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Mind Body Soul

Amen first you get in her mind see where her heads at see if you have a place in her conscience then you get her body and show her when why and how she never needs to give her body to another man & then you spend your days blood sweat tears devotion & loyalty earning a home in her soul a place once you reach that point with your woman you'll never want to leave #ThoughtsOfAGoodMan #RealTalk #RealMan #Manology


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Realationship Talk...

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Sunday Inspiration From Me To You!

Love live and be happy with who you are love what God has placed on your plate love the path you have created for yourself love the reflection in the mirror love and believe in yourself at all times you're the master of your own God Given abilities your knowledge of self your knowledge of books is all on you feed your brain so you have the weapons to go out and conquer the world see its all about you and believing in you and the rest will fall into place life isn't always perfect but when you keep your head high through your trials & tribulations you can not only conquer anything in your way but you can conquer yourself your doubts in your ability... I told myself weeks ago the only person that can stop me is me not people I get money with not the government not the police I'm my own worst enemy and as long as I stay out my own way ill be okay! Smile through bullshit laugh at cow shit grind over any and all shit!

Tyriq aka 1entrepronegro

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Dune for iPhone 5 by @Fif7y

It's on the

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Priorities in Order Thoughts of a Good Man

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