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Girl I know you want this diiiick Lmao!!

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Florida Son attacks moms boyfriend with knives and sword over missing can of shrimp lmaaao

What. That. Fawk?!?!Florida Man Attacks Mother’s Boyfriend With Samurai Sword Over A Can Of ShrimpVia OrlandoSentinelA Samurai sword-wielding, knife-throwing Volusia County man attacked his mother’s boyfriend over a missing can of shrimp Saturday morning, an arrest report said.Jayson Laughman, 34, of Deltona used a sword to break down a door and threw kitchen knives at family members after his mother’s boyfriend accused him of taking a can of shrimp, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.Laughman told deputies he didn’t remember everything that happened during the fight because he “went into code red and lost his temper,” the report said.Michael Airhart, 52, and Laughman had a “heated verbal argument” before agreeing to go outside and “engage in a physical fight” at the home they share located in the 700 block of North Firewood Drive at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.Laughman threatened Airhart with a statue, but the fight outside did not escalate past that, according to the report.Thi…

Logic To Live By #MondayMotivation

The past is the past including yesterday make peace with it and move on or in my words drink some prune juice & let the shit go what others think of you doesn't matter it's what you think of yourself and how you carry yourself that matters those people don't pay your bills!Time heals almost all but you must give yourself time to heal YOU are the reason for your happiness if you set your mind on being happy no matter what's going on around you then you will be happy!!!Moral is its your life live it you can't be concerned with the next person focus on yourself then the rest will come!

A Man with dreams needs a woman with Vision..

Yes!!! Nothing I do in my life do I want it to be ordinary & a ordinary man wants a yes to everything they say woman{Only in the bedroom for me😁}not this one I love and admire a woman who no matter what isn't afraid to be herself and pushes me the limit with making my dreams come true because your woman sees in you what you can't believes in you when everyone doubts you and is there for you when no one else is in sight #RealTalk #ThoughtsOfAGoodMan

Responsibility & Real Man Go Hand in Hand

Here's the mentality that I have that you need to grasp when I wake up in the morning start my daily grind I'm not doing it for me I'm doing it as the man of my family which I've been since I was around 9 years old. I'm that go to person in my family and just like the metaphor I used for my current career situation im the glue that holds it all together once the glue is gone its a wrap its up to me to do what I do do it well and not only represent my family but hold them down that is a responsibility I wear proudly and that's why there is always a smile on my face no one can take that away from me yes there are people who say you do too much of this too much of that but it's my responsibility to do just that!
And a real woman is gonna respect that love that admire that and cherish the time she has with you your work ethic inspires her the already inspired she knows that in due time you are all hers and she would much rather lose you and your time to work ove…

In order to prosper we must rid negativity

What are the rules of life go to school get educated when you're an adult you get a job there's just some of us that take our job more serious than most...With that said if you're a woman that wants to be with a real man you can never knock a man for working his ass off doing what he has to do to get where he wants to get. 
I'm sick of females saying you work too much you're a workaholic you won't have time for me blah blah blah 
Cause if I was lazy the same females be screaming get a job!
Real Talk nobody ever gave me anything I was raised to get my own & really who wants a man that is lazy if anything a good work ethic is an admirable trait do I like working 60 hours in a week hell no do I like paying my bills having a phone to blog from and lights to see my phone you're damn right. 
No real woman will ever have to ask a man to make her a priority but the ones that nag and say work is more important but say they want all this extravagant shit need to move…