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Rules of A Gentleman from a Kneegrow Gentleman viewpoint...

First off you came from a woman so learn how to respect a woman...

Not all ladies are women I know I know but not all women are like the non lady's you know.

We as men get mad when we are compared to an ex boyfriend well this is the same yet worst.

See a real woman is in her own lane she has her own and to be honest you can learn a thing of 3 from her.

So in other words all our mother's tried to teach us was treat others the way we want to be treated.

This means show some dam respect.....

Especially to the mother of your child!

She cared for nurtured loved your child in her body for dam near a year.

This does not mean you own her,you cuss her you belittle her.

This means she deserves a dam crown she deserves the world she commands respect.

You fools gotta learn how to separate your woman from the HEAUX...

The HEAUX want something from you...

Your woman wants two things...well 3 quality time good sex & food that counts as one and R-E-S-P-E-C-T didn't you hear your mama sing…

iTunes Match

So last night I looked into iTunes match and figured out it is the expensive version of google music...Depending on what iPhone you have or iPad this may be worth it to you since your music stores no space on your apple product since iTunes match takes over your music player and all your music that's on your MacBook in iTunes is not accessible via iTunes match just open your music player on your iPhone iPad iPod touch and it's there without taking any space up so to me even though I have a 64 GB iPhone 4S and 64GB iPad 3 it's worth it cause I do games movies and I have a million apps check it out! 24.99 a year may be worth it in the end!

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My Take on The female dictionary....

Nothing forget it is 100 percent right that means you said thought or did something wrong and fix it ASAP or that's yooooo ass mr postman...Me personally you can't stay mad at me wrong and let's just have that make up sex #OkBye lol

Leave me alone can go either way it's either kneegrow leave me alone or kneegrow don't ever leave me... But sometimes we get on her damn nerves too.

I'm cold could mean cuddle but to me it means strip me and warm me up by putting the pipe down lol

I love you...When she says this she means this to the utmost your woman loves you more than you love yourself the good the bad the ugly she still loves your ugly ass period the end.

But you better and I mean better say it back like you mean it and show it like you mean it.

Last but not least are you tired?

This means she wants it I'm sorry no getting around it the only reason she's asking is cause your answer better be no or else your gonna be learning how to cook ramen noodles fluen…

Bedroom Body BoardRoom Brains...

This saying was brought to my attention last night and in a non thirsty fashion this is now my passion.

Think about it as a grown man this is what you want in your life.

I'll explain.....

Long day at work you've missed your woman all day you've barely texted cause you were both busy focused on a grip...You call on the way ask if she needs anything she says no you pull up to the house walk in & all you see is that bedroom body fully clothed curved perfect....

What do you think is about to go down?

No matter how hard your day that beautiful face that lovely smile and that perfectly curved body can make any day brighter... Go to Jared the end..

BoardRoom Brains

No matter who you are stupidity can be very annoying and nerve racking.

With that said last night you came home saw that bedroom body and putteth the smack down on it for 4 hours you're too tired to do it again tonight.

So you'll pull up to the house she's sipping moscato hands you a beer you sit down trade s…

Givin Him Somethin He can Feeeeel...

I decided to name this entry after the great En Vogue Song
because the Lyric is givin him something he can feel to let him know this love is real!
with that said I know that the ratio of actual grown men compared to the grown men age is very low...
But the actual wifey types to the ones that say they are is even lower...
The Blueprint is this no matter how could it looks how sweet is smells dam you killing em in that lingerie if you're in a committed relationship that is for your MANS viewing pleasure only...
I had someone recently tell me that they are in need of a real man etc etc and they are very much wifey material I said ok heard this one before...
Hop online and dam if it was not for a little string she is dam near nekkid in her default on twitter?
so Let's look at the big picture here women are equally as sexy with their clothes on. a Real grown woman commands your attention not demand... what man is going to come at you with respect if your naked in your picture?
but your face…

15 things a girl wants from her guy but won't ask for..

15 things a girl wants from her guy
but won't ask for:
1. Good morning/goodnight texts.
2. Pictures taken together.
3. Surprises, especially little ones.
4. Visiting & bringing her favorite
5. A hoodie with his scents all over it.
6. Really long hugs.
7. Slow dances.
8. Sincere compliments.
9. Singing her favorite song, even if
it's out of tune.
10. A cute stuffed toy to hug when
he's not around.
11. Real, deep conversations.
12. Nonsense but funny conversations
13. His "gentelmanliness."
14. Comfort and patience when she's
in tears.
15. Telling her how much you love her.

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Thought of the Week

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Happy Easter 2012

Hopefully everyone had a healthy blessed 2012 Easter this is the day of the celebration of our beliefs and the ultimate sacrifice..,,Thank the Lord for our health our blessings to live comfortably and last but not least another year to see an Easter!

Often we take life for granted and forget the true meaning of it!

It's about getting where we want to get through hard work yes

But it's also more do about the people we love the people we need and the new people in our lives

So take time this 2012 Easter and everyday to not only say you love the people you love but show them in actions your unconditional love!

God bless the child that can hold his own....

Twitter @1entrepronegro

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My letter to you Fellas with all this extra free time!

Lol you guys are comedians these days worried about the next man's shine instead of getting yours on?

I had a dude say last week that I dont have the money for such and such..Cause the economy is down lol!

Listen lil buddy I prayed for this so I'm made for this God has blessed me to be in the position to be able to work my ass off for all I want in life!

Once you get your foot in the door my mo is mash till its kicked all the way down...

It's not about having all this money etc it's about the hard work before the celebration

If you put your heart in it all the way not half assed eventually that hard work will pay off

I don't care if you hate on me 25/8 367 but respect my hustle because unlike you dudes with tons of free time my heart is in what I do I love what I do and this work ethic will be instilled in my kids someday!

See I don't do what I do for Heaux or to get pussy like most of you kneegrows I'm doing this cause one day I'm gonna have a family and I w…

Blue IPhone 4S conversion

So I got tired of the plain old black iPhone 4s my iPhone 4 is white so I did the conversion
I hear the parts are cheaper made etc etc but so far so good I mean if you drop your phone it's gonna break either way! So I'm here to cosign the conversion kits I'll keep y'all posted I'm changing my white iPhone4 from white to red next pics coming....

Any questions twitter @1entrepronegro<<<<

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The when dealing with a Grown Man checklist do's and dont's

Never ever be needy!
Especially if you haven't put the p*ssy on his moustache yet imagine the wtf face times 5 when he reads your needy text! Lol

Don't knock his hustle...The phrase "All you do is work you don't have time for me" fucks me up everytime...Most who say this want extravagant boss like shit but don't want a man to work for it?sit your five dollar ass down before I make some change! Would you rather me chase paper or heaux??

If you can't cook learn to watch the food network all day and can't make a samich??
You're not applying yourself....Let's be honest your cute sexy as fuck but I'm probably gonna eat more than we fuck let's be for real! Lol

Let's not air our bidness on social networks I know your bored but dam does the world need to know we're fighting cause you made a sloppy egg salami samich?child please

Hello stranger text are unacceptable if you know your dudes at work y'all chopped it the night before a hello s…