roll on your iPhone and its all screen shots please politely kill yourself. Nothing is worse than when you are arguing with someone about what you said and didn't say and they send a screen shot like wtf who does that it's not normal at all! Lmao

It's A New Year!

We all say it every year but this year for me I mean it once you cross me there's absolutely no way of coming back there are no second chances. Often people's actions become see through when you continue to let them walk all over you they just keep doing it until you put your foot down. I feel like life & not just 2014 should be about happiness it should be about getting goals accomplished it should be about preparing for 2015 nothing about a new year a new beginning says that we have to be stuck in & live in the past of 2013. I had a lot of negativity in my life in 2013 and I refuse to dwell on that. I have learned in the past few months the worlds perception of me doesn't matter at all what matters is the opinion the attitude of the ones who love me. I got my mom a iPad {The 4G model} for Christmas and even when my mother was married to my father no one has every spent that much money on her and stuff like that makes me feel good. To give to those that you love t…

Real Man poetry 1/2/14

You can break a Real Man's stride but never his pride. You can try & stop a real man's hustle but will never stop him from reaching his goals. You can tell a real man he's a lie & he's not what he preaches he is but he will only rise to the occasion & dedicate his life to proving your wrong you can pry on a real man when he's weak  and when he rises to his feet he shows you defeat. You can tell a real man you love him as you continuously tear him down he rises to the top and shows you his crown a real man isn't a prince he's a KING he's not a pawn in your little games he's not to be walked on or overlooked you can't break a real man down he is the rock of his family he is the pride in their stride see a real man is living for more than just his own life. He has people that adore just to see his face & even in disgrace you can't take their place. Real men aren't perfect they are far from that and the people that genuinely …

The Jerk 2014.....

So I was watching The Jerk {1979} & it is really on point when it comes to relationships. If you have never seen the movie the main character gets big money on a random come up from a new product he invented. Well he lost it all went from millions to homeless & his woman found him when he was living in the streets smelly & broke & she still loved him. That's real love no matter what she was down for him she didn't care about the money the fame the big houses the big cars she just wanted to be with him. That is what it's about if you really love someone it's about being with them being there for them loving them unconditionally without your own agenda. We can't help our circumstances in life we can only make the best of them. You can't change the person you love their past their present their future you can only love them stay by their side & hope to be in their present & future. I believe everyone was put in our paths for a reason. Love …

The Epitome of a Real Woman!!

* A real woman is a treasure if treated right when you take care of your good woman she will take excellent care of not only you but your heart. It's your job as her man to protect hers protect your investment if a real woman is treated right loved & respected it will be your best investment ever. 
* A real woman adds value to all you do she is the foundation from which you build & when it's done right your foundation will never crack. 
* Yes loving for flaws as much as you do for perfections is the epitome to me of what real love really is you can't just love for the good you have to love the bad & when times get bad you have to hold on to your love & love her harder. 
* exactly women are naturally in competition with each other but it's your job to show her she is incomparable no one compares that's why she has your heart. 

* yes a real woman knows balance and does it well often that is how you separate the real from the fake. I feel like a fake woman…