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Ayecon Best IPad 4 theme...

2.99 in cydia


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This is a good Man

1.Yes a good man loves you for you not who he wants you to be.
2.Yes your kids are his own kids although not by blood but by heart cause your kids are you & you are his heart!
3.Yes your woman's needs come above your own thats the sacrifice of being a real man!
4.quality time with your woman isn't a job it's a privilege point blank period
5.Prayer is the answer to everything I pray for you you pray for me!
6. Protecting is a mans job we are not only providers but protectors of our homes!
7. A man needs money & when his woman needs money he's the first out of pocket that's why there are two people in a relationship.
8. Lying & cheating is for the birds stay single if you want to do either!
9. Yes I appreciate your brain it is one of the most attractive things on you next to your smile!! Can't be with a airhead
10.the first & the last to cheer you on & celebrate your accomplishments not only am I proud of them but I wanna be a part of making more! Y…

The worst thing ever that could come out a females mouth!!

The infamous "when you gonna make time for me"

Listen a man doesn't have to make time for you that's a boy who has multiple females he needs to pencil you in a man is working not only to make money but towards a goal & being a success in life & any real woman will respect that mans drive & ambition that saying is a instant turn off to me cause I feel like its said to every man that is in your droid....

Rule #1 of being with talking to a real man respect his hustle his dreams his life & guess what he will respect yours you should not or will not have to ask a real man when he will make time for you if you respect these things cause even if he has 3 minutes of free time he will spend 2 with you patience is a virtue Walk With Me Now FLY with me later


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As Real as it gets!

This is simply as real as it gets I like how it says make her your partner often women in a relationship are taken for granted & not appreciated! That is where we as men go wrong she is your equal your partner & if you do it right your hearts are intertwined as one put your woman on the highest plateau you can cause she not only deserves it but damn sure has earned it @1Entrepronegro

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A real woman will be your backbone!

Amen what is a real woman to a real man she is everything not only the foundation to what you are building but the heart the soul the core to who you are as a man she brings out the best in you you bring out the best in her and together you are unstoppable a day without your real woman in your life just isn't complete yes you're living but you really aren't living nothing should ever come in between you ever especially not some fast ass thirsty ass girls!

Thirsty girls tempt you with ass
Real women show you class

Thirsty girls text you hellloooo stranger
Real women text you hello love of my life

Thirsty girls notice your shoes in a pic
Real women see your smile & want to learn how to keep it there.

Thirsty girls only know how to sexual seduce someone & laying on their back
Real woman seduce your mind and open it!!

And to the thirsty girls if all you're doing is giving a man sex and opening your legs what can you give him that someone else can't? The defense rest.…

Why you don't wanna be the old dude/chick at the bar!

Cause that shits not a good look its 2050 and your old ass is doing the running man to lady gaga's daughters song LOL

I think the main reason why I don't go out cause from like 21-24 my ass was out 7 days a week & who did I see this old ass white guy shaking his tailfeather in a leather coat at every dam hip hop spot with his mr T starter kit & some dam tight ass shirt and dress pants lol and I just think dam that muthafucka was the designated driver cause he always had young hot chicks with him.

Maybe he was laying the pipe probably not but old as hell doing what the younger folks do isn't a good look you can't be 60 Outchea Jerkin or doing the Harlem shake lmao!

With that said when you reach a age when you look like Bobby Brown but act like Chris brown you need to sit yo old ass the FUCK down like these grandmas with pounds of make up on in booty shorts & uggs get the fuck outta here lmao!

It's cool to act how you feel but at some point you have to act y…

Money & Family just don't mix!

You would think that if anyone ever should care about your well being it should be family but its the opposite lol they think you are made of money so when someone ask to borrow or can I just gut punch them before they can even get it out & say No hell no lol family is the first to take your kindness for weakness real talk I mean we all have those in our family that we have an undeniable bond with & get along great with but we need to
Learn to say no especially to family & my ass is guilty of this myself lol now I have a phd in no a doctorate in hello no and a bachelors & oh hell Naw lmao

My mission learn No in every language!


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Sunday Slow Song part 1

An angel starts to sing hey that's the girl for you so what are you going to do classic!!

All I do is think of you all the time that's how it should

Hey I'm in love with you I think the world of you so won't you please please be mine!!!!!!!!
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Best iPhone 5 cydia theme!!

It's called ayecon I've had it a few weeks now & haven't changed it its that good along with the tweaks color keyboard bitesms zeppelin how I changed my carrier from AT&T to the dodgers logo active dock which is why my Instagram logo is in the air your dock jumps when you have a notification auxo which give you the best multitasking closing your apps ability & cascade which is why my dock looks like it does there are many things you can do with your iPhone 5 now on the jailbreak also check out colorful ios6 taskbar...


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Appreciate the one you're with & all they do

Or the next one will I mean everything we often in relationships are looking
For what the other person is doing wrong but sometimes more often than not telling the one you're with they are appreciated everything they do is appreciated goes a long way it really does!

Part of our jobs as men is to hold our women up well a big part of that is bigging them up "dam babe you cooked the shit out that chicken tonight" dam babe your head game feels like you have no teeth lmao she might say you crazy nigga & laugh but when your woman says there's something wrong with you unless you're getting cussed out is a good thing I aim to hear this personally it's in my personality!

Appreciate who you are with all they do & more important that they do it with you


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The Women Capricorn Men are attracted to:

The women Capricorn men are attracted to.

They don't respect women who have revolve her own entire life and schedules around him. They want and respect women who are independent and have their own life, career, hobbies, interest, dreams. They want strong intelligent women with high integrity and dignity who can take care of herself and will not let herself be taken advantage of or be treated as a doormat but yet feminine with alot class, elegance and sensuality.

They want sexy but not slutty, spontaneus but not impulsive or reckless, confident but not arrogance and full of yourself attitude.

They respect women who aren't affraid of speaking her mind if she know's she's right but they dislike women who are too opionated, argumentative, loud and obnoxious.

They desire women who are friendly, polite and they don't mind flirty women as long as it's done in a tasteful respectful and does not come accross cheap, tarty and aggressive.

They want cultured, sophisticated, …

How deep is our bond?

I'm old school when it comes to REALATIONSHIPS in the sense that if you're really really in love with someone no man woman child or anything should keep you apart!

You can't help who you fall for & nothing I mean nothing should stand in the way of that!

If you really want something in life Take it!!

It's that simple over thinking is one thing that can really ruin a good thing bringing the past present etc.

There is no such thing as too good to be true the person you fall for could just be perfect for you so why fight it why look for a reason to run away hide?

Cause guess what that person is not going to be single forever & by the time you make up your mind it may be too late they may be gone!

If its what you want need & makes you feel complete don't let fear hold you back from it!!! Who wants to end up in a bullshit relationship & then stand there thinking what if?

You only get one life so do yourself a favor & get out of your own way love the one yo…

Being a Independent Man isn't a Sin

Being broke is lol a man needs 3 things 2 are money one is a real woman if a female bitches that you are always at work and getting money when you're not running the streets muthafuck her ass cause 9/10 she's used to a dude who has way too much time on his hands no real woman is gonna knock your hustle cause she doesn't want to take care of your ass there's a balance it's called you make time for the right one a real man can't give all women his time cause a lot are not even worth a minute of your time it's evident all women want a real man but not many can really handle one!


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Rules of a Lady

Amen it's always good to be happy smiling & you should never let anyone or anything ruin your smile & if someone is the reason for your smile you should never let anything come in between you & the reason you smile...


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Ladies sometimes your mind is in the wrong place!

You have the man of your dreams he says does all the right things treats you better than any man has ever treated you before but you are worried about things that will mean nothing in 5 years probably the biggest one is social networks twitter Instagram Facebook anything that has the opposite sex attached to it & to me to
Be honest this is way too much free time & way too much past brought present if your man text you calls you all day in the 5 mins he's online and he replies to a woman why y'all get so butt hurt over that?but y'all can flirt back and forth with a dude all dam day like his pics etc...Women need to stop making the assumption cause a man is popular on social networks he's on all these hoes one dick can't handle all the pussy that is thrown his way point blank period! And especially if you are dealing with a Capricorn man cause I wake up sleep & eat money my mind is on the next dollar 25/8 money trees is the perfect place for shade not puss…

Thoughts of A good Man

If your woman doesn't know she's your #1 priority & never just am option if she doesn't know she's the only one why the hell are you in a relationship? Your woman needs to know and feel when shit gets real you're gonna be her rock be strong for her when she isn't listen when she speaks with your ears not your mouth & care for her heart like its your own I'm done talking the end.... @1Entrepronegro

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The First Chapter of My Book

Good men never give up it isn't an option and we fight for what we love & what we believe in....But just as you #Ladies we've heard it all seen it all from the wrong ones! See when you carry yourself like a gentleman you're going to attract attention & it takes a real man to be able to differentiate a weak woman from a strong one..We know the real strong women are the ones to hold onto but sometimes we also have our guard up but once you're in a real Man's heart consider yourself there forever cause you're not going anywhere!one day at a time let us find our way just make sure you are on our side hand in hand on our journeys #ThoughtsOfARealMan @1Entrepronegro

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The Cardinal Rule of A Gentleman!

That's right!!!! I'm not out to point out your flaws and bring you down its all about bringing you up putting you on the highest plateau ever cause not only are you my woman my partner but my life and your heart is treated like its my own and living in your heart protecting it is my life's mission & I don't have time to bring you down I want you to be the best feel the best know you're the best cause you bring out the best of me! #RulesOfAGentleman @1Entrepronegro

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