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Where I'm at in my life!

I've recently found myself in self inflicted drama meaning I brought it to myself they say on a mission your worst enemy is idle time so I recently enrolled in online schooling double majoring in business leadership & entrepreneurship the reason being I'm a leader in my line of work now and intend to head up a successful conglomerate someday so my family doesn't need or want for a damn thing with that said I'm just to the point where I can't & won't do drama for those that really know me they know that we never really argued a day in our lives and recently it seems that's all I have done so I stopped and looked at my life like a outsider looking in & I analyzed the problem it stems from my current job & the years of bullshit that I have tolerated there that's why I initially got back into schooling I was seeking a new career path and bam A blessing from God school fell into my lap and I am running with it till my feet hurt. I applied to this career that I really want to be in & have been in a long vigorous interview process over 3 months but hopefully I hear from them any day now I'm being patient as all hell it's frustrating but it will work out in the end there's a plan for me & as much as I have tried to control my own destiny over the years I just can't its not in my hands so I leave it to the powers that be!

When I first started this blog it said walk with me now fly with me later & that means just that if your with me by my side taking baby steps when I soar and FLY you'll be right there with me from a have not to a have got yes I'm not perfect who is but in the end with a plan a mission goals it could turn out perfect in the end just be patient is what my brain tells me so I'm gonna do just that.



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