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Givin Him Somethin He can Feeeeel...

I decided to name this entry after the great En Vogue Song

because the Lyric is givin him something he can feel to let him know this love is real!

with that said I know that the ratio of actual grown men compared to the grown men age is very low...

But the actual wifey types to the ones that say they are is even lower...

The Blueprint is this no matter how could it looks how sweet is smells dam you killing em in that lingerie if you're in a committed relationship that is for your MANS viewing pleasure only...

I had someone recently tell me that they are in need of a real man etc etc and they are very much wifey material I said ok heard this one before...

Hop online and dam if it was not for a little string she is dam near nekkid in her default on twitter?

so Let's look at the big picture here women are equally as sexy with their clothes on.
a Real grown woman commands your attention not demand...
what man is going to come at you with respect if your naked in your picture?

but your facebook says your tired of men asking you for sex?

okay I get it just cause you pose that stuff does not make you easy but you have to factor in that most us men are not as mature in the mind as you..

Most of us dick is our brain point blank when that is shown guess whats sending you the dm on twitter its not the dude in the avi its dick True Story..

There are a million and one ways to be sexy with clothes on if you think thats the only way then most of the time your insecure..

Where does the insecurity come from the past!!!!!

Do not get into a relationship until you are ready all you are going to do is take your past out on this man when it was not even him who hurt you yall just met...

and any man that is patient caring loving will do whatever he has to break your insecurity show you you are the one but he cannot do that with you posting naked pics online cause hes gonna get the ass then say eff this hoe...

A boy wants effort free sex a MAN does not want sex unless he has earned it it is for him only and a Man dam sure does not want the woman that hes sexing to have pics all over the internet....Your doing it for free at least get paid..

With that said does your need for attention take away from your character I think so because you could be the most wholesome person on the planet but when you portray yourself as wife material and are all naked online your the complete opposite of what you speak....

Guess what if you do get wifed up every time you get in a fight "you had all those butt nekkid pics online" is going to be brought up

so pick your side you either are or you are not part of being ready to be a wife is GROWING UP and if you can only command a mans attention with your body and not your brain then my friend your a lil girl who thinks shes a woman!!!

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Anonymous said…
And you will see, it's just a matter of time. This love will surely make you mine... sorry got carried away with the tune lol

I can't believe women are out there saying they are "wifey material". Maybe I'm just too old fashioned, but I believe it's really up to the man to determine if a woman is wifey material for him.

With that said, I would never claim to be wifey material. I'm not even sure I know what it means, because I see a whole lot of married women I wouldn't think of as being wifey material.

As always, you've got a point! When you talk about the woman with the sexy picture, then stating that she's tired of men asking her for sex. We teach people not only how to treat us, but also how to treat others.

I used to show a little cleavage in my pics, but have never been one to put it all out, and I don't even do that anymore. I realized that by showing off my assets I was inviting sexual conversations whether I wanted them or not. Now the only thing I show off is my beautiful smile. This does not mean that men still don't come at me with sex, because they do, and when they do, they get ignored.

Letting go of the past, I love this topic! I am big on change and very serious about my change. Letting go of the past has been a hard one for me, but I'm doing it. I'm no longer letting my past experiences into my present. I take things for what they are, and people for who they are. I will no longer look for someone to lie, cheat, hurt me, whatever it is. If they do, they do, but I'm not going to look for it.

Took me a long time to let go, but something happened a few months ago and it really woke me up. I decided then I never wanted to be that person again and I won't be. I'm not only letting go of past relationships, I'm letting go of all of the pain of the past. I will no longer blame myself for things I had no control over. I am more than the sum of events in my life.

I wake up every day and thank God he gave me the ability to choose to be a better person and make better decisions today than I did yesterday.

I may or may not be wifey material, but I AM a grown ass woman. I hold myself down, don't have time for anyone's drama. Work, education and family that's what makes me happy.

I think often what people fail to realize is you can't look to someone else to make you happy. You have to be happy with yourself first. As for me I'm not looking for anyone to make me happy, well honestly I'm not looking for anyone lol, he will find me when the time is right. Until then I continue on my journey of bettering myself in all ways. I love who I am and who I'm becoming.

I thank you for helping light my path, before you it was a long dark journey and I was holding a candle trying to see where I was going. Your blog has turned on the street lights for me, and I can clearly see all that it is I strive to be.


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