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My Rules of a Gentleman PartV

A gentleman knows that any man can have multiple women but loving one woman is the essence of a TRUE Gentleman

A gentleman can channel all the energy most men spend on chasing HEAUX and for 100 HEAUX he has 100 new ways to show the one he loves how deep his love is for her...

He knows its the little things that count besides get inside one real woman's head and she can love you sex you cook for you and love you unconditionally way better than all the women who lust you!

Don't make your girl jealous of other girls make the other girls jealous of your girl


Making love faces lol

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Ladies you gotta believe in you!

All women should love themselves not afraid to be themselves and shine in the face of those that thought they would never amount to anything by being themselves being you pays off most should try it for themselves!

Individuality is what makes the world go and real Women keep humanity going cause they are the givers of life they bring our children into this world the ultimate sacrifice of mind body soul they deserve a crown us in their corner as their men some quiet fuckin time & some quality lick before we stick time take a bow!


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My Rules of a Gentleman Part 4

Money...A gentleman should always have 2 things and they are both money in each pocket...

With that said if she was with you from a have not to a have got she should be the first to get reward her for her loyalty cause unlike new Heaux that want you for your cash and playing with your d*ck is just a distraction to reach for your wallet she loves rides and will die for the crust of you money is nothing to her she is just proud to call your black ass her man....


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My Rules of a Gentleman...Part three

Wanna know how your woman is a keeper?If she sits in silence has no idea what's going on and watches you play madden13 put a dam ring on her finger!!

This screams sacrifice she has no clue what's going on she just wants to watch you enjoy yourself WOW you should put a dam baby in her tummy lmaaao but true

The key to a mans heart is his food and his sports and if she's down to do those for you and is clueless f*ck yo couch f*ck yo homeboys and f*ck yo heart it's hers


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My rules of a gentleman part two...

Although it may take rehab some time at the gun range or multiple sexual eruptions whoooa lol A real man can admit when he is wrong sincerely apologize accept responsibility for his actions and learn from his mistakes a gentleman knows he's not perfect but perfects his craft daily through hard work dedication....

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My rules of a Gentleman...... Part one

Never ever base what comes out of your mouth to a gentleman with assumptions...

Being a gentleman is a choice you're not born one it is not handed to you it is something that you Strive to be better at everyday it is a full time job being classy never trashy a true gentleman doesn't care about your past he knows the present is a present a gift and if cards are played right on both ends he can be the future..

All men have penises but this does not make all men the same some men play the game some men are too busy to play the game some have ulterior motives some just want you to be their motive

Nothing is worse than sitting at home knowing you messed up a good thing with your definition of a good man based on assumptions

Any man even a gentleman's patience can only last so long

Carpe diem don't hold back then wonder what if.....


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This is 100 percent who I am!!

That's what it's all
About my life that is strive each day to be a better man than I was the day before learn from my mistakes hard work dedication no time for games I quit school cause of recess with the mentality that I'm better than no
One and don't want to be I just aim to be the best ME only so when I'm dead and gone those that loved me knew I was 100 percent authentic! I have my flaws I'm far from perfect but the biggest part of being a man is turning your imperfections into perfections!!


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Don't pick someone anybody can have!!

I think this has been my biggest downfall when picking a significant other.......

I seem to always attract the attention whores & most women do want attention from their man thats normal but im talking the oh you cant text me back within 2 mins what female you with im gonna post booty pics on instagram types LOL.

I am a firm believer in if you got it flaunt it but as I always say there are certain things that are for your man or womans eyes only..

I admire and appreciate exclusivity....

I am old fashioned in the sense that I do not want to share my woman with the world sure show how beautiful you are but this can be done with class elegance and sexiness with your clothes on!

Some may not agree but I feel that women who put themselves out there like that can be had by anyone point blank period so when they say to me I wanted to be yours but you didn't give me the attention I deserve...I chuckle to myself and delete the text message....

Cause a REAL WOMAN commands a mans attention wit…

Mission statement part two

Behind the nice smile handsome exterior laughs & constant jokes lies a gentleman that doesn't know how to be any other man than his own...No time to be any other man when you're improving on the one you are...If you respect me I'll respect you back 500 percent if you disrespect it won't be pretty...

With that said I wanna see those around me smile not cry laugh not cry I wanna see them shine not gloomy I promise to treat as if the way I want to be treated !

Walk with Me Now Fly With Me Later


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Dear Capricorn.....on point

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Welcome to Los Angeles Dwight Howard!

"in order to be a great leader you have to learn how to follow"
Dwight Howard

Great great start D-12 saluting Kobe and letting it be known its his team but you want to lead the franchise in the future let's get ring 17



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If you're happy I'm gonna be happy for you!

I tweeted last night about the dudes that say "your man ain't shit you need a real man" and as I stated a Real man doesn't have time to be checking up on what another grown man is doing nor does he care he's too busy getting his priorities in order to be worrying about what some chump is doing lol!!

And honestly it's mostly jealousy

If a person really honestly cares about you they wanna see you happy regardless if it's them you are with or not!

I just wish people learned to not take a good catch for granted cause most think oh they fine got a good head but they are single "what's wrong with them"

And honestly most people in this kind of situation are just numb to the bs and you only have one life to lead so why settle for anything less than the best!

Every pot has a lid anyone can get someone I just refuse to settle for someone and I'd rather have my ONE!

Built ford tough made to last with me and can whether any storm and that will fight for m…

Lady in my life part two

And baby through the years even when we're old and grey gonna love you more each day cause you will
Always be the lady in my life!!!!

MJ did his thing on this the ultimate love song to me this song embodies true love it's all about accepting your woman for who she is and allowing her to make you a better man as you make her a better woman and this song is a treasure that is priceless thank you!


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Love her mind body & soul.....

And you will honestly and passionately know what love is....Get inside her mind before you get inside her pants love her body for what it is curves and all perfections and imperfections kiss her all over show her she's the one and most of all she is the most beautiful woman ever to you!And by doing these things you love her soul and your souls should be joined as one and have eternal love!
This is REAL LOVE it's about accepting and loving for who they are not what you expect them to be!!!

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Just in case you missed it LOL!

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It's 2012 and people still??

Has anyone looked at the comments in the Obama iPhone app?Lol this man is running for president of the united states and people are putting haters
Gonna hate?lmao I chuckle at comments on apps....But the best are the racist ones it's amazing that it's 2012 and people are still afraid to be racist out loud let's be honest you hate what you fear.......

And ladies it's 2012 y'all still blowing up men's phones these days?NO WAIT no real woman has time to chase down a man......I was with my homie yesterday and this chick he barely knows what's blowing up his phone cause he couldn't text all day while at work?Any woman who doesn't want to support a man should be happy he's at work and not in the streets right?just call once leave a voicemail he saw your 15 calls and wanted to hide cause you were acting crazy!!!Act crazy after your about 25th time having sex! And you wonder why you can't find a good man?

And why oh why do people still have cell phone …

My Chargers to My city in 2013???HELL YES!!

If L.A. move will happen in 2013, Chargers are the most likely to go Posted by Mike Florio on June 30, 2012, 6:07 PM EDT Getty ImagesIf the NFL plans to return to Los Angeles in 2013, there’s only one team that can pull it off.
The Chargers.
A comparison of Sam Farmer’s Friday item in the Los Angeles Times regarding Commissioner Roger Goodell’s recent memo on the possibility of a move as soon as 2013 with the NFL’s relocation policy (a copy of which PFT has obtained) with the realities of the various stadium and ownership situations reveals that the San Diego Chargers (who actually spent their initial season in Los Angeles, losing the AFL title game to the Oilers) are the only team that currently can pull off a move by next year.
The Rams can’t leave St. Louis at the earliest until after the 2014 season.  The Jaguars must demonstrate three straight years of losses before being able to exit Jacksonville.  The Raiders’ lease situation is irrelevant, because (as we’ve previou…