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A Real Man is a Woman's Best Friend!

He doesn't have time to belittle her or put her down cause he too busy lifting her up keeping her in good spirits cause he realizes that not only does she make his life easier but she completes him she is his equal his better half the other half of his heart!
When you're down a real man says the right thing to put a smile on your face instead of tearing you down his picking you up he's making you see things in yourself that you didn't know existed he believes in you he supports you and although the relationship may have its ups and downs he's there for you fighting for the two of you cause he knows that he needs you in his life just like his next breath!
The thing is a relationship isn't always gonna be peaches & Chardonnay it takes work it takes effort patience but most of all it takes your best friend and that is and always should be your man/woman you can confide in them your biggest dreams with your biggest fears without worry of it leaving that room!
A re…

Ladies You Are Worth it!

It does take lots of patience to be with a woman that is scorned but I do believe that it will be worth it in the end with that said ladies you can't talk yourself out of all you've hoped for all you've ever wanted cause of fear and I know I'm beating a dead horse but sometimes you go looking for things and that in the end will not be a healthy outcome if a man has stood the test of time it's time to start tearing dish the barricade brick by brick I'm not saying over night a month a year I'm saying when it feels right!

Cause guess what you are worth it I know you look see and feel something wonderful in your life and think wow I don't deserve this but here is the thing ou need to know not only does your man know you're worth it but he feels he's not worthy of you a smart beautiful sexy motivated real woman who has seen and been through it all just as you fear losing him he fears of losing you even more you are him you complete him his life and th…

Get Out Dwight Howard don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

Finally this coward is not a Laker and the Dwightmare is over Houston good luck I can honestly say that your team will never get a ring though cause D12 lacks what every Nba champion that's ever won a ring has & that's heart he's a soft mushy big ass cry baby he's had coaches fired and turned his free agency which for most is happy time into a drama filled soap Opera from the begging stay d12 billboards that were all over Los Angeles to countless celebrities and Lakers higher ups begging you to stay you only in the end proved what every real laker fan knew all along you don't now and never did deserve to wear the purple & gold I would rather us only win one game all next year than see you on my team again we'd be losing by 25 points and your bitch ass is smiling or ouch my shoulder shut up ya bish did you not see Kobe still make a free throw after he ruptured his Achilles?its called boss the fuck up unfortunately for you you don't have a boss bone in…

My Week 7/5/13 you can't f*ck with my Grandmama!LOL

First off when a dude says he owns his own business why do females wanna know what kind?Lol your ass ain't getting nada so don't ask and if I was to explain what I do most don't understand....
Is it that they are trying to holla and want to see if I'm a deadbeat?lol I could never live off a female never have never will so don't worry about wtf I be doing lol. 
With that said man oh man work work work all week but the highlight of the week was my grandmama having that song by the Time Jungle Love on repeat last night screaming oh we oh we oh lmao on top of a table?! Who can not appreciate a lady that's like 84 but talks and acts like she's 22 keep in mind I was driving her to work and her iPhone rang it was I love bad bitches that's my fucken problem LOL I said grandma what you know about ASAP she said "Kneegrow apparently more than you" lmao but yes then she went into that r.kelly home alone lmao she's too much so I woke up on her couch stuc…