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Rules of a Gentleman...In the bedroom part one!

Okay a woman is in tune with you mind & soul & wants to give you her body??Its crunch time Jordan 4th quarter in 92! Go hard or go home!!

First get into your woman's head know her loves and what she hates and basically do more and more of what she loves no limits if you take your time do it the way that she loves it she can be every woman that's in your phone times 5 wrapped up in one!!

And when pleasing your woman's body you come out the winner in the long run!

Me when it comes to sex I'm all about pleasing I like to go and not stop until my woman shakes and needs a binky like a baby lmaaaao!!

All jokes aside smack it up flip it rub it down like you just came home from a prison sentence and all that insecurity that most men carry in their heads will be non existing!

Women love good convo not having to take care of a grown ass man good food & multiple orgasms & that's a fact figure that out sooner than later!!

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How to keep a MAN?

I was just told that to keep
A man there's an okay to cheat rule if she knows within 24 hours no kids & no std's!!

And honestly from kneegrow to kneegrow that is the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life and is little boy shit!!

A real man has no time to cheat because he's busy trying to please his only woman through communication hard work &
Dedication I've said it many times if its worth having its worth fighting for & if you communicate with your woman she can be 150 women wrapped in one!!

When this idiocy was said to me I can only think this person doesn't value their body value sex & attracts bullshit men & with this mentality that's all you're going to attract besides the more sexual partners you have the more at risk you are to
Have a bunch of kids and std's...

In the words of the great mannie fresh you're my one & only lover and we don't have to use a rubber now look what we done did messed around and had some kids…

Dear Ladies Ima holla at the homie up above for ya real niggas got love for ya!!

We need each other!!

I was told that I basically contradict myself as to a woman not needing a man and saying that any woman that says she doesn't need a man is lying.....

Well let me clarify!!!

First off anyone whether male or female can do bad by themselves that's the truth

But when I say that a woman doesn't need a man I'm saying a woman does not need a man to
Feel complete or validate herself but she wants a man to compliment who she is and ultimately make herself better!!

I work my ass off personally from a mans point of view 60-70 hours a week and I honestly don't need anyone I'm very independent but still it is nice to have that person in your life to text and talk to
Throughout your busy day and basically pick you up when you're down and you can joke with and share with!!

If you have a person in your life that brings out positivity in your life makes you happy and you can see yourself living for and growing for that person then that's what you need in life!!

When I say a p…

I Adorn you!

You're like the gift that keeps on giving...The gift that I just want to stare at in the package but not open yet...You're the dessert that's sweet & you cherish each bite... You're the giver of life and the epitome of self respect hard work and the first teacher of children...In your essence you are at your best with no makeup on relaxing on the couch eating popcorn..

You're often taken for granted & not shown the respect that you deserve walked on trampled even in some situations have had hands put on you!

I just wanted to take time out my day to let YOU the REAL WOMAN know I Adore you!!


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Being a Real Man is a Choice....

It's your choice as a man be yourself or be the rest...


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Fuck Love?No Fuck the person who made you think like that!

And salute to the man that is MAN enough to stick around and change that part of growing up is evolution we need to evolve and as men we need to appreciate where our women have been to walk with them hand in hand on the journey they are about to embark on with the rest of their lives!

Although it can be tough to accept cause you are not her past A real man that actually cares is there through thick and thin and down to ride till the very end!!

Ladies instead of seeking the dude with the best ride the Flyest clothes seek the dude that makes your World better accepts you for who you are good or bad and is overall all about you!

You can't say fuck love until you have actually been truly deeply in love cause if you felt it just once in life you'd never say that!

Here's to the past to the ex's that made you bitter hurt you etc there is nothing better revenge wise than happiness and when we dwell on our past hardships it makes us only bitter!

Life is about learning to be better a…

No Facade all facts!!

No real woman should need a Man they want a man know your worth &
Never settle


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The truth about MEN!

I notice a lot of generalizations about men on Facebook! But the fact of the matter is a man is only gonna treat you how you allow them to treat you..

So when a general statement is made about m species how about you say the men that you deal with..

You cannot say all men are the same especially when your are the one sleeping with these dudes giving them money!

Have some self worth say in the mirror I'm worth it I'm a prize and never ever settle for less than what makes you happy and that may stop all the paragraph long statuses on Facebook and lets be honest negativity never attracts positivity if you have a negative outlook on all
Men cause of bullshit men you've dealt with that's only gonna make you the old bar lady that has 11 cats!!

Trust is never given it is earned your heart is what a real man wants to earn not a notch on his belt and your goal as a real woman should be able to decipher one from the other without pushing a real ass man away!!

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Social Networks & Relationships....

Look if you're one of those too much damn free time ass people that sits on Facebook to see what dudes/females comment on your significant others pics or status all day Get a damn life LOL

Seriously this person is in your bed all day all night piping you down every night you sucking they dick from the back every night and you're worried about what someone is saying to them?

Let me tell you why I get it human nature is jealousy but in my Kneegrowly expertise the person that is always starting fights about that shit is the one that is doing that shit!!

Speaking from a Man's perspective if you're a good man listen when she talks hold her when she needs held fuck her when she needs fucked or make love to her when she needs made love to what the hell you got to worry about you're doing your job if she wants to leave you for a bum ass nigga let her shell be back I promise you that!

Bottom line if you have nothing to hide aren't doing dirt then social networks don't b…

Know your Worth Ladies..


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Grown Man Bidness!!!

Listen this is my open letter to any man woman or child that wants to listen!

As a grown man you should not have the free time to worry about pay attention listen to rumors on what another man is doing!!

If you are doing what you are supposed to as a man whether in your relationship at your job or just in general you know taking care of your responsibilities what another man is doing is the least of your concerns!

Too much free time can be your worst enemy but when you're really on a mission set goals in your head and put hustle in your muscle to attain those goals you don't have time to worry about he said she said you don't have time for drama you don't have time to be thirsty!

Trust me you are a reflection a product of your grind and by this teenage mentality of thinking you need to flash money brag about what you have in order to attract the opposite sex you are setting yourself up for failure!

In the words of the dude who killed sonny in paid in full people can look at…