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There are Two Types of Women

To me this says it all it says be with not the most beautiful woman in the world but the one that makes your world the most beautiful! See ladies that's what it is all about you may think you are not good enough for this guy or that guy but you could just be perfect for them a real man isn't looking for looks he's looking for heart what's inside!

Think about it this way it's just like when you're alone one on one and you let your inner freak a leek out lol no one knew that was there or you were gonna say tie me up and spank me it just happened that way and was meant to be.

To me nothing is less attractive than a woman saying I'm not pretty enough for you we all have beauty in our own ways its just sometimes a real man sees beauty in you that you don't see in yourself just don't be stubborn and let fear push away what you really want cause once its gone its gone forever.

Do what makes you happy and let's work as one towards the ultimate goal makin…

#ThrowbackThursday Rome I belong to you!

Back in the day when love meant some shit these words were felt I belong to you I give all my love to you this is a baby maker ahhhhhhh come on! He holds the key but he don't love you like I doooo I only wanna be with you!

Stop take a minute and tell your girl "Girl you are the love of my life baaaaaby" YES



Pick you up grip you throw you in the kitchen counter start with my lips on yours passionately tongue kissing you then I unbutton your shirt kiss you some more work my lips down your neck then back up & nipple on your ear working my way down to your chest gently licking around your left nipple then push both together and lick them both at the same time working my lips down to your stomach as I pull your panties to the side and begin to play with it I work my lips down kissing your belly button then down to your clit I put my lips on it while I have 2 fingers inside of you I pick you up lay down on the ground kiss your lips then pull your other lips to my face as you hold them open and I bury my face inside your lips you grind grind they are opening up more & more completely wrapped around my face & then??!!

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#Iphone5 theme of the week Elite 6

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Man Loses 9 pounds in 2 Months on the Michael Jackson Just beat it Masturbating diet!! lmao!

According to Nikkan Spa, a 28 year-old with the alias "Yuichi Ito" was able to lose nearly 9 pounds in two months, simply through watching his diet and flogging his log between three and five times a day. (Supposedly, Ito's record was seven times in a single day.)

While in high school, Ito played baseball, but gained weight after he graduated. The 5 foot 5 inch Ito ballooned to 167 pounds, which would be considered overweight by Japanese standards. Ito decided that a good way to drop the excess pounds was to cut calories and have more sex. With himself.

"I read online that pleasuring oneself was the same as running 200 meters," said Ito. "Without a girlfriend, the only way I could become thin was through masturbation!"

So is the so-called "fap diet" a good idea? No... Not at all. Says at doctor, via Kotaku:

"The issue with the effectiveness of this diet is that while you are exhausting your body, you are not consuming calories by using phy…

Get it #WETT Wednesday Part II

I grab you by the hand pull you out the car start to kiss you then I stop grab you by the neck turn you around and throw you down on the hood of my car lift up your dress again and start to bury my face in you from the back as you moan & scream out pleasure "don't stop don't stop I'm gonna fuckin cum" you scream so I go faster just licking your clit as I finger you your cum starts to ooze out all over my fingers I catch some with my tongue and I keep going your body starts to shake you scream "SHIT FUCK I'm gonna fucking cum on that handsome face again" you back your ass up all the way sitting on my face basically from the back and grind my lips and tongue with your pussy till my face is a puddle I love every minute of it I stand up kiss you you taste yourself on my lips I grab your hand and say come on open the passenger door your hand is still shaking I let you in the car and get in the driver seat & say "You ready for round 3 baby&qu…

TQ from the Cpt had to witness birdman & tunechi kissing ugh!!

this is a touchy subject for some but maybe im old fashioned but im not kissing another man not on the lips the cheek the ass nada Lmao to each their own that is their business but I even kiss my mama on the cheek its just weird to me and to do it in front of everyone listen I have the man who basically raised me who was not my fathers name tatted on my arm but I would of never kissed him.


Former Cash MoneyRecordssinger TQ recently spoke on the controversial years-old photo of Birdman and Lil Wayne kissing. "I never understood it," admitted TQ in an interview with KFYB of UGS Radio. "I asked for an explanation and they gave me an explanation and as a man as part of my clique had to respect the explanation."

"People don't understand them dudes did that shit every day," continued the singer, who was signed to Cash Money from 2002-2004. "They consider themselves Father and Son."

TQ said he warned Birdman and Weezy of the stig…

Fan SLAPS Beyonce on the booty i'm kinda jealous but....

I do not need the illuminati in my life LOL but bless him for having the balls its like that old school taco bell commercial where the Dog is looking at a taco bell with tears in his eyes well this bought a tear to my eyes lmao



I feel like self love love of self just makes you a better person it puts a pep in your step it makes you just feel better when you step out into the world you just have to have that nobody can break me but me mentality it's that's simple no matter who hurt scarred you made you bitter called you fat called you ugly you have to look in the mirror find self love and anything that you don't like work each day set a goal to change it at the end of the day nobody can stop you but you so get off that clearance rack step your game up and tell yourself I love ME! God has blessed me with this life I lead and guided me down this path he chose for me so let me love appreciate that & spend each day being happy within myself... You have to be happy with self before someone else..Value yourself and others will see value in you!!!!!


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Woman Bites Husbands Penis for making her leave the Rodeo early! 😳😳😳

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the wedding vows to have to hold sickness and healthy well this is sick lol that's yo dick Christina & you wanna be biting it n thangs wow just wow!


It may not have been California resident Anthony Hill's first time at the rodeo, but it's likely to have been his last, at least for a while.

That's because he says his wife, Christina Salinas, bit his penis during an argument that started when he wanted to leave a rodeo early and Salinas wanted to stay, CBS Sacramento reports.

The two had been drinking, and when they got home, the argument escalated, Hill told CBS.

When Hill tried to make a getaway with Salinas's four kids, she attacked him, he told the local news station. At that point, Hill and Salinas's ex-husband, who has been living with the couple, tried to restrain her. During the scuffle, she bite Hill on the hand and in a more tender region.

Hill is now recovering at home -- and merely regrets hav…

Granny Strikes Again!

So I received an email from
A 49 year old lady asking how I would feel about a no strings attached affair with her and it had some pictures attached that were pretty ballsy for a older lady but it was pretty much her pussy with a dick in it raw and her sucking a guys dick I kid you not & I usually don't reply to these things after all this is not Craigslist but the email ended in are you clean?Wow just wow so I had to reply and here is what I said.

I appreciate your interest thanks but no thanks are you clean is something that is a given usually when you're a real man you discuss all with your significant other she's your best friend and if I was on some random hook up shit I'm pretty sure that I could do better not to be rude but your assumptions are rude for all you know I'm a virgin and honestly if anyone
Should be asked this question it's you I'm not in a bitch raw on my website default lmao!!

She replies I've never been with a b…

Man Stops for Beer on police chase then punches K-9 Dog!Lmfao

I think it said his name is Andrew well Andrew you have just made the top of the stupidest nigga alive list yo ass should of got beer after the chase was over you BIG Dummy then you hit the damn dog really?S/O to the dude who got his beer jacked for pressing charges id do the same shit I wish a mafakka would Try to raid my fridge and didn't put in on it!


Thirsty and on the run? The police can wait a few while you grab a cold one.

A 21-year-old Andrew Fatzinger was caught early Sunday morning looting a home in Lighthouse Point, Florida and vandalizing it with graffiti and mustard. According to the Huffington Post, he’d also been filling a suitcase with laptops, medications, and other electronics. He fled when he spotted police, which turned into a ground and helicopter chase.

A deputy in the helicopter says he watched Fatzinger dart into a second house and come back out with two bottle of beer in hand. Sadly, he didn’t have time to drink them as he later discarded the b…

You Don't Need a Damn Holiday to Show her You Really Love Her...

I remember before I had my own business in college I managed a jewelry store and dudes used to have to get faded the mall closed @ 6 come in at 5:50 hand their credit card and get what their woman wanted with no thought just say "hurry up before I change my mind"

Smh and to me one you can't put a price tag on a real woman and a gift for her takes some thought some effor doesn't matter what it is if its a real woman she is gonna appreciate it from
The heart & I need to know if she had to circle what she wanted and you feel forced into buying it why the hell you in the relationship?

Love isn't forced love isn't bought love is about the only thing in life that you can get without paying for it and if
You do it right it can last forever.

And as men have we really gotten that lazy to the point where we need damn holidays to express our love?How about expressing it for no reason cause you can I mean its only material things and your woman if she's real isn'…

The funniest shit I ever seen LMAO!!

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Real Women Command Attention not Demand!

What some women need to realize is that it's your world you make it go around and I'm not saying the world revolves around you but it kinda does with that said a woman should never demand a man text a man call any of that he should want to because he wants to.

Some women think by saying I expect this this & this a man is gonna just do as they say when in fact you are just pushing that dude away.

Attention love affection are giving naturally from a Man that loves you or genuinely cares about you.

A woman who expects nothing deserves everything is the blatant truth!

Bottom line life isn't always about the movie HOLLYWOOD style love it's about being real you can't expect a dude to be like a character in a book but if you act right respect his hustle and just play your part in the relationship without sitting around over thinking things then what you want feel you need may come to you naturally with little effort from you.

Some women see movies and say I want that w…

Daaaaaamn Grandma!!!

So I close my store every Saturday I'm chillin chillin minding my business and this old ass 68 year old lady comes in and says I love you you sold me this and that before and you're so nice I just love you I said okay thanks lol and I'm selling her more stuff as she basically lifts her dress up and flashes me and says "There's more where that came from"Keep in mind I'm a gentleman I turned my damn head smh so she's being rang out tells me she loves me again and ask for a hug it was hella awkward as I hug her she smells me and says in my ear I'd suck the black off that dick!!
Ummm no shit you ain't got no damn teeth granny thanks but no thanks LOL!!
So that brings today this lady was obnoxious as all hell considering today is if you're in the mall it's national no friends day yo ass ain't got no friends lol and she wanted to know not only do I want to come on vaca with her but can I handle a grandma with no gag reflex and I'm appa…

I've heard of DWB Driving while black but never thought smh!

So I work in a mall & I had a run in with their version of Paul Blart mall cop lol keep in mind that I have worked in this place years and at my stores they usually always harass me for light bulbs being out in my window I've been in my store alone & had 15 customers and they come in like Sir can we speak to you a moment I need you to change your light bulbs I'm like get the fuck out of here cause I pay your salary bitch lol{Rent is like 10 grand a month}
Well today I'm taking out trash a lot of old signage from previous sales I get to the freight elevator and all my shit on my dolly falls off onto the ground the same dick head rent a cop comes up behind me elevator door half closed reaches under and starts going through my stuff I am throwing away I said can I help you rent a cop?He said I want to make sure there are no light bulbs I said nigga{He's White} this is all old signs pamphlets there is no dam light bulbs it was all on the ground he could clearly see …

13 year Fugitive Finally Caught Cause of his Urinating on a KFC building.

What a fucking dumb ass this cat ate the bones Literally LOL

Miguel Sanchez, 13-Year-Fugitive, Finally Caught Because He Urinated On KFC Building
May 24, 2013
Filed by: AP
LOS ANGELES -- A man wanted for 13 years on attempted murder charges in Los Angeles was captured in Colorado after someone called police to report he was urinating on a wall outside a KFC restaurant.
Miguel Sanchez, 59, initially gave officers a false name when he was arrested Wednesday, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department. After he was fingerprinted, police discovered his identity and that he had a $2 million warrant in California.
"Kentucky Fried Chicken called and said he was peeing on the wall," said Colorado Springs police Lt. Dan Lofgren. "On the run for 13 years, and then they get caught for being stupid."
Sanchez is accused of stabbing someone multiple times after an argument in 2000, then stabbing a second person before running away.
Los Angeles police…

Slow Head & Breakfast In Bed Sunday....

It's like when we were little mark your territory & in this case it's mine so put it on my chinstrap take that then let me make you some food cause you're gonna need energy for rounds 2-12 lol good mawning turns into afternoon afternoon to evening pushing inside of you pleasing your body in every which way possible its your day let me cater to you pleasing you brings me pleasure.


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Run The Streets.....

Listen if you have a good ass significant other meaning they come home to you every night they are faithful they love you for you and are with you for you and have no intention on being anything else than with you when they go out let them do them no text no calls unless its an emergency!

Cause guess what that person that goes out is gonna come home and love you better you are on their mind the whole night they miss you they love you but sometimes they just gotta go out and cut loose with their friends cause work stresses us all out whether a career or being a full time parent sometimes good music good laughs with close friends is the remedy.

At the end of the day sometimes no matter how good your relationship is sometimes you just need space to rejuvenate & give your relationship it's all being up your man/woman's ass isn't healthy for a relationship at some point it's going to get old!

Who tried to holla at who who gave you their # who did this did that doesn't…

#ThoughtOfTheDay #Motivation

That's right head high till you have a nosebleed sometimes it's all about being an adult and walking away & being the bigger person.



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Couple Stabs Each Other Over American Idol Finale!! WOW just WOW

Karen Harrelson, Gregory Stambaugh Allegedly Stabbed Each Other Over 'American Idol' Finale
You are under Seacrest.

When a couple in Pennsylvania couldn't agree over which contestant -- Candice Glover or Kree Harrison -- should win this year's American Idol finale, they allegedly stabbed each other.

Only now, The York Dispatch reports, the two can't agree on who stabbed whom first.

Karen Elaine Harrelson, 48, and Gregory L. Stambaugh, 57, were arrested after the drunken fight Wednesday, May 15.

According to the affidavit obtained by CBS 21, Stambaugh told authorities that Harrelson started drinking at 5 a.m., "and was drinking beer and a lot of tequila throughout the day." He, on the other hand, claims he did not start drinking until noon and that he "was drinking beer and had a pint of Scotch."

Both alleged that the other went into the kitchen during the argument, grabbed a knife, and began the stabbing.

When police responded, the pair were on the…

It was a Week ago today that we got to witness this greatness on live TV LMAAAAAO!

#Miguel why in the hell did you jump on the chick bruh you're like 145 wet and wearing boots nigga you can't jump lol and you were singing adorn you aren't jumping on that song did Chris Breezy inspire your jump? When he came out on his Michael Jackson shit!
And I saw the chick backstage how the hell did she just have a ice pack on?lol

Anyway here's the greatest hits literally these are the funniest ones I saw!

Air Miguel's lmaaaaao!!
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Woman etches Penis on Car cause driver didn't stop for pedestrian LMAO!

A Florida woman allegedly came up with a half-cocked plan to take the law into her own hands.

Officials say Natasha Myers, 23, used her car keys to etch a penis onto the hood of a silver Kia in the parking lot of a grocery store in Wesley Chapel on April 17, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The rude rendering was complete with a note, which read:

"Hey I keyed your car. You didn't stop for pedestrians as is law. Since no cop to enforce a ticket, this should cover the cost of your fine. Have a good day. P.S. Don't be a dick."

Surveillance footage led to Myers' arrest earlier this week.

Myers admitted to deputies she vandalized the SUV because the driver failed to yield to pedestrians, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The owner of the Kia, Debra Streets, told investigators she did not remember seeing any pedestrians in the parking lot.

Myers was charged with criminal mischief and booked into the Pasco County Jail Tuesday, according to the Pasco County…

#Nike IPhone 5 case @ the apple store!

29.99 check the apple store it's a hard case too.

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Best IPhone 5 #Cydia Jailbreak Theme


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It ain't none of your Friends Business

So I'm having a conversation with one my employees and she is telling me how her friends are knocking her relationship of year and a half cause the dude isn't Christian when the girl
Who is saying this is sleeping with Dudes twice her age and taking it in the butt only sexually lol sad but true!
And I have to say its none of your friends dam business on your relationship if your man/woman makes you feel
Whole loved and respects you then your friends should be the first to be happy for you cause if he treats you well loves you for you & is with you not cheating being a honest man loving you that's all that matters!
When friends talk shit
On your relationship it's cause they are insecure in themselves and ultimately jealous of your relationship no woman or man that is happy in love is going to hate on a happy couple they want you to feel what they feel if you have hate in any way shape or form its cause that person wants your life or just doesn't understand happiness …

Mom has Son Arrested for stealing Pop Tarts LMAO!!

A 13-year-old boy in Charlotte, N.C., has been arrested for allegedly stealing Pop Tarts -- from his mother.

The boy, whose name was not released, is facing misdemeanor larceny charges after his mother says he took the pastries from their home without asking her first, WCCB Charlotte reported.

Latasha Renee Love, 37, called the police, who placed the underage suspect under juvenile arrest, The Smoking Gun reported.

Love had previously had other disciplinary issues with her son, WBTW reported.

Still, the arrest shocked neighbors like Fred Patrick, who laughed when he first learned about it.

“He seems real nice to me. I mean, he is real respectful,” Patrick said, according to the Charlotte Observer.

WCNC-TV was so surprised that a mom would have her son arrested that a reported waited over two hours to question her about her decision.

Love only responded by hurling an obscenity, the station reported.

This isn't the first time that Pop Tarts have gotten people in trouble.

Back in March, a 7…

Chapter IV of my book let me cater to you!

Most men have it all wrong they think catering to their woman making her feel special and happy is a bitch move and not man like!

That's where you are wrong ultimately your woman's happiness leads to your happiness if she's happy everyone is happy and its that simple you sleep better at night you eat better during the day and dryness and your dick are never used in the same sentence no relationship is perfect all the time you don't want it to be that's fake but the happiness in the relationship starts and ends with the woman men we don't need much to be happy but we need a happy woman in our lives to continue our happiness no man wants to come home from work and argue fuss and fight he wants the 3 F's feed me fuck me shut the fuck up! Lol and trust me if you cater to her needs she's likely to be quiet when you want your moment of silence...

It's up to you to learn your woman inside out her likes her dislikes her turn ons her turn offs and doing what i…

Parents Change Kids Diaper in Starbucks dining room.

I heard this on the @AllOutShow on shade 45 & I have to agree with Rude Jude changing a diaper where people eat is foul and just nasty go to your car I get it kids diaper was dirty but still it's called common respect.
What makes it worse is the damn dad being a dick pouring out the coffee on the ground ugh sometimes I just hate people LOL and I could see some asshole customers that shop in my store doing that!


A Denver couple decided to change their baby’s diaper in the seating area of a Starbuck’s when they realized the coffee shop’s restroom wasn’t equipped with a changing table. Ruth and Alex Burgos were making a Friday night coffee run with their 1-year-old son Thiago when they were faced with the must-change nappy.
“As a mother, you have to do what you have to do. Wherever you have to do it,” Ruth told 9News. “I just kind of wiped him off, cleaned him off as quickly as I could.”
A Starbucks employee was displeased by the Burgos’ choice and tossed a rag at the…

Throw Her Down Thursday!!!

#ThrowHerDownThursday don't stop until she begs for mercy or to suck your dick whichever comes first.

See you men that are wife beaters verbal abusers got it all wrong never ever by any means do you put your hands on your woman in a non sexual way what you do is take mental notes yes She talked shit this day she said this and you take it out on her pussy yes you smother your face in her pussy till you both cant breathe and you remind her that dick drives this car when you lay the piiiiiiipe!!

In comes throw her down Thursday and what I mean is this you come home from work kick the door down like your the police grip her ass up carry her to the bedroom throw her on the bed rip her clothes off pin her down cause you been in the gym doing your thug thizzell hell tie her the FUCK up lick finger kiss her body all over and don't let her move until she has multiple multiple orgasms!!

See there is a time & a place to make love but sometimes you have to show your woman who's boss…

#ThrowBackThursday H-town Knockin the Boots

First off R.I.P and respect to the lead singer Dino for sanging this #Classic and Shoutout to H-town for having someone literraly knock the boots with the bat in this video LOL

My Ode to Playa Cheers 2 U!

That's right cheers 2 U for giving me a chance all the bullshit men all the lies all the cheating heartache and just lost of faith in men you looked passed all that when we were blessed to walk into each others lives I wasn't given your trust I earned it I wasn't let in your heart I made my home there I didn't have to tell you I was different from other men I showed you but most of all you let me you let your guard down and although I'm far from perfect I can spend my life trying my best to never let you down have hold you treat your heart as if it is my own but most of all give you a part of my heart so we can sew it together with your heart and be one....

To me that's playa Cheers 2 U
Music has a good way of speaking for our hearts thank you!


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Why I prefer #Spotify over #Pandora

Ok if you are like me and pay for pandora premium which is called Pandora One if you have it on longer than 5-6 hours you notice it repeats songs and I hate that I feel like
If you pay for a premium service this is something that should never happen that's where spotify shines.

Like Pandora you can pick a station based on a song but also you can click if it repeats a song discard this song and that's pretty nice to have on the go

Also spotify let's you create playlist and the great thing is if you have spotify on your computer it also syncs your iTunes playlist in spotify and you have access to that music as well.

Also if you sign up for spotify premium it has what's new every Tuesday when new music comes out so in case you're like me and stay up on the new music anything you miss that you were looking for is right in the what's new section of the app.

And last but not least if you are social you can share your post on spotify to Facebook and until recently you…

Welcome to the New & Improved site!

So today I decided to buy my own domain and switch up how things look on here some brighten things up so they aren't so gloomy I'm proud of my patience cause setting up your own web address from a previous blogspot address was a headache & tested my patience lol stay diligent and don't stop till its right the story of a #Capricorn lol but add the new address...

Https:// to your chrome safari or blackberry browser cause I paid for it so were up & running.

Any questions concerns or suggestions
Is the email

Thank you for the interest in my words and I'm looking forward to many more post and keeping my readers interest also be on the lookout for my book by the end of the year I met with some publishers.

Tyriq @1Entrepronegro

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WIFE HER!! #ThoughtOfTheDay

This is the epitome of the kind of woman you want to marry it symbolizes sacrifice to the utmost it symbolizes I'm here for you and only you I love you for you and I want admire you for who you are the man you've become in life I don't need your money I don't need anything but you your time and your heart!
Who am I to not put a ring on it if she was with you down like 4 flats from a have not to a have got sticks around cares for your health inspires you when you don't feel inspired its this simple take yo ass to Jared and don't be cheap that ring should symbolize her efforts her sacrifice and most of all your appreciation & LOVE for her!
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Rule of a Real Gentleman

Being a gentleman comes second nature to a gentleman it's not a act its not about being fake it's not something you turn on or off it comes naturally with little to no effort although its a real mans way of life it isn't something that you are 25/8 no man is walking around thinking I need to do be and act this way at all times I'm a gentleman holding the door for a woman is something that's done without thinking if you invite someone out you pay that's simple etiquette of a gentleman with that said you as a gentleman are human and you are real so a woman can't say when you are joking with her where is the gentleman I want that guy on your blog I want that guy in your Instagram post that's not real that's not genuine!
What these kinds of women need to understand that a gentleman already knows how to treat her as if he would want to be treated.
How can someone command a gentleman when you've never had one?How do you know how one acts?
Bottom line co…

#ThrowbackThursday Ask of you

By far one of the best love songs of all time from the great lead singer of Tony Toni Tone.

Making love is what I want to do but I need a true friend to make it come together!!!!!!!

My big heart leads me right to you every time the phone rings I pray to God that it's you girl every time I close my eyes a vision of your face always pops inside my mind girl I would do anything to receive LOVE from you!!



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Charactersistics That Attract and Keep a #Capricorn Man!

Characteristics That Attract and Hold Capricorn Ambition A Capricorn man is attracted to women who have a future of their own. In fact, if you're already dating a Capricorn man, it's probably because he thinks you're going places in life. Always remember to show him your ambition. If he continues to feel you are going places, he'll be more inclined to see the relationship going places, too.
Culture and Knowledge Capricorn is also looking for someone that can entertain him. He likes women who can hold a conversation and teach him things he may not know. In order to keep a Capricorn man you have to keep him on his toes. Show him that you have a few surprises up your sleeves and he will always remain intrigued. Nevertheless, do not forget that too many surprises will make him feel unsettled. It's important to keep the surprises balanced with the natural ebb and flow of life.
Face the Challenge Many women find it difficult to be with a Capricorn man. In orde…

The KEY to keeping your Man

Believing in him yes it's that simple see when your man has an idea or a career move or just anything in general he's going to
Come to you his woman his love his life and if you are negative about every decision he has or knock his hustle that is when he seeks what he's looking for in someone else!!

Pushing your mans buttons is the fastest way to push him out your life and I'm not saying bow down do as he says or else just a little belief and appreciation of his goals and ambitions will get you a ring!

Every man wants to be the provider and give that one real woman the world it just takes a hell of a woman to be there support and believe in what he's doing as a man!

"Baby I believe in you I believe in us is just as good as hearing I'm butt ass naked in bed waiting for you to get home"


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Get it #WETT Wednesday part 1

So it's Wednesday I drive to your work and as you are walking out the door you see me and you smile I get out give you a big hug & kiss and hand you the keys and tell you to drive!! Soon as you sit in the drivers seat I grip you up and start passionately kissing you while I grab your ass you start to drive I lift your dress up and start to play with you with one finger as you get wetter and wetter I slide one more finger in and out not too deep as you get excited your legs open up more and my fingers go in deeper you start to moan and get loud as you drive legs open wider your left leg starts to tremble I pull my fingers out they are soaked and sticky white I lift your dress higher and bury my face in you with 2 fingers and my tongue at the same time you start to moan oh shit oh shit I'm gonna wreck my fingers slide in deeper and you squirm & moan in great pleasure.

I tell you pull over on the side of the freeway I grip you up bend you over and start to spank your ass …