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No Man Succeeds Without a Good Woman Behind Him!

You can't build anything life long everlasting without a solid foundation you are the rock she is the foundation it starts with the values and lessons your mother instilled in you by teaching you how to love honor and most of all respect the woman in your life when you give yourself wholeheartedly to your woman she will believe in you when no one does she will give you unconditional love but most of all she will respect you as a MAN not just any man her man and she will always have your back while you guard her front!! Don't believe this statement ask President Obama! @1Entrepronegro

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Niggas Be like Part 1...

Niggas be like that 1entrepronegro dude is a lie he contradicts himself on his blog ain't no guy gonna give 500 percent unless his woman gives the same back but how do I get some girls?LOL He's just trying to get laid! Hahahaha

First off google my name nothing but women follow me 46,000
On twitter 21,000 on Instagram to say the least I haven't had to try to get laid since I was 16 &
Me and my gf took each others virginity!! Lol every pot had a lid and I'm sure if I had issues getting women like the men who speak on me and what I say do I'm sure I could act on one of the many thirsty Instagram comments I get when I post a pic!!

As for the contradiction when I started this blog it became my diary my public diary at that so with that said when I blog it's a reflection of my thoughts at that time mixed with my everyday mentality!! I do believe in giving your woman 500 percent cause unlike you bum ass niggas with too much free time I own my own business working 65…

Things a woman doesn't want in a man!

A real woman knows she should hold her man down not carry his ass she will not tolerate lies cheating abuse verbally or physically cause she knows her worth & will not tolerate any form of disrespect her man being motivated is the ultimate turn on & laziness disgust her but most of all not listed she doesn't want a man that can't communicate express his feelings but most of all she doesn't want a man that can't SHOW her what she means to him give your woman 500 percent no half ass & she will build you a kingdom! @1entrepronegro

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The Main Rule of a gentleman

The main rule of a gentleman treat others the way you want to be treated treat your woman how you'd like your mother or daughter to be treated but the key is treating yourself cause as a man you can't love your woman your family unless you love & value yourself!


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Where's all the messed up men cause real ones don't exist?

Someone I follow on a social network just said this so I have to give my take on it!

Neither men or women are perfect being in a relationship is about finding that someone that completes you and makes your world perfect!!

We cannot base out experiences on everyone's life & say that a whole species is bad cause of bad experiences!!

We've all had bad relationships that's why we're single....

I will say this good men exist but the mentality that we don't only makes us settle for less than what we deserve tell yourself you deserve the best find inner happiness and that is what you'll attract :-)

You have to accept love and be happy within yourself before you can find happiness with someone else

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My Rules of A Gentleman #RealTalk

Being a gentleman is a matter of choice it's a lifestyle it's not something you turn on or off a woman cannot tell a man when to be a gentleman & most of all not to be himself to me I work so hard in my career 25/8 that when I'm not working I always have jokes and mostly I pick on those I like see my jokes keep me sane!

That doesn't change who I am as a man and my beliefs or make me less of a man women need to realize that even the perfect man cannot be a gentleman all day everyday to me that is being fake and to me being gentleman means always being real being true to yourself & standing your ground by all means being able to provide for your family being able to respect your woman but most of all respect yourself & someone asking you to be a certain way isn't respectful at all & that woman isn't worthy of a gentleman at all!!
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The #Truth

That loyal woman that stands by your side win lose draw good or bad down like four flats with you from a have not to a have got deserves a muthafu**** Crown because she was the same at your struggle that she is at your shine that's that sh*t I like she's not in it for your money but when you get it remember she deserves the world cause she never asked for anything but to be with you!!

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President Obama's Inauguration MLK day 2013!!

I don't know about y'all but I find great motivation in change & although the president is the same it's a new day a new year or in this case a new 4 years to not only grown as a country as an economy but as a people strength is in unity & I feel that president Obama is the epitome of that!
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Amen your curves make a man hate to see you leave but love to watch you walk away{All that jelly & no toast}stare your beautiful face makes a man wanna grab you & give you a kiss your smile makes us smile & brightens our day but your beautiful mind makes us wanna settle down

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A Real Man is more action less words!

I don't care how much swag you have how much money you have what you're dressed in or what you drive you could lose it all at any given moment!! At the end of the day all you have is your word & a gentleman never breaks his word he only backs his words up with actions they speak louder than any word besides a real
Woman doesn't want you for what you have she wants you for you & most of all cause you back up your word it's up to us to PROVE all men aren't the same...


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Respect to Kb24 for keeping his marriage!!

Last year, NBA wife Vanessa Bryant sent a warning shot to Kobe in the form of some divorce papers after she got fed up with his infidelities.   With three mansions, half his fortune and his family on the line, Black Mamba got his ish together real quick and started fighting to keep his family together.
The two spent most of last year reconciling but they made it official yesterday by releasing statements via their Facebook and Instagram pages stating that their divorce has been dismissed.
Kobe wrote on his Facebook:
I am happy to say that Vanessa and I are moving on with our lives together as a family. When the show ends and the music stops, the journey is made beautiful by having that someone to share it with. Thank you all for your support and prayers! Much luv, Mamba out. Vanessa also posted to her Instagram:

Value your Woman!

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Thoughts of a Good Man...

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The Blueprint to keeping your woman!!!!

1)if you're in a relationship the key is putting your woman's feelings above your own and I don't mean in a getting walked over manner I mean if she wouldn't approve of it when she's isn't there don't do it if it would hurt her don't do it and most of all if it makes you lose sleep at night get cussed out dont do it!

2) lick it before you stick it listen your woman wants to feel like she is the only one she doesn't want to be a number and what better way to show that than to eat her pussy till she can't breathe!!! Lol funny but true!

3) have your own no woman wants to take care of a grown ass man that's that bullshit ain't nobody wanna go to work while you on the couch!

4) show her you love her everyday not just fuckin holidays and take notes on what she says cause it's the little things that matter to women most!!

5) the most important thing ever if you're going to say you will do something DO IT honestly when you tell your woman yo…

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces wetter!

Time is of the essence I'm talking right now I text you leaving the gym after my intense Sunday workout and tell you to get the shower running ill be home in two mins and close the door so it's hot and steaming I run up the steps to the bathroom kick the door open grab you up bend you over as I'm kissing your neck I make you raise one leg up on the bathroom sink as I get down on one knee & start to eat you from the back teasing you with one finger as it goes in & out you in licking you deeper and deeper I stand up smack my dick on your ass till its rock hard & slide it right in as soon as I get the tip in you start to shake I feel a puddle start to drown my dick I go deeper as I grab your ass hard and smack the other side harder I'm kissing your back biting your neck watching my big black dick go in and out you as I look down its white all over "did you cum for me baby" I say in my deep voice and you start to shake again my voice turns you on so I…

The Gift of Fatherhood!

Listen when it comes to being a man that's a parent there are two kind of men there's the I wanna do me run the streets have hoes and trap you kinda dude and there's the I want to live the rest of my life with you raise our child like a man and love my family unconditionally dude!

The sad part is men get women pregnant with no intent on being in a family they want to take ownership of the woman's life & that's all they care about being a control freak running that woman it's probably the worse form of abuse they think she's gonna have my kid no one will want her I own her!

But just cause a woman has your child doesn't mean you own her!!

What you do own is the right to be a great father be the father you never had that's why we have parents to learn from their mistakes!!

The sad part is people pay more attention to being in baby mamas business instead of being in their kids business!!

I think having two parents is the only way to be I think having a f…

Being a MAN!

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A real woman's worth!!

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The BluePrint!!

Hating on the next man is just a waste of time I like to stay on my own mission of self betterment. Each day you are blessed to see is a lesson learned a vision of letting yesterday go and with strong will mind body and soul you can accomplish anything you want
In your life....



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What a MAN wants??

Christina Aguilera said what a girl wants years ago..

So I'm gonna tell you what this man wants!!

A female to build with not play with a female that I can pick up when down and she can hold me down with my ten toes touching the ground meaning my life is based on the motto every dollar I spend make double that back I enjoy the hard work the dedication I enjoy nice things on my back in my house so I work my ass off for those things with that said its nothing without a partner that's right a partner to share it with the foundation to your household a strong works just as hard as you real woman who can take a joke she doesn't buy into drama or negativity see when you work as hard as a real
Man should at the end of the day drama is the last thing you want on your plate you wanna come home to a hot plate put the pound cake game down on your woman watch a movie laugh together go to sleep wake her up at 5am again for the pound cake again!! See a real man only has time for one woman …

A Gentleman sets his woman apart from other women early!!

In order for your woman to know her worth you have to show her her true value on a daily basis a strong woman is a real Mans backbone it's your job to keep her strong feeling wanted loved respected and most of all needed let her know daily she completes you & your life is nothing without her in it...


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Are you hitting it right??

This is how you can tell if you're a boy or a MAN A MAN or a
Mouse LOL

Listen good dick is what makes a female listen not hitting her not belittling her its the good sex yes she may be overprotective she may worry blow up your phone cause at the end of the day you have some good dick lol not to mention you may also be a good catch but at the end of the day if you're hitting it right that makes your mistakes more forgivable it makes your ability to sleep at night better etc etc..

You have to know when to fuck your woman's brains out and when to make love to your woman and if you're hitting it right you can balance both very well and your woman is Adickted....

The main plot of your hitting it right should be pleasing your woman first then asking questions later you must eat it before you beat it you must pull her hair and smack her ass bite her choke her if you're hitting it from the back but also on your anniversary know how to work it slow to the music of the beat whil…

Best iPhone 4S jailbreak theme!!

If you're like me you get bored easy with your phones screen once it's jailbroken! Well I have a solution while we wait for a iPhone 5 IPad 3 jailbreak for Ios6 Dreamboard & make
Your iPhone look like windows phone 8!

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