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Granny Strikes Again!

So I received an email from
A 49 year old lady asking how I would feel about a no strings attached affair with her and it had some pictures attached that were pretty ballsy for a older lady but it was pretty much her pussy with a dick in it raw and her sucking a guys dick I kid you not & I usually don't reply to these things after all this is not Craigslist but the email ended in are you clean?Wow just wow so I had to reply and here is what I said.

I appreciate your interest thanks but no thanks are you clean is something that is a given usually when you're a real man you discuss all with your significant other she's your best friend and if I was on some random hook up shit I'm pretty sure that I could do better not to be rude but your assumptions are rude for all you know I'm a virgin and honestly if anyone
Should be asked this question it's you I'm not in a bitch raw on my website default lmao!!

She replies I've never been with a black guy and you turn me on or some shit I then again said thanks but no thanks not interested.

She then replies just bring a couple of your boys through and run a train on me lol so this furthermore states my case of you are the one that needs to be cleaned.

I wasn't butt hurt at all over the comments it's just usually always the craziest people say the things that make no sense your probably taking some random strangers dick raw how dare you ask me that not that my sex life is any of your business & I also wondered how many dudes actually took her up on her offer cause it seems pretty easy and I'm from Compton I've seen ratchets my whole life but that's the ratchetness of all ratchetness can you say no walls....

So my last reply was this enjoy!

Dear Thirsty ass old lady first of all my pee pee won't fit if I pulled down my pants in daylight it would be dark out secondly you may want to buy or invent some snap that pussy back cause you are already 42 so your mangina has no friction no grip it's flapping when you run & I hope you don't ever wear booty shorts cause you can probably hear your lips flapping if I were the most pathetic couldn't get a date lived in my Mothers basement putting my name on the orange juice screaming mom don't touch my juice guy I still would not have sexual relations with you put an ad on Craigslist explain your situation find some guys with nothing going for them in life who want to run a busto & have the risk of getting someone their mothers age pregnant and appearing on the Maury show screaming "that ain't my baby Merry" lmao we're done here.


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Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
missy moscato said…
Like whoa!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Clearly she ain't worried about catching an STD, smdh. She's nasty, but ur response was on point and funny.
1EntrePROnegro said…
I know right she made me pull out my witty card mad early this morning lol
missy moscato said…
She's just straight up nasty, like omg. She's definitely NOT carrying herself as a woman... more like a damn whore of nature; one dick ain't good enuff for her. Ur 40 something years old lady, fucking act like one, geez.

But seriously, ur pee pee wouldn't fit if u pulled it out in the daylight?! Lmfao!! Its gonna block the sunlight?! Lol, too damn funny.
1EntrePROnegro said…
Lmfao I like how I said pee pee i am hilarious yes she's very triflin
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry but if some were to ask if I was clean that MF'ker wouldn't have to worry about it cause he ain't clean enough for me! The nerve! Lol & if you just looking for a damn hook up why isn't your stupid ass making sure them dudes has protection on? The fuck outta here with that BS! She has me all pissed off lol

Thank you for going hard on her nasty ass.

LA is done for the day! Lol
1EntrePROnegro said…
Lol I had to mash on her nasty self I can't believe someone would ask someone that all random n shit that's just pure craziness to me

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