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#JodiArias Lifetime Movie

If you know me you know I'm into biopics I have to see them all well I brought my Ipad to work today & I just watched this movie & that women was 50 shades of cray & a damn freak I forget the term but homie called her a 3 hole something lol. 

But no seriously that line he spit at the beginning of the movie and not taking her to the hotel room for coffee{That dick} is what did him in you have to watch the game you spit game like that isn't to be spit on all the chicks. 

My thing is this if you have to use sex as your security blanket cause your jealous & insecure how can you ever think you we're in a relationship?

I get that she's crazy as all hell who sings Christmas carols in a maximum state penitentiary but still this was a case of crazy mixed with sex & more sex as I've stated you can't lay the pipe right in certain holes that will bring out the already crazy. 

Damn good movie though I fuxxx with lifetime biopics I'm actually surprised Tara Reid wasn't in this shit she's been in like 75 lifetime movies I've seen I even watched one and said damn no Tara Reid and 3 minutes left in the movie she appeared lol

And the chick looked just like Jodi Arias to me too if you haven't seen it check it out the highlight for me was when she was getting bucket Nekkid shaking that ass but dude didn't know she was crazy when she started stripping the first time they got it in?If I'm about to lay that pipe and you start pop locking drop it a nigga is leaving cause you done lost your dam mind guh. 



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