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Treal Talk Thursday Not every woman is ready for a good Man!

A lot of women who say they are ready for a real man aren't always ready they are too used to the games the lies the cheating to recognize a real genuine man is in their presence.They also wonder why, why does this dude want me what's his motive what is he out to get. It takes a real ass genuine man to have the patience to be with a woman scorned cause no matter how good you are to her she's still gonna have the past in the back of her head. The reason I say it takes a real man is cause most men run at the first sight of drama or something they don't like. A real man is gonna be there by your side trying to understand. But don't you think that once he's stayed put up with a lot that he should be given the benefit of the doubt to not bring your past present?!Respect isn't given its earned and to never be broken so if your dude earns your respect is it that you just can't help yourself to overthink everything? I know a lot of scorned women think they don't deserve a good man so they settle for that piece of shit that treats them like shit & although I know that's what you are used to a real man is gonna see in you what you don't he knows your invaluable because you came past all the circumstances thrown at you standing up if you don't see the beauty in yourself can you at least see the admiration a real man has for your courage! To leave that man that has given you nothing but headaches in life the man that has laid his hands on you cheated on you that in itself is enough to blow anyones mind! Leaving is very hard especially once you got comfortable with someone so like I said let that man love you for you be with you for you and see the good in you when you think it's all bad and no one wants you. 



missy moscato said…
I never understood that, why certain guys like me. When I ask the guy that likes me "Why do u like me? I'm not skinny." He responds to me honestly saying "I'm not worried about looks, I like u for who u are because I'm real." Maybe its hard for me to believe, but I guess something in me stands out for a guy to accept me for who I am.
Anonymous said…
Aww, that makes me sad Missy! Lots of guys like a woman with meat on their bones! I look at it like this if a man can't see you for all that you are and only see the shell and pass you up based on that fact alone, than you deserve better anyways.

You shouldn't question why a man likes you, he obviously likes you for the beautiful woman you are on the inside as well as on the outside.

Now as for you Mr. 1EntrePROnegro, this post was so beautiful you had me crying at work for so many reasons lol I cried the first time because it was beautiful, then I read it again and realized it was more than that.

I left an abusive relationship when my daughter was just over a month old. I wanted more for her than that. I was willing to stay through the lies, the cheating, the physical and emotional abuse, but when he took my child away from me (we lived together) and I didn't have her for 3 days and she was less than a month old that was it. Do what you want to me, but not my child. I didn't want her to grow up in that environment or to think that it was okay to be treated that way.

3 years ago she decided she wanted a relationship with him, which is not something that he was good about maintaining. He was an out of sight out of mind type.

I talked to him, took my daughter back to the state he lived in several times so she could get to see what it would be like, etc. He had married and had 3 kids with his wife. She still wanted to live with him and after a year I felt comfortable that he had changed enough that I wasn't worried about her safety, and that's where she lived until the other day.

It breaks my heart to think that women get so beat down that they think they cannot make it without a man or that no one will ever love them again.

Thank you for giving me a place to share my story.

Anonymous said…
U are absolutely 100% correct on this!!! I'm guilty of this myself because I'm afraid of gwtting hurt again and I think this is why I tend to put up my walls when someone says they wanna be with me!!! I also feel the same way missy does too! So I feel ur pain girl!! Hopefully I can find my mr right!
missy moscato said…
I put up so many walls because the different guys I have encountered because they would always find a way to hurt me so that wall goes up. I don't know what to say about these New York guys... trust me, I have gotten my share of hatred because I'm a plus size woman. One time a guy told me I need to lose 30 more pounds, I'm not there yet, besides, ur not my type of female; it goes on and on and on. I would just listen and ignore because its the same blah, blah, blah from dudes that aren't worth shit and are dead weight. There are a few guys that appreciate a plus size woman and I have met a few, but I still gotta weed out the bad ones to get to the good one. It takes time and I will always be me, u can only change for urself and not no one else... one big lesson I have learned while going thru my break up last year. Overall, I'm slowly breaking down each wall because I can't be hiding behind that wall all my life, I gotta be free.
missy moscato said…
And ur right, I shouldn't question how a man feels about me. For the 7yrs I had been with my ex and I would question him "why the hell u are with me?" It would be funny at times, but he was sincere because he told me I was the only woman that came into his life and accepted him because the other females treated him like trash. I was a blessing to be his life, we just couldn't salvage the relationship after 7 years.
1EntrePROnegro said…
Exactly looks fade it's about what's on the inside to me anyway love yourself and someone else will love you that much more
1EntrePROnegro said…
I'm sorry that I made you cry but this is from my hear to yours I just had to express and sorry your ex isn't a man no child should be left out cause of the present family she should be a main part of it I'm glad she's home where she belongs with you!
1EntrePROnegro said…
Don't find mr right let him find you you are worth it and you are worthy of it remember that a real man is gonna recognize that in you and knock those walls down!
1EntrePROnegro said…
Wow I can't believe someone told you to lose 30 pounds I may joke about people's weight and what not so I'm not innocent there but that is flat out disrespect what happens when his ass gets a gut cause dudes like that are lazy &
Can't handle a woman with meat on her bones in my opinion!
1EntrePROnegro said…
7 years in the game is a learning experience take the good with the bad!
missy moscato said…
I don't let that phase me or detour me because its just words and as Kelly Clarkson says "what doesn't kill u makes u stronger." I did good with myself, with the Instagram pic I put up today with the before and after, I lost that 30 pounds plus more so go me *pats myself on the back* Just trying not to lose the puppies on top, lol, because I'm seeing a difference. As a beautiful woman, I know my self worth and a man is gotta see my beauty inside AND outside. Of course with that 7 year relationship, I try to not look back at it and move forward. "Onward and upward."
Anonymous said…
Just stay strong girl! You're right any change we do on ourselves has to be done for ourselves. I think you're beautiful just the way you are.

Anonymous said…
Don't be sorry you made me cry, it was a good thing lol I cry when I'm happy, sad, and even sometimes when I'm pissed off which pisses me off even more lol I could go to a complete strangers wedding & cry because I think it's so beautiful 2 people love each other so much they want to spend their lives together.

You're comment filled my heart & yes I cried lol but because it made me realize how far I've come, so thank you for everything!

missy moscato said…
Thanks Ms. Anonymous. I celebrate by sipping on a glass of wine... it helps :-)

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