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The Vow

I was watching the movie the vow again and towards the end she said you didn't give up on me & you let me be me not who you wanted me to be & that was like a play right out of my play book. You can't make your significant other be anyone other than who they are. What people fail to realize is there really is no fairytale ending in real life. There is reality & if you accept someone for who they are love them head to toe to the crust of them, they can make your reality a fairytale. Some people have that perfect wedding that perfect life but that isn't everyone.  It takes dedication, commitment, loyalty and most of all LOVE to make it work. It's you two against the world nothing should ever come in between you. Nothing no man woman or child & that's the Vow you have to live by. I got your back front & side & you have mine.   Nothing else matters no he said she said no comments on social networks nothing if he has you & you have him it'…

Do you know your woman's needs??!

That's all she wants that's all she needs. She needs you to be there for her help provide for her be honest loyal faithful and just love her for who she is flaws and all & not for who you want her to be. You love admire respect her & you will get the same in return 500 percent of the time when your woman feels disrespected cheated lied to & most of all not loved that's when you have issues......


It used to be all about getting the girls until you find that one girl that you want to build with she is your heart your soul your foundation to all you are out here doing as a man & if you are blessed you start a family and then it's your job as her man to stand up protect provide profess your long your devotion to their lives and your family. We used to think that money women and clubbing made us the MAN but taking Care of your life and making sure your foundation doesn't crumble that's THE MAN & the one that deserves all the respect you can get in all the panties in the world but giving one woman your undivided attention unconditional love and the only sex you get that's a Real Man #GrownManThoughts 

Exchange of Power!!

I love this so true a great woman is her mans weakness the way she walks she talks wears those sexy clothes that ass son that ass lol and a great man is her strength he makes her believe when she's in doubt he holds her tight and let's her know its going to be alright together his weakness her strength are inseparable and a match made in heaven. 

If You have his heart why you worried about these thirsty ass heaux??

No man is perfect I get it & in a normal world women aren't so thirsty. But in this era of being able to say what you want behind a computer screen or smartphone things are said that are way out of line. Am I saying its okay HELL NO but if you have his heart his mind his soul why do you care about what some hoe says online?  Some women want what they can't have and love the challenge cause most wouldn't be that thirsty if the same dude was single. They would want to know what's wrong with him why is he single etc. I get it you want your men all to yourself without distractions from hoes but that's not reality whether online at his job at the store there are always gonna be thirsty hoes that want what you have hoes hate to see you happy they want what you have I just feel like too much time is spent in a relationship worrying about outsiders people that have no say so in your relationship so why let them take up any space in your head?  

You Take Care of Me I take Care of us

Rules of a Gentleman I'm gonna hold our relationship down to the fullest if you take care of me.... What I mean by that is have my back believe in me and respect my ambition and ill take care of us. I'll put your mind body and soul on my shoulders and hold us down to the fullest. Your hard work sacrifice and devotion will always be appreciated and never taken for granted. I feel sometimes in a relationship out of comfort we forget to appreciate when we have a good man/woman. We should be the first to recognize we are blessed to have love to be loved and to have that person in our lives that would do anything for us. It is rare these days to have a genuine real love relationships are based on communicating with one another and often in the texting age communication is hard but if we genuinely love someone we have to let them know as many times as it takes you for me I got you I love you for you and although we are far from perfect you make me want to be a better person sometime…

Paul Spadafora's First Loss

Got to witness live Championship boxing the other day went to see Paul Spadafora who was 48-0-1 fight for a championship belt. Overall was a great night the undercard was full of fights that were called as draws. The Main Event in my opinion sucked. I expected more from an undefeated boxer and it seems like he just didn't show up. If he had won the fight he would of been signed to Golden boy Promotions and been in line to fight Mayweather Danny Garcia etc.... With that said that amount on the line I expected him to come out swinging instead he was out boxed out moved and took hits the whole fight. So no Rocky Marciano record for him but I still respect him almost having 50 fights and losing only once. 

In a Relationship You are 100 percent a Team

Nope a Real Man is the first to lend a helping hand as her man her problems are just as much yours as they are hers It's our job as men to hold our woman up be supportive in all they do in life & nothing shouldn't happen to her that doesn't you first #GrownManThoughts

A Man With Vision needs a Woman With Direction!

Amen sometimes the realist person on your team is your woman she loves you when you are hated on she believes in you when you are doubted on and she pushes you towards your goals when you don't believe in yourself she sees in you what no one else does that's why she is the one.....

Truth Be Told

Yes nothing is better when you're on a mission in life than support and belief in your goals & dreams from that special woman in your life the little things go a long way and that support encouragement and love are remembered first when you hit the top 

Daaaaaamn AT&T snitching

9.2.2013, 04:13 PM AT&T helps DEA track suspected drug dealers with phone call dataEdouard H.R. Gluck/ASSOCIATED PRESS‘Subpoenaing drug dealers’ phone records is a bread-and-butter tactic in the course of criminal investigations,’ said Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Department of Justice.The feds have partnered with AT&T to reach out and touch alleged drug dealers.The phone company has been helping the Drug Enforcement Agency’s “Hemisphere Project” by providing easy access to its massive database, which contains 26 years of information and tracks 4 billion calls a day, records show.The government also pays AT&T to embed employees alongside DEA agents and investigators in locations around the country.The employees can quickly supply the investigators with subpoenaed phone data and help them track down dealers, the report said, adding that the project has been highly successful in following suspects who frequently switch cellphones.Some of the subpoenas are issued by the D…

Real Man-Ology 101 Off the Top of The Head Style Anything else?

*Be her support team *Pick her up when she is down *Hug hold kiss her when she needs it most  *Reassure her everything will be alright *Remind her that she is a great woman *Believe in her when nobody else does *Support all her goals & Dreams *Let the other females know you are taken *Don't just tell her but show her everyday why she is the "One" *Give 500 percent effort to your relationship  *Spend Quality Time with her *She is a Priority never just an option *If she has a problem if you love her it is just as much yours as hers *Let her know that as long as you are alive she will never have to do anything alone united we stand divided we fall but if we fall we rise together....
I'm @1Entrepronegro & not only did I freestyle this message but I approve this message protect your woman's mind body and soul and the the key protector to her heart. 

True Story!!

Very true people change things go wrong so that we learn to not only believe in ourselves but trust to trust our gut feelings and believe in ourselves. We have all been lied to cheated belittled but how you bounce back from negativity and hardships in life is really who you are not the person that those things happened to.