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Today is the Day no time like the present!

There are things we all don't like about ourselves and there is no time like the present to change those things.
Me I feel like I'm too nice so nice that my kindness is almost always mistaken for weakness. I promise you I am not weak I just often put everyone else's feelings & well being above my own.Today that changes I'm going to do what is better for me and my life and those in it. I've learned the hard way this week that you can't always let people in cause no matter what because of their past they still doubt you. So why bother as long as you know who you are the kind of person you are and the kind of person you want to be who gives a damn what anyone else thinks. Sometimes it's the people you think love & care for you the most that are the biggest haters. I never set out to be anything than what I am & nothing pisses me off more than when people assume you are something your not. So today June whatever day it is I rebuke you out my life haters all I do is shine & I'm gonna continue to do so! So if you are reading this use me as motivation to get the negativity out your life & move the unloyal niggas out your circle & anyone that brings you nothing but smiles & happiness to your life. I mean I think I'm a pretty nice straight forward guy & I know I'm strong but these social parasites prey on the weak show them you are strong and rid yourselves of them.
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Anonymous said…
Hopefully the ones that mean the most to you are there to show you love and support. They say as you get older you have less and less friends in your life cause you learn who the real ones are.

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