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The Vow

I was watching the movie the vow again and towards the end she said you didn't give up on me & you let me be me not who you wanted me to be & that was like a play right out of my play book. You can't make your significant other be anyone other than who they are. What people fail to realize is there really is no fairytale ending in real life. There is reality & if you accept someone for who they are love them head to toe to the crust of them, they can make your reality a fairytale. Some people have that perfect wedding that perfect life but that isn't everyone.  It takes dedication, commitment, loyalty and most of all LOVE to make it work. It's you two against the world nothing should ever come in between you. Nothing no man woman or child & that's the Vow you have to live by. I got your back front & side & you have mine.   Nothing else matters no he said she said no comments on social networks nothing if he has you & you have him it'…

Do you know your woman's needs??!

That's all she wants that's all she needs. She needs you to be there for her help provide for her be honest loyal faithful and just love her for who she is flaws and all & not for who you want her to be. You love admire respect her & you will get the same in return 500 percent of the time when your woman feels disrespected cheated lied to & most of all not loved that's when you have issues......


It used to be all about getting the girls until you find that one girl that you want to build with she is your heart your soul your foundation to all you are out here doing as a man & if you are blessed you start a family and then it's your job as her man to stand up protect provide profess your long your devotion to their lives and your family. We used to think that money women and clubbing made us the MAN but taking Care of your life and making sure your foundation doesn't crumble that's THE MAN & the one that deserves all the respect you can get in all the panties in the world but giving one woman your undivided attention unconditional love and the only sex you get that's a Real Man #GrownManThoughts 

Exchange of Power!!

I love this so true a great woman is her mans weakness the way she walks she talks wears those sexy clothes that ass son that ass lol and a great man is her strength he makes her believe when she's in doubt he holds her tight and let's her know its going to be alright together his weakness her strength are inseparable and a match made in heaven. 

If You have his heart why you worried about these thirsty ass heaux??

No man is perfect I get it & in a normal world women aren't so thirsty. But in this era of being able to say what you want behind a computer screen or smartphone things are said that are way out of line. Am I saying its okay HELL NO but if you have his heart his mind his soul why do you care about what some hoe says online?  Some women want what they can't have and love the challenge cause most wouldn't be that thirsty if the same dude was single. They would want to know what's wrong with him why is he single etc. I get it you want your men all to yourself without distractions from hoes but that's not reality whether online at his job at the store there are always gonna be thirsty hoes that want what you have hoes hate to see you happy they want what you have I just feel like too much time is spent in a relationship worrying about outsiders people that have no say so in your relationship so why let them take up any space in your head?  

You Take Care of Me I take Care of us

Rules of a Gentleman I'm gonna hold our relationship down to the fullest if you take care of me.... What I mean by that is have my back believe in me and respect my ambition and ill take care of us. I'll put your mind body and soul on my shoulders and hold us down to the fullest. Your hard work sacrifice and devotion will always be appreciated and never taken for granted. I feel sometimes in a relationship out of comfort we forget to appreciate when we have a good man/woman. We should be the first to recognize we are blessed to have love to be loved and to have that person in our lives that would do anything for us. It is rare these days to have a genuine real love relationships are based on communicating with one another and often in the texting age communication is hard but if we genuinely love someone we have to let them know as many times as it takes you for me I got you I love you for you and although we are far from perfect you make me want to be a better person sometime…

Paul Spadafora's First Loss

Got to witness live Championship boxing the other day went to see Paul Spadafora who was 48-0-1 fight for a championship belt. Overall was a great night the undercard was full of fights that were called as draws. The Main Event in my opinion sucked. I expected more from an undefeated boxer and it seems like he just didn't show up. If he had won the fight he would of been signed to Golden boy Promotions and been in line to fight Mayweather Danny Garcia etc.... With that said that amount on the line I expected him to come out swinging instead he was out boxed out moved and took hits the whole fight. So no Rocky Marciano record for him but I still respect him almost having 50 fights and losing only once. 

In a Relationship You are 100 percent a Team

Nope a Real Man is the first to lend a helping hand as her man her problems are just as much yours as they are hers It's our job as men to hold our woman up be supportive in all they do in life & nothing shouldn't happen to her that doesn't you first #GrownManThoughts

A Man With Vision needs a Woman With Direction!

Amen sometimes the realist person on your team is your woman she loves you when you are hated on she believes in you when you are doubted on and she pushes you towards your goals when you don't believe in yourself she sees in you what no one else does that's why she is the one.....

Truth Be Told

Yes nothing is better when you're on a mission in life than support and belief in your goals & dreams from that special woman in your life the little things go a long way and that support encouragement and love are remembered first when you hit the top 

Daaaaaamn AT&T snitching

9.2.2013, 04:13 PM AT&T helps DEA track suspected drug dealers with phone call dataEdouard H.R. Gluck/ASSOCIATED PRESS‘Subpoenaing drug dealers’ phone records is a bread-and-butter tactic in the course of criminal investigations,’ said Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Department of Justice.The feds have partnered with AT&T to reach out and touch alleged drug dealers.The phone company has been helping the Drug Enforcement Agency’s “Hemisphere Project” by providing easy access to its massive database, which contains 26 years of information and tracks 4 billion calls a day, records show.The government also pays AT&T to embed employees alongside DEA agents and investigators in locations around the country.The employees can quickly supply the investigators with subpoenaed phone data and help them track down dealers, the report said, adding that the project has been highly successful in following suspects who frequently switch cellphones.Some of the subpoenas are issued by the D…

Real Man-Ology 101 Off the Top of The Head Style Anything else?

*Be her support team *Pick her up when she is down *Hug hold kiss her when she needs it most  *Reassure her everything will be alright *Remind her that she is a great woman *Believe in her when nobody else does *Support all her goals & Dreams *Let the other females know you are taken *Don't just tell her but show her everyday why she is the "One" *Give 500 percent effort to your relationship  *Spend Quality Time with her *She is a Priority never just an option *If she has a problem if you love her it is just as much yours as hers *Let her know that as long as you are alive she will never have to do anything alone united we stand divided we fall but if we fall we rise together....
I'm @1Entrepronegro & not only did I freestyle this message but I approve this message protect your woman's mind body and soul and the the key protector to her heart. 

True Story!!

Very true people change things go wrong so that we learn to not only believe in ourselves but trust to trust our gut feelings and believe in ourselves. We have all been lied to cheated belittled but how you bounce back from negativity and hardships in life is really who you are not the person that those things happened to. 

What a Girl Wants & Needs

Sometimes what we learn about ourselves is the answers we've been looking for are right in our faces. With that said your woman wants that Good Morning beautiful text she wants to know she matters she wants to feel like she is the only one you  think of and wants to be your first thought of the day. Often in relationships we get comfortable and turn off the Romance once we have her but sometimes grabbing her giving her a passionate kiss puts her mind at ease.  Women usually over think everything so when you aren't doing something they think who is he doing it with so grab her let her know why she is yours in actions not words love honor appreciate her and spend each day showing why its her and no one else.

The 5 W's Of Life


The way you love the way you give the way you touch the way you walk the way you smile the way you laugh the way I get when I hear your voice when I see your face the way when I see your face it takes my breath away the way it should be the way it will be the way you support me in all I do the way I miss you when I'm not with you the way I yearn for your touch for your kiss the way I feel this cant be bliss the way I picture life without you and I'd feel incomplete the way I know I can't be apart from you or my heart would break the way I'd do anything and everything to keep you near the way I know I can't picture living without you here. The way I put your life before mine we can show each other love without valentine we don't need a holiday to show the world we love each other that we Are each other that we are one we are a unit a family a bond that no one can break I can't help but feel and know we build something great that no matter how hard it was tri…

Know appreciate & Love what you have before its gone!

Sometimes we get too comfy In a relationship and forget why we got the relationship in the first place if you lose your spark do whatever you have to to rekindle the fire to bring back that light in each others eyes cause there is nothing worse than figuring out what you had once its gone 

A real woman can do it herself but a real man won't let her!!

Amen a real man is the first to stand up & support his woman in all she does it's that simple if you don't believe in her who will? We are supposed to pick our women up not put them down or belittle them. With that said ladies you should put yourselves in that position to be picked up if you're always negative and looking for negativity how do you expect your man to be positive about you or your relationship?A real man will want to do these things for you without thought and effortlessly you just have to let him. Let the past go all we have is today and hope for tomorrow let that man hold you up while you golf him down instead of holding yourself down by overthinking EVERYTHING those who are in our everyday lives are there for a reason make them want to be there. 

A Real Man

As a man yes your lady is and should be your queen she is your universe she is the center of your attention she should never have to tell you she needs to be your main focus of attention she should know and feel that she is just that give your woman your time and devotion and faithfulness she will give you the world she will build you a kingdom just remember she's your foundation to build as a man with bricks that foundation must and will not ever be broken she deserves to feel like a queen and treated as if you would want to be treated she deserves the world..

Love?!! Part II

Love was just a word until I heard it from you it was just a saying you felt that you needed to say just to get the other person to get off your back but when I heard it from you the room was silent those were the only words I heard cause it was real it was genuine you gave me the kind of love I have always wanted but never received I was the man that every one gave up on but you believed in me when no one did you did not seek to bring drama to my life all you ever wanted was to bring me happiness joy and see a smile on my face..
But it's about you your happiness I'd like to think that I am and can become better at being your happiness your sane place in this world that's designed to keep us all insane. 
See love brings us together love brings us closer love makes us learn from our mistakes love makes us come to a common place a common ground love turns frowns upside down but what love does more than anything it forgives it cherishes our times together and gives us a bond th…

Thought of the Day inner beauty out shines exterior beauty

No matter how fine you are how big your booty or boobies are how tight your kitty is doesn't matter if you are the ugliest person on the inside I honestly feel bad for those with no self esteem who think they are ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside cause the media portrays you have to look act eat a certain way to be beautiful and that's not true there are way more beautiful on the outside ugly on the inside people than there is anyone else. What it comes down to is counting your blessings looking in the mirror and saying I'm beautiful I love me for me cause that is the only way anyone else is going to love you!!! Love yourself after all there is and will only be one you!

Where I'm at in my life!

I've recently found myself in self inflicted drama meaning I brought it to myself they say on a mission your worst enemy is idle time so I recently enrolled in online schooling double majoring in business leadership & entrepreneurship the reason being I'm a leader in my line of work now and intend to head up a successful conglomerate someday so my family doesn't need or want for a damn thing with that said I'm just to the point where I can't & won't do drama for those that really know me they know that we never really argued a day in our lives and recently it seems that's all I have done so I stopped and looked at my life like a outsider looking in & I analyzed the problem it stems from my current job & the years of bullshit that I have tolerated there that's why I initially got back into schooling I was seeking a new career path and bam A blessing from God school fell into my lap and I am running with it till my feet hurt. I applied to …

Not a Perfect Man But Perfect For You...

As men we aren't going to come out and say "Damn baby I wish you appreciated me more" I think we know that as long as we're on our jobs we know that we are very much appreciated but as your relationship coach I'm going to tell you that knowing and feeling appreciated and being told it every now and again makes us feel awesome it makes us want to conquer the world cause we know we have someone at home {Our Foundation} that believes in us believes in our cause and its the little things like that that separate you from the other women the thirsty on websites cause we know we have a good ass woman & that we aren't going anywhere so if he makes you happy you can't see life without him just tell him every now and again not everyday just when you feel it cause when it's forced that's when it's fake you can say you respect your mans hustle all day all he does but it also can feel non authentic.
Cause if he's out in the world working his ass off…

The Capricorn Man.....

The Capricorn man prefers to live by the rules. Extremely determined and goal oriented, he believes in following well-laid plans to achieve success. Frivolities don't appeal to Capricorn much, as he is very serious and practical about attaining what he wants most: respect, social status and financial security. He'll often lose himself in achieving his goals, but he'll do so with honesty, diligence and integrity.
The Goat is often a loner who permits few people into his inner circle, and many Capricorns are shy to boot. Because of Capricorn's suspicious nature, you'll have to prove your trustworthiness before he accepts you as a friend. Once you've accomplished this feat, a Capricorn man will be your loyal, dependable, supportive companion. If you ever break the bond of trust, however, don't count on getting a second chance. The Goat will move on and never look back.
The Capricorn man is often seen as cold and emotionally aloof, but this i…

Thought Of The Day!!

1. Make Peace with your past so it doesn't screw with your present so true when you bring the past present you are stuck in the past drink some prune juice & let the shit goooooooo!
2.exactly who cares what others think of you what matters to you and the world is what you think of yourself head high till you get a nosebleed 
3.Time heals it really does you have to be willing to let it and let things go some people hold on to everything and wonder why nothing in their lives changes move on be strong only time will tell but when you dwell there is no time cause you're stuck in he past 
4.if you haven't walked a mile in my shoes you can't pretend to know what I've gone through so don't judge me that's Gods job and stop comparing your life mostly your relationships to others any woman who portrays a perfect relationship isn't in one relationships require work the determination to be on a common ground and that's not always easy it takes patience. 


Love what is love love is unconditional love is forever giving love is being by someone's side when they are at their best just as we'll as being there at their worst love doesn't know color creed race or religion love doesn't know age love doesn't know a time and place for when you fall for it but when you do you do hard love is giving to someone in need love is learning a persons likes and dislikes love is letting go of things you love for someone else's happiness just to keep them happy love is putting their needs wants above your own love is believing in them when no one else does love is when you and that person you love are the only ones that matter in this crazy world love is the smile you get from your child when they see your face love is the smile they put on your face just from being in their presence love is hitting rock bottom and rising to the top together united we stand divided we fall Love is the willingness to push all bullshit to the side and…

A couple that Grinds Together Shines Together!

To me the grind is a terrible thing to waste it's everything when your life is hectic you have the grind mentality lets get this money with that said a woman on your side that matches your grind is perfect for an ambitious man it really is. We like to motivate and love to be motivated. It's that simple...I think that if we stand up united and work our asses off in life then once we hit our victory lap hand n hand we need to shine together. 
It's always gonna be about the hard work the dedication the motivation with me.  As a man there is always room for improvement and if you are not improving each day by becoming a better man then you are stuck! Get out your own way to become the best man you can be We must EVOLVE grind yes shine yes but without evolution we are all a mess!

Loyalty is Everything! A Gentleman's Guide

Listen I'm far from perfect but I do believe in love with that said I believe in staying loyal faithful & true in your relationship as I said I'm far from perfect but I had to learn the hard way not being on the same page can just be one major headache.

So it's my job as a gentleman to get inside my woman's head see where she is act because there is no reason to cheat with communication she can be everything that you feel you are missing in one person.

And to me that's the issue with cheating we feel we are missing something when in reality we are not we aren't missing a damn thing. That is when we as men just need to grow up be a MAN or don't be in a relationship it's that simple.

And when you are put on this earth and never really taught how to be a man or your role models weren't actually men themselves you have to learn the hard way.

What I've learned in my short time
On this planet is this if she loves you she LOVES you if she's hurt…

Real Women Walk in Purpose!

Amen this will be one of the many things I will teach my daughter never ever as long as you are a real woman do you have to chase anything in life except money!! When you have that light that glow that respect for yourself that respect for how you carry yourself all that brightness and following comes your way on its own!

No woman should ever have to chase a man he should be delighted and thrilled to be in your presence it should be his honor to be in your life.....

If you find yourself chasing a man you have to ask yourself why?!! What caused this and what do I need to do to change it?

Walk in purpose to me means not only walk in purpose but have a purpose in life a passion a goal a dream that you aspire to make a reality and I do believe when you're on a mission in life everything else falls into place!

Respect Value Yourselves command respect and it will be given to the utmost but also walk & stand in purpose..


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I just Wanna Love You.....

We've had our ups our downs but I just want to love you no relationship is ever perfect but when two people decide to put everything aside for love they can be perfect for each other they learn to put their own feelings and insecurities aside and learn to love one another again. 
If there were a handbook a guide on love I feel like it would say no one else matters but them so show them in actions not words there are gonna be people who don't want to see you two happy you two together but fight fight for what you love fight for what you believe in fight until your heart stops beating. 
I don't expect the perfect partner mate best friend in life I expect her to be her and for me to love her for her and let her know that she isn't just good enough she's perfect for me she completes me & that's all that matters "They don't know about us" they don't know the special bond we share they don't know the conversations we share they don't know …

Girl I know you want this diiiick Lmao!!

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Florida Son attacks moms boyfriend with knives and sword over missing can of shrimp lmaaao

What. That. Fawk?!?!Florida Man Attacks Mother’s Boyfriend With Samurai Sword Over A Can Of ShrimpVia OrlandoSentinelA Samurai sword-wielding, knife-throwing Volusia County man attacked his mother’s boyfriend over a missing can of shrimp Saturday morning, an arrest report said.Jayson Laughman, 34, of Deltona used a sword to break down a door and threw kitchen knives at family members after his mother’s boyfriend accused him of taking a can of shrimp, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.Laughman told deputies he didn’t remember everything that happened during the fight because he “went into code red and lost his temper,” the report said.Michael Airhart, 52, and Laughman had a “heated verbal argument” before agreeing to go outside and “engage in a physical fight” at the home they share located in the 700 block of North Firewood Drive at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.Laughman threatened Airhart with a statue, but the fight outside did not escalate past that, according to the report.Thi…

Logic To Live By #MondayMotivation

The past is the past including yesterday make peace with it and move on or in my words drink some prune juice & let the shit go what others think of you doesn't matter it's what you think of yourself and how you carry yourself that matters those people don't pay your bills!Time heals almost all but you must give yourself time to heal YOU are the reason for your happiness if you set your mind on being happy no matter what's going on around you then you will be happy!!!Moral is its your life live it you can't be concerned with the next person focus on yourself then the rest will come!

A Man with dreams needs a woman with Vision..

Yes!!! Nothing I do in my life do I want it to be ordinary & a ordinary man wants a yes to everything they say woman{Only in the bedroom for me😁}not this one I love and admire a woman who no matter what isn't afraid to be herself and pushes me the limit with making my dreams come true because your woman sees in you what you can't believes in you when everyone doubts you and is there for you when no one else is in sight #RealTalk #ThoughtsOfAGoodMan

Responsibility & Real Man Go Hand in Hand

Here's the mentality that I have that you need to grasp when I wake up in the morning start my daily grind I'm not doing it for me I'm doing it as the man of my family which I've been since I was around 9 years old. I'm that go to person in my family and just like the metaphor I used for my current career situation im the glue that holds it all together once the glue is gone its a wrap its up to me to do what I do do it well and not only represent my family but hold them down that is a responsibility I wear proudly and that's why there is always a smile on my face no one can take that away from me yes there are people who say you do too much of this too much of that but it's my responsibility to do just that!
And a real woman is gonna respect that love that admire that and cherish the time she has with you your work ethic inspires her the already inspired she knows that in due time you are all hers and she would much rather lose you and your time to work ove…

In order to prosper we must rid negativity

What are the rules of life go to school get educated when you're an adult you get a job there's just some of us that take our job more serious than most...With that said if you're a woman that wants to be with a real man you can never knock a man for working his ass off doing what he has to do to get where he wants to get. 
I'm sick of females saying you work too much you're a workaholic you won't have time for me blah blah blah 
Cause if I was lazy the same females be screaming get a job!
Real Talk nobody ever gave me anything I was raised to get my own & really who wants a man that is lazy if anything a good work ethic is an admirable trait do I like working 60 hours in a week hell no do I like paying my bills having a phone to blog from and lights to see my phone you're damn right. 
No real woman will ever have to ask a man to make her a priority but the ones that nag and say work is more important but say they want all this extravagant shit need to move…

A Real Man is a Woman's Best Friend!

He doesn't have time to belittle her or put her down cause he too busy lifting her up keeping her in good spirits cause he realizes that not only does she make his life easier but she completes him she is his equal his better half the other half of his heart!
When you're down a real man says the right thing to put a smile on your face instead of tearing you down his picking you up he's making you see things in yourself that you didn't know existed he believes in you he supports you and although the relationship may have its ups and downs he's there for you fighting for the two of you cause he knows that he needs you in his life just like his next breath!
The thing is a relationship isn't always gonna be peaches & Chardonnay it takes work it takes effort patience but most of all it takes your best friend and that is and always should be your man/woman you can confide in them your biggest dreams with your biggest fears without worry of it leaving that room!
A re…

Ladies You Are Worth it!

It does take lots of patience to be with a woman that is scorned but I do believe that it will be worth it in the end with that said ladies you can't talk yourself out of all you've hoped for all you've ever wanted cause of fear and I know I'm beating a dead horse but sometimes you go looking for things and that in the end will not be a healthy outcome if a man has stood the test of time it's time to start tearing dish the barricade brick by brick I'm not saying over night a month a year I'm saying when it feels right!

Cause guess what you are worth it I know you look see and feel something wonderful in your life and think wow I don't deserve this but here is the thing ou need to know not only does your man know you're worth it but he feels he's not worthy of you a smart beautiful sexy motivated real woman who has seen and been through it all just as you fear losing him he fears of losing you even more you are him you complete him his life and th…

Get Out Dwight Howard don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

Finally this coward is not a Laker and the Dwightmare is over Houston good luck I can honestly say that your team will never get a ring though cause D12 lacks what every Nba champion that's ever won a ring has & that's heart he's a soft mushy big ass cry baby he's had coaches fired and turned his free agency which for most is happy time into a drama filled soap Opera from the begging stay d12 billboards that were all over Los Angeles to countless celebrities and Lakers higher ups begging you to stay you only in the end proved what every real laker fan knew all along you don't now and never did deserve to wear the purple & gold I would rather us only win one game all next year than see you on my team again we'd be losing by 25 points and your bitch ass is smiling or ouch my shoulder shut up ya bish did you not see Kobe still make a free throw after he ruptured his Achilles?its called boss the fuck up unfortunately for you you don't have a boss bone in…

My Week 7/5/13 you can't f*ck with my Grandmama!LOL

First off when a dude says he owns his own business why do females wanna know what kind?Lol your ass ain't getting nada so don't ask and if I was to explain what I do most don't understand....
Is it that they are trying to holla and want to see if I'm a deadbeat?lol I could never live off a female never have never will so don't worry about wtf I be doing lol. 
With that said man oh man work work work all week but the highlight of the week was my grandmama having that song by the Time Jungle Love on repeat last night screaming oh we oh we oh lmao on top of a table?! Who can not appreciate a lady that's like 84 but talks and acts like she's 22 keep in mind I was driving her to work and her iPhone rang it was I love bad bitches that's my fucken problem LOL I said grandma what you know about ASAP she said "Kneegrow apparently more than you" lmao but yes then she went into that r.kelly home alone lmao she's too much so I woke up on her couch stuc…

Daaaamn got pulled over by a rent a cop again LOL

Anyone who has ever been to a mall knows they don't turn the escalators on before the mall opens well I have walked down them for like 4 years. 
Well I'm walking to my store and I hear "sir sir" after I came down them and its mall security saying there are barricades for a reason I'm not supposed to walk down them I say I've been doing this for 4 years well you aren't supposed to. Keep in mind I'm no morning person and I said "GO THE FUCK ON RENT A COP you ain't got to harass me over something so stupid"
The wild shit about it is that I'm like really cool with the head of security the one that actually walks around in a suit all day lol his punk ass just walked away I'm not no punk don't let the dress clothes full you I played football my whole life ill knock a rent a cop the fuck out hahahaha
 The best part about this altercation was my delivery it came out so fast so fluent and was instant without even thinking lmao! If they w…

What the Ladies need to Remember

Amen look in the mirror be happy with the reflection fuck society and what they tell you is sexy cause there's too many thirty kneegrows out here someone is going to find you sexy be happy with the woman you are find value in yourself and say I'm much more than my size and be proud of who you are only one life!

My Week 6/28/13

First off my black ass had to look at the iPhone calendar for the date yeah that kind of week lol!
Well I just want to say I have nothing against people and their sexuality and their preferences but me personally I have never ever been with a man and the thought never crossed my mind maybe cause I love to eat my woman's pussy so much or maybe it's the titties the way a beautiful woman looks in a dress I don't know but it never crossed my mind and never will. 
With that said I got a email this week from someone that looked like a female real Talk saying they were a man that cooks cleans deepthroats and is looking for a real man... I kept it classy I said you know one day you will find that good luck. 
I got a message back saying why can't you be that?I said ummm cause you're not a woman. Then I was told this person can do anything for me that a woman can do & that's where I stopped replying. 
No you can't you can't give me some juicy ass wet warm pussy on…

Thirsty Niggaz Que?!!!LOL

Where did this trend start?I have to say MySpace it has calmed down a lot but I must say I used to get a email a day like why my girl talking to you lol and that's where the thirsty trend started insecurity!Tom in that same white dingy tee at 47 it is all your fault lol!

But the main place I see thirst is Instagram lol and I can say some of the females do it for attention like I know one chick on there who's married and I said to her once beautiful pic & she replied I'm happily married & I had to break her down like evander Holyfield aka say bish ain't nobody looking at you so there are some females who want the attention but play it off like they don't and they in fact are thirsty AF profile be like taking by the best @such&such kik:juicyasspussy twitter:I want yo dick lol so them heaux need to kill themselves. 
But thirsty Niggaz wow just wow don't you know that women can smell desperation a mile away then they put yo ass on blast I've seen damn…

Treal Talk Thursday Not every woman is ready for a good Man!

A lot of women who say they are ready for a real man aren't always ready they are too used to the games the lies the cheating to recognize a real genuine man is in their presence.They also wonder why, why does this dude want me what's his motive what is he out to get. It takes a real ass genuine man to have the patience to be with a woman scorned cause no matter how good you are to her she's still gonna have the past in the back of her head. The reason I say it takes a real man is cause most men run at the first sight of drama or something they don't like. A real man is gonna be there by your side trying to understand. But don't you think that once he's stayed put up with a lot that he should be given the benefit of the doubt to not bring your past present?!Respect isn't given its earned and to never be broken so if your dude earns your respect is it that you just can't help yourself to overthink everything? I know a lot of scorned women think they don&…