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Rules of Real Men

This describes me & how I live my life the essence of a real man is evolving each day being a better man and waking up never the same you were the day before no one is perfect & we can all learn from ourselves the people around us and what life throws at us each day but that next day is a new one a new chance to define why you are here this is so dope to me had to share @1entrepronegro #Motivation #RulesOfARealMan #TeamClassy #RulesOfAGentleman #Manology

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The Perfect Relationship

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Manology 103



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Manology 102

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Handsome Ass Valentines Morning Fuck Faces!

It's valentines morning & before I even give you your gift I rip your panties down in your sleep no questions ask bend you over as you arched your ass in the air resting on the pillow and bury my face in you from the back licking you deep as you open your eyes you start yo moan really loud & I'm licking your clit as I play with it with one finger I grab you up by your booty and pull you to my face legs wide open with me grabbing your ass I motion you in a slow grind you start to grind all over my tongue as you arch yourself higher so I can get your spot you start to shake tremble and cum all over the place you grind faster as you play with your clit then you cum again then again your pussy opens up as it is soaking wet and throbbing with pleasure I stick my tongue in deeper you scream "OH SHIT" I I start going back and forth faster and faster as you cum again your whole body is shaking and I look you in the face with my whole face covered in cum & say &qu…

A Strong Woman....

I agree with this 5000 percent never underestimate the STRENGTH of a strong woman she's seen it all done it all and can tell what's real from what's fake and although she has her guard up cause she's been Hurt before once she feels you out does a background check credit report etc she will let you in her heart and her heart is the warmest most comfortable place to call your home but more important your own! @1entrepronegro

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Happy St.Valentines Day 2013

To me Valentines day is a day for the ladies it's her day to spend quality time with her boo and be pampered in gifts but with that said most men lose sight of the other 364 days we don't need a dam day to show our love for our significant others its a full time career except you don't get paid but you get paid in priceless ways with unconditional love commitment and appreciation so Lets not be typical & send flowers roses on holidays to profess love to me that's fake it's showing out its no different that putting rims on your car if we are truly in love the world will know with our smiles and we don't have to be assholes in showing that life is about putting a smile on your woman's face but society and the mentality of expecting this and that cause its February 14th has ruined that! I don't want to feel obligated to buy a gift I want to buy cause I want to cause I want you to know you're my girl I'm your man and I want the world to know sad…

Great iphone 5 tweak Cascade!

I just found this on Cydia and it works great with infidock the tweak that lets you have as many apps on your dock as you want check them both out!


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Manology 101

Amen a coward dies a thousand deaths but a Man that embraces and lives the truth dies once and his life is celebrated.....


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People always ask why should I jailbreak my iPhone!

Well here you go I just jail broke both my iPhone 5's iPad mini and iPad 3 finally it's released for iOS 6


The iPhone 5 has been jailbroken, and that means that it’s time to install the coolest tweaks and apps from Cydia, the jailbreak alternative to the App Store.

Wondering about what you should install? Here’s a roundup of the very best jailbreak tweaks available for the iPhone 5:

Auxo — Better App Switcher ($2)

Auxo is the way Apple should do the app switcher in iOS.
Tired of Apple’s boring app switcher? Then you need Auxo. Instead of app icons, Auxo displays live app preview cards that can be closed by swiping. There are enhanced music controls and minimalistic toggles for settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular data, and even screen brightness. Because of the Settings toggles, Auxo also does away with the need for SBSettings, an old and popular tweak that lets you access Settings toggles anywhere in iOS.

Auxo is incredibly polished and good lookin…

HandsomeAss Fuck Faces{Valentines Day}2013

It's Thursday February 14th 2013 and you're dreading the day no one ever has showed you they care on this special woman's holiday so you walk into your job and there are 12 dozen pink roses and one single red waiting for you on your desk with a card and some good chocolate you open the card it says "thank you for completing me making me a better man and making me understand how to be a better man you complete me P.S. go to the closet in the break room for a second card so you run with a big smile on your face you open and another card is there with a silk rose saying the day that this rise dies is the day that my love for you will die... you start to cry a silk rose cant die... Ps go to the ladies rest room last stall for your next card you walk in there's a card and handcuffs that says put these on now.... & look outside the stall door...There I am dick out completely naked rock hard the bathroom door is locked I grab you slam you up against the wall with my …

Difference between women & girls

Amen this post speaks for itself just as a boy has to decide whether he wants to be a man a woman has to decide and set the goal of being a woman vs being a girl there's so many girls that think they are women but honestly a woman doesn't have to tell you she's a woman she shows it with no effort real walkie talkie.....


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