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Thought Of The Day!!

1. Make Peace with your past so it doesn't screw with your present so true when you bring the past present you are stuck in the past drink some prune juice & let the shit goooooooo!

2.exactly who cares what others think of you what matters to you and the world is what you think of yourself head high till you get a nosebleed 

3.Time heals it really does you have to be willing to let it and let things go some people hold on to everything and wonder why nothing in their lives changes move on be strong only time will tell but when you dwell there is no time cause you're stuck in he past 

4.if you haven't walked a mile in my shoes you can't pretend to know what I've gone through so don't judge me that's Gods job and stop comparing your life mostly your relationships to others any woman who portrays a perfect relationship isn't in one relationships require work the determination to be on a common ground and that's not always easy it takes patience. 

5.thinking too much is some people's own worst enemy instead of being positive and thinking positive thoughts some people just dwell on the negative and let it eat at them I'm sure you've all seen it that old ass lady at the bar with 55 cats yes her guess what she thinks too much when you over think and analyze everything you usually push those away that love you the most don't be 65 at the bar taking 33 year olds to their dodge Durango for a Durango blow down lol if its not worth your time why is it taking up space in your head?

6. You didn't hear its your life to live its your life to learn from its your life to be happy in you control your own happiness if there are people in your life that hate to see you happy and smile they rather see you cry they are dead weight carve them out and move on life is short do what makes you happy think about what brings you happiness and go for it it's that simple !! I've learned this myself I've stayed at a job years that I hate and guess what it affected my happiness cause I'm always working and when I'm not I'm too tired to think so its up to me to make that change by any means yup! You should do the same!



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