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I've been neglecting my blog so walk with me now FLY later.....;

What up world it's been a busy busy 4th quarter for me the busy retail Entrepronegro I am lol

So the holiday season was a success I beat my sales figures last year by 50k

And last year was considered a success so that's a win win

Had a crazy employee that was older with multiple personalities lol that made life he'll cause she was full time lucky for me early January she just walked out cause her hours got cut lol

Had a nice bonus for December so I finally bought a MacBook pro cash $$$$$ lol

The iPhone 4S jailbreak is out yet buggy......

I upgraded my Verizon droid and I'm now rocking the Samsung Galaxy Nexus...

Amazing phone probably the best I ever had yes better than my iPhone it's big but it's bad and the 4G speeds are insane when downloading.

Overall just been keeping busy this is slow time commission wise so I'm just recovering from my 50-65 hour work weeks all November & December....

Ps who's coaching my lakers cause it's dam sure not Mike Brown?Lol

And people in El lay stop the lob city is better than the lakers bs y'all are worse than a nagging girlfriend haha!

Last but not least new years resolution

To do all I want to do when I want to do it

Stay fresh even if its at mcdonalds drive thru

Always stay true to myself....

And last but not least get engaged

Put your mind to it you can do anything

Stay tuned......

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Anonymous said…
Nice to see you blogging again! I've missed it. You better rest up while you can, because you've got some record to break for next year! That's awesome! Employee with multiple personalities huh? I bet you have some good stories to tell lol


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