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Daaaamn got pulled over by a rent a cop again LOL

Anyone who has ever been to a mall knows they don't turn the escalators on before the mall opens well I have walked down them for like 4 years. 
Well I'm walking to my store and I hear "sir sir" after I came down them and its mall security saying there are barricades for a reason I'm not supposed to walk down them I say I've been doing this for 4 years well you aren't supposed to. Keep in mind I'm no morning person and I said "GO THE FUCK ON RENT A COP you ain't got to harass me over something so stupid"
The wild shit about it is that I'm like really cool with the head of security the one that actually walks around in a suit all day lol his punk ass just walked away I'm not no punk don't let the dress clothes full you I played football my whole life ill knock a rent a cop the fuck out hahahaha
 The best part about this altercation was my delivery it came out so fast so fluent and was instant without even thinking lmao! If they w…

What the Ladies need to Remember

Amen look in the mirror be happy with the reflection fuck society and what they tell you is sexy cause there's too many thirty kneegrows out here someone is going to find you sexy be happy with the woman you are find value in yourself and say I'm much more than my size and be proud of who you are only one life!

My Week 6/28/13

First off my black ass had to look at the iPhone calendar for the date yeah that kind of week lol!
Well I just want to say I have nothing against people and their sexuality and their preferences but me personally I have never ever been with a man and the thought never crossed my mind maybe cause I love to eat my woman's pussy so much or maybe it's the titties the way a beautiful woman looks in a dress I don't know but it never crossed my mind and never will. 
With that said I got a email this week from someone that looked like a female real Talk saying they were a man that cooks cleans deepthroats and is looking for a real man... I kept it classy I said you know one day you will find that good luck. 
I got a message back saying why can't you be that?I said ummm cause you're not a woman. Then I was told this person can do anything for me that a woman can do & that's where I stopped replying. 
No you can't you can't give me some juicy ass wet warm pussy on…

Thirsty Niggaz Que?!!!LOL

Where did this trend start?I have to say MySpace it has calmed down a lot but I must say I used to get a email a day like why my girl talking to you lol and that's where the thirsty trend started insecurity!Tom in that same white dingy tee at 47 it is all your fault lol!

But the main place I see thirst is Instagram lol and I can say some of the females do it for attention like I know one chick on there who's married and I said to her once beautiful pic & she replied I'm happily married & I had to break her down like evander Holyfield aka say bish ain't nobody looking at you so there are some females who want the attention but play it off like they don't and they in fact are thirsty AF profile be like taking by the best @such&such kik:juicyasspussy twitter:I want yo dick lol so them heaux need to kill themselves. 
But thirsty Niggaz wow just wow don't you know that women can smell desperation a mile away then they put yo ass on blast I've seen damn…

Treal Talk Thursday Not every woman is ready for a good Man!

A lot of women who say they are ready for a real man aren't always ready they are too used to the games the lies the cheating to recognize a real genuine man is in their presence.They also wonder why, why does this dude want me what's his motive what is he out to get. It takes a real ass genuine man to have the patience to be with a woman scorned cause no matter how good you are to her she's still gonna have the past in the back of her head. The reason I say it takes a real man is cause most men run at the first sight of drama or something they don't like. A real man is gonna be there by your side trying to understand. But don't you think that once he's stayed put up with a lot that he should be given the benefit of the doubt to not bring your past present?!Respect isn't given its earned and to never be broken so if your dude earns your respect is it that you just can't help yourself to overthink everything? I know a lot of scorned women think they don&…

A Real Woman Will Never Have to Hold Onto A Real Man!

That's right cause he is too busy doing everything in his power to make sure you are always a part in his life as an equal not standing behind him but beside him his partner the other half of his heart Relationships take time effort and patience and any real man is gonna make damn sure you aren't doing it alone  A good man knows when he has a great woman in his life and that they are rare & he knows ultimately her happiness goes hand in hand with his own happiness & since a great woman is really rare it's up to us as men to not only hold on honor love & cherish her but to make her realize that yes she is great but She is the main reason you are a good man her love has not only made you better but completes you!

What every woman deserves

I'm not here to sound corny fake or anything like that I just want to say that if you believe you will achieve nobody had ever achieved anything in life without believing in themselves it's all about self worth if you don't have that how can any man see value in you!??

Sex With A Capricorn Man :-)

The word horny, meaning easily aroused, comes from the horns of a goat. The connection fits the Capricorn man. He has a strong sex drive. The Capricorn man first wants passion and sex, and then affection.It is a sign that is mindful of the status of his woman, girlfriend, or wife. A major turn-on for a Capricorn guy is being with a classy woman. The phrase “a lady in the parlor and a vixen in the bedroom” is a perfect description of the Capricorn man's taste in women. Capricorn men value decorum and a woman who dresses tastefully and usually conservatively.Capricorn men will not make the first move unless they are 99 percent sure of success. With the water signs, such as Cancerand Pisces, men don't make the first move because they may be too sensitive and won't easily recover from a rebuff.The Capricorn man is tougher, but doesn't put time and energy into pursuit unless there is a very good chance of having the sexual encounter he desires. The Cap man is happy with sed…

#JodiArias Lifetime Movie

If you know me you know I'm into biopics I have to see them all well I brought my Ipad to work today & I just watched this movie & that women was 50 shades of cray & a damn freak I forget the term but homie called her a 3 hole something lol. 
But no seriously that line he spit at the beginning of the movie and not taking her to the hotel room for coffee{That dick} is what did him in you have to watch the game you spit game like that isn't to be spit on all the chicks. 
My thing is this if you have to use sex as your security blanket cause your jealous & insecure how can you ever think you we're in a relationship?
I get that she's crazy as all hell who sings Christmas carols in a maximum state penitentiary but still this was a case of crazy mixed with sex & more sex as I've stated you can't lay the pipe right in certain holes that will bring out the already crazy. 
Damn good movie though I fuxxx with lifetime biopics I'm actually surprised Ta…

It ain't none of your friends damn business!!

Ladies your biggest mistake sometimes is sharing your business with someone that you think is your friend that isn't your friend wants to see you happy she knows what you've been through with men & just wants your overall happiness even when her life and her relationship isn't the happiest. A real friend does not throw anything in your face when she calls you to talk about her relationship crying cause her dude is treating her bad. That shows that one she is not a real friend and two she is jealous of your relationship. 
My advice if you are really happy in your relationship can't nothing bring you down don't even talk about it to your girls keep it to yourself only you need to know inside that you are happy cause girlfriends are haters they want what you have deep down and if you are always smiling happy with no drama they are thinking damn why don't I have that?
And there is nothing you can do to help her achieve this because deep Down these kinda of girls l…


My Week 6/21/13 White People Nicknames LOL

That awkward moment when you sit down to do an interview the guys name is Richard & he says "call me dick" & you bust out laughing & say I don't want a dick working for me unless its my own Lmaaaaaao!!! What a week!!
Where do they get dick from Richard and if you see dick from afar in public do you scream out hey dick what's up dick?!! Lol!!!!! Hey dick how's it hanging?!! Where that nigga dick been? Lmfao


LET ME LICK YOU UP and DOWN till you say STOP Let me play with your body baaaaby LOL

BUT FUCK THAT I am gonna stop when I say stop and when is that you ask me when your ass cant breathe your whole body aches and instead of you saying no dont stop your ass will be begging me to stop. That is freak me friday starts with my tongue and ends with yours cleaning up your mess!!! Anything else?


The Deal Breaker Part III LOL

Timing my text back & call back time...Telling a man you texted him at a time and he texted back a certain time is an instant you ain't never got the dick & you ain't never gonna get the dick lol. 
That's why they invented text messages so that a busy person can get back to you at their convenience especially with me I could be with a customer up to 4 hours or I could be in a meeting. 
It goes back to everything else stop overthinking everything ladies cause that's when y'all get crazy I'm sure there's a damn movie you haven't seen on the lifetime movie network shit watch the Oprah Network. Y'all all say you want a grown ass man to not have to take care of a man well how come when a grown man is getting his on out here grinding you get mad when you don't have a text back in 20 mins?Lol and then y'all start fwd your messages like I know this muthafucka got my message. I could imagine if I had that received notification on my iMessage so…

#THROWITBACK THURSDAY PART II Color Mi Bad I wanna sex you up #Classic

Come inside take off your clothes Ill make you feel at home!!

hell yeah take it off baby its thursday the nba finals and dodgers game is on lets get it on like Marvin said during the intermission...


The Deal Breaker Part II LOL

Why do you always have a hat on let me see you without a hat?
My main reason for wearing hats in my pictures is cause it keeps me grounded when you spend every got damn day in either a polo button down a Ralph Lauren suit or a suit and tie throwing on that fitted keeps you in your identity in your skin and for me makes me feel comfortable not only that but I have a mean ass fitted collection. 

So I guess to my devoted readers why is this so important to someone who in all Honesty will never meet me? it's not like I'm a dirty nigga & don't frequent my own personal barber he sees me at least once a week....Bishes be like "I wanna see all your sexiness" gtfoh lol I hate hate hate that I'm the one paying my bills let me do me I don't get on heaux about taking sink pics to make they ass look bigger I don't get on them about any of their fuckery and my hat always matches my shirt & Shoes if anything I'm a fresh ass nigga lol. 
And they be on Instagra…

Christina Bosh LOL

That nigga Christina Bosh was like nu uh boo boo you got me fucked up LMAO
Via my Instagram @1Entrepronegro

Get it #WETT Wednesday...Contunued

As you are going to turn over I grab you & slam you on your back as I rub my hard dick on your pussy and smack your pussy with it I start to rub it on on your pussy lips as you watch me stroke it and rub it back and forth teasing you I slide in all the way then out and start to smack it again you grab it and pull it all the way in you your legs are over my shoulders as we watch your pussy take me in & out.. I pick you up me still deep in you and start pounding in and out you against the wall you're screaming in joy and pleasure. I pull out bend you over grab a fist full of hair with one hand and start to smack your ass with the other hand with a hand full of hair I smack my dick on your ass let you feel how hard it is then I slide it in you from the back pulling your hair smacking your ass I'm all the way in as hard as I can go then out then back in fast then out slow your pussy starts to erupt juices are pouring out I pull you by your hair close to me and bite your ne…

Get it #Wett Wednesday Part 1....

We are laying in bed relaxing right after dinner full & just relaxing I reach over smack you on the ass and tell you lay on your stomach! I climb on you and straddle your ass as I rub your shoulders and work my hands down your body.... I unzip your jeans and pull you out of them my hands run down I start rubbing your sexy ass then I lay down I start to kiss it I peel your panties off & my hand is rubbing you still and one finger slides inside you. I start to go in an out as your pussy starts to get wetter and wetter I grab a pillow throw it down tell you to lay ass up face down you do I slide my tongue in you from the back face first..... Mmmmmmm you taste so good you are getting wetter by the second my tongue is all the way in you as deep as it can go as I grip your booty tight I pull your ass to my face as to motion you to shake that pussy on my face it bounces back and back as you fuck my face your pussy is dripping leaking wet I tell you faster faster I get deeper and deep…

The deal breaker LOL

*So tell me about yourself
*What do you do for fun

first off ya bish I don't have fun I'm grown I wake up go to a job that I can't stand just so a nigga can pay the cable bill light bill & all that other shit also the shitty job pays for my po up drank habit that actually gets me through the ability to take my ass to that shitty ass job everyday LOL anything else?

Tell you about myself is the one that really really irritates me and it usually gets the most smart assed answer first of all ya bish who says I'm interested in you to tell you about myself cause I'm not you ask every nigga you think is attractive the same shit lets be honest you want to know what I do for a living to gauge will I be a triflin black ass and mooch off you?!! Listen baby bubba lol check the wardrobe we good over here we bust our ass 25/8 to make a living and have fly shit once again every man isn't the same in fact this one thinks any man that lives off a woman isn't a man at all.…

A Real Woman?!!!!

I was asked what a real woman was today and I came up with this off the top of my head...

A real lady is a woman who has seen it all been through it all but stol has hope in men no matter what bullshit she has gone through in life she still has faith, she has goals,no matter how hurt she's been she still loves wholeheartedly & with passion grace determination & elegance she is the foundation to what any real man is building


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Best new Iphone 5 theme Origin

3.99 on the theme it app I'm sure it will be free in the next few days but I had to have it
@Fif7y on twitter Origin theme dope icons it was just launched on Sunday I'm sure they will do more as they always do with his themes...He's so good theming I use his icons on my MacBook Pro.

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Make you Moan Monday!

It's Monday you had a long stressful day at work I hurry home to cook for you I left work early to surprise you... You open the door surprised to see me you smile & laugh at me in an apron..I laugh give you a big hug while I squeeze on your booty you say "Don't start" and before uou could finish I pick you up and sit you on the kitchen counter as I unzip your skirt & pull it off I start to kiss you from the leg up and continue up to unbutton your shirt pull your bra down and start to suck on your breast your nipples get hard as I butterfly lick them you slide your thong to the side and begin to play with your wet juicy pussy as you hold it open I slide my tongue in it and start to lick it fast I want your cum on my face so bad I go faster you scream and moan "OH FUCK" you start to shake your pussy is the juiciest it has ever been for me I keep going you cum and its thick & creamy juices all over my face you pull me up & lick it off me as you…

Slide Your Panties To the Side Sunday Part II

It's early in the morning you wake up to use the bathroom & brush your teeth you come out and you see me stroking my dick staring at you I tell you come here you do as you bite your lip...

So you climb on me in just your panties and bra and I start to rub my hard dick on your pussy you feel how hard it is and get turned on I'm poking your pussy through your panties rubbing back and forth your panties are getting soaked I slide them to the side and feel you drip on my juicy thick hard dick I slide it the fuck in you scream oh shit as you watch it go in & out while you ride it you take it all the way in then out still watching's covered in your juices it's now all white that turns you on so you go faster in and out out and in you arch your legs up so you can get a clear view head down we watch together in and out deep you start bouncing harder you cum it's all down my leg...As you continue to grind slow you feel my cum oozing out you.

That's how yo…

Google it was not a pleasure doing business with you!!

So google emails me about how my site gets tons of traffic & wants to place ads on my blog and pay me for each time they get clicked on I said cool you know I'm all about making that paper.

Well last night I got an email saying that I click on my own ads and that that's basically fraud or some shit lol.

So I appealed I said are you kidding me?I don't have enough hours in the day to sleep cause of my busy schedule let alone click my own ads for monetary gain!! To me that's not worth it you get paid cents for each click and the advertisers make millions only reason I agreed was who will argue with extra money coming in?

Well now that my page was actually making money I think I was close to over 60 in one month they banned me!

I read that they do this often to millions of other bloggers I just know that unless its a cool ass android phone those bishes will never get another dime out my making millionaire moves pockets.


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Happy Father's Day!!

To all the real fathers of the world & to all the single mothers who play mom & dad thank you for your hard work your dedication your sacrifice and overall just being the type of adult that you have to be!

To the mothers who play mom & dad I really appreciate you cause I'm a product of you, you epitomize sacrifice and being strong when that is your only option to a single mother her life doesn't really start till her kids are grown & it takes a hell of a woman to give up her life for her children's well being. I just wanted to take the time to say that it may not always seem like your kids respect you or appreciate all you do....But when they become adults and ultimately bring their own children into the world all the values love and sacrifice through hard work that you have instilled in them will carry on to their children's lives.

So thank you for being strong thank you for being a hell of a woman & thank you for just being the givers of life the s…

My Week 6/15/13

Well where do I start my week started off with a bang let me explain some wack job called a place I checked in numerous times when I was in town to holla at a loved one I never get to see looking for me and asking the workers there all kinds of questions about me and my relationship status all kinds of crazy lol guess they didn't read hide your crazy act like a lady very well hahaha! I joke but its an embarrassment cause they could of got someone I really care about ladies think way before you react & honestly were not fucking so you really can't question me you don't pay my bills & I'm certain we never met cause girls fall in love when we meet but not crazy in love lmao. And I'm a CEO pimp juice I don't work some house nigga shit so why you looking for me there<

My black ass had 45 hours in by Wednesday and my work week ends Saturday so that's why I missed #WETTWENDESDAY to the freak a leaks daddy got you this week double dip!

iOS 7 already in Cydia for jail broken iPhones iPad & iPod touch.

If you are one of 5 people that are excited about the new iOS on the iPhone 5 iPad or iPod touch the theming aspect of it is available in the Cydia store for free.


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Htc One Sound Quality is Crazy!!

If you're tired of your iPhone like I am this is a great pick up all cell phone carriers are doing the trade in your old phone & you get a deal I traded the galaxy note 1 AT&T got 140 credit to use instantly & got this 200 phone for 79.99


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Must Download of the week....Imperio Nazza Farruko Edition

I have been a Farruko fan since around 2010 he is dope if you appreciate good reggaton music or are just looking for something different or just wondering what I am listening to you go download this album #Classic


Daaaamn Grandma...A Grandmother makes 10 year old Grandson Designated Driver 😳

KENNER, La. -- Police in Louisiana say a call about an SUV being driven recklessly on Interstate 10 led them to pull over a 10-year-old boy who was driving.

A Kenner police news release says the boy's grandmother and another woman in the vehicle were arrested early Wednesday when the car was pulled over on a city street. Police say they told officers that they had the boy drive because they were intoxicated.
The child's grandmother, 54-year-old Brenda Byrd, and 48-year-old Sheila Joiner were booked with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a motor vehicle.

The young driver and a 15-year-old passenger were later released to family members.

Sgt. Brian McGregor says the women were in custody Wednesday afternoon, awaiting a court appearance. No attorneys were listed in their booking records.

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#ThrowItBackThursday Ursher Can U handle It....

Now that you're here I got something to say baby I think that you should know you're doing it wrong sugar so don't worry about the situation I'd never let you go!
At this point you grab your woman rip her clothes off and ask her if she can handle it after she catches her breath lol!
This is the perfect song to put on repeat and see how many times you can get your woman to bust all over you hmmmm.
Play some how many times can you bust and how many places can you bust😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Can u handle it?
#ThrowItBackThursday is all about baby makers each week ill be back with a new song and I missed
Get it #WETT Wednesday cause next week is a double issue post 2 parts.

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Today is the Day no time like the present!

There are things we all don't like about ourselves and there is no time like the present to change those things.
Me I feel like I'm too nice so nice that my kindness is almost always mistaken for weakness. I promise you I am not weak I just often put everyone else's feelings & well being above my own.Today that changes I'm going to do what is better for me and my life and those in it. I've learned the hard way this week that you can't always let people in cause no matter what because of their past they still doubt you. So why bother as long as you know who you are the kind of person you are and the kind of person you want to be who gives a damn what anyone else thinks. Sometimes it's the people you think love & care for you the most that are the biggest haters. I never set out to be anything than what I am & nothing pisses me off more than when people assume you are something your not. So today June whatever day it is I rebuke you out my life ha…

Fight For her & She will Build you a Kingdom....

Your woman's happiness goes hand & hand with your happiness it's that simple she's happy everybody is happy lol jokes aside if you don't see yourself being able to fight for her being able to pick her up when she's down being able to protect her from anything you wouldn't want to happen to you by standing up for her and your love then move the hell out the way and let a real man handle that... @1Entrepronegro

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Woman Tries to Cut off lady that text her mans fingers LOL

Fellas Fellas Fellas learn this and learn this fast there are crazy crazy ass scorned women in the world you didn't see a thin line between love and hate?Get you one normal female they do exist and leave the seem to be normal types alone I don't care how much she says she wants to suck yo dick from the back and you ain't never had that before leave it alone cause her crazy ass will suck it from the back then try to make it a souvenir in her trailer home lmao!!


When Shena Moore saw a flirtatious text message on her boyfriend's cell phone, she not only got mad, she got out the gardening shears.

Prosecutors in Mason, Ohio, say Moore, 24, attempted to cut off the fingers of Brittany Rager, 28, as revenge for messages sent by Moore's boyfriend, John Gulley, 31, the New York Daily News reported.

The alleged attack took place May 5 when Moore, Gulley and her father, Gerald Moore, invited Rager over to a mobile home to discuss the text messages.

At the meeting, …

Realist Shit I ever Posted!

Amen to this I feel like there are going to be people in life that claim to love you and really don't love you at all because love is about sacrifice whether you are with that person or not if they love you they really want to see you do good...
I just try to wake up each day I'm blessed with and be a good person just a well rounded human being by taking care of those that I love and that love me back if you don't want to see me be a success in life by being happy then you just don't need to be in my life.
And to me that is what you fight for that is what is worth fighting for you can only push someone for so long and especially if you push a good person away that has come back for more & more and more your most recent actions could be the nail in the coffin think before you react and realize that love is not just a one sided emotion you may feel it is cause you've been hurt before but some things there are just no coming back from and you have to ask yourself d…

Try Pulling a Real Woman instead of Hoes....

A Real Woman is priceless & most of us men need to realize that if we put the same energy that we would in 10 hoes in one real ass woman her value is a million times more than all those 10 hoes combined! Yes a relationship won't always be perfect its gonna have its highs & lows but if you get inside your real woman's head find out her wants & needs in life she can be everything you seek in the 10 hoes you talk to.. @1entrepronegro


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You gotta Hear a Real Man When he's Knocking!

A real man will accept your good with your bad look passed your flaws your fights your past cause he wants to be present he wants to be the future but you have to hear him when he's knocking I know how you ladies think why does this beautiful man want me?Did you ever stop and think that you are everything he needs in his life did you think that you could be the piece of the puzzle to complete him?Regardless of your past if you're alive to tell it it is a blessing and you need to hear your real man when he's knocking cause if a man is patient enough that has his own and is doing what he needs to in life to accept your flaws and you still question him yes he will stick around for awhile but he may not always be there then you wonder what if?!!It is life live & learn but wouldn't you rather learn with
everything you ever wanted in a man right in front of you?Don't fight the feeling getting something we don't feel we deserve in life is called a blessing count y…

Man with one month left of house arrest ask for jail time cause he was sick of Xbox LMAO!!!!

This guy is officially the dumbest nigga in the history of niggas


A New Zealand man said to be "sick of playing Xbox" while on home detention was granted his wish to serve the remainder of his sentence in jail, the New Zealand Herald reports.

According to senior constable Paul Nicholas, the 19-year-old rang the police asking to serve the remaining month of his term behind bars. Nicholas states the man already served 10 months of his 11-month home detention but "had run out of Xbox games to play."

The New Zealand man told police he would breach his home detention term if he was not taken to jail. He is currently serving the remainder of his term in Ngawha Prison.

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Slide your Panties to the side Sunday......

& I don't even want to penetrate I just want to taste I wanna watch you play with it get it all hot & wet then I wanna bury my face in it while you lay back and let me please you then I want you to get up bend over ass up face down with your head in the couch pillow and let me taste you from the back as you are about to bust reah back and spread your cheeks so I can get in your pussy deep & then for the grand finale stand up I lay on the ground get down and squat on my face then ride my face like its my big juicy thick hard dick till you shake cover my face in your sweet juices make me a puddle then be a good girl & clean me up!

Just a MAN & his thoughts.


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Don't take pics with a dirty mirror in it lmao!!

Alright let's try this again LOL this was from a year ago I just found it on my viddy it's a funny video of me being me lol enjoy.


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Oh wow oh just wow Dear First Black President Obama I need you to go in front of the House of Representatives and make a FaceTime law that's right a damn law that a chick can't FaceTime you unless she is looking right cause they get mad when they looking a hot mess and you don't answer but when I see that face pop up and you looking like Biz Markie and you a female oh hell naw I'm not answering it lol!!

Rules of FaceTime don't call if you ain't wrap yo hair the night before or if you ain't brush ya damn teeth first and most of all I'm not an avid fan of make up I like a natural woman but if you need make up to look natural fix that shit lol and don't be in some dingy ass tee shirt either hahahaha I'm not picky at all but we have to always be presentable somewhat I mean BeeeJesus unless you just leaving the gym She said she looked like Janet Jackson Bish got on FaceTime looking like Freddie Jackson lmao!

Siri should start to sing that Jeezy get rig…

66 year old man goes to doctor finds out he's a woman!!

66-year-old Chinese man goes to doctor, finds out he's a woman
Press Trust of India | 09 Jun 2013 08:31 pm
Beijing: In a shocking discovery, a 66-year-old "apparently" male patient in Hong Kong found himself to be a woman when he went to a hospital seeking treatment for abdominal swelling. Doctors found that the the swelling was a cyst on his ovary and he was in fact a woman.
The case was reported by doctors from Hong Kong's Kwong Wah Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, who treated the patient. It was published in the Hong Kong Medical Journal on Monday, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported.
"The patient, by definition, is a woman who cannot get pregnant. But she also has congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), which gave her the appearance of a man," Chinese University paediatrics professor Ellis Hon Kam-lun said.
"It's an interesting and very rare case of having the two combinations. It probably won't be seen again in the near fu…

Man with 22 kids by 14 different women!!Biggest child support case ever Got Damn!

See this is why they need to make condoms with a Jordan logo on them lol

Orlando Shaw, Nashville Father With 22 Children By 14 Women, Sued For Unpaid Child Support (VIDEO)
Jun 07, 2013

A Tennessee man who has 22 children by 14 women is being sued in what might be one of Nashville's most expensive child support cases, according to CBS affiliate WTVF.

In an interview outside court, Orlando Shaw said he loves all of his kids and considers himself a good father -- it's just that he can't afford to pay child support.

Visit WTVF for more details.

Gawker noted that the 33-year-old appeared to have "lost count" of how many kids he has during an interview. On the whole, Shaw appeared to be both unapologetic about his circumstance and unprepared to tackle its steep financial challenges.

"I was young and ambitious, and I love women," Orlando Shaw told WTVF. "You can't knock no man for loving women."

His past partners might beg …

Grown Man Shit!!

I remember when we were like 16 they had a arcade at our mall & they gave away little phone books for tickets you won we had like 5 a piece and filled them all up with girls numbers lol my homeboy had a "hoeadex" aka a Rolodex next to his bed that was the play on playa days teenage years then at 17 I fell in love there was nothing like it I put her above all & what it comes down to is what you want in life and I approach my relationships as such what she wants she gets its all about pleasing which in the end keeps me happy I'd much rather wake up reach for my ipad play with that turn it off play ps3 or Xbox 360 I guess those are my hoes what I've found is multiple women equals multiple headaches and honestly if you put the energy you'd put in 5 in one woman you'll get that energy that love that devotion back as I get older its about a companion it's about a lover it's about building a foundation the sex to me is just to let you know who runs s…