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I've been neglecting my blog so walk with me now FLY later.....;

What up world it's been a busy busy 4th quarter for me the busy retail Entrepronegro I am lol

So the holiday season was a success I beat my sales figures last year by 50k

And last year was considered a success so that's a win win

Had a crazy employee that was older with multiple personalities lol that made life he'll cause she was full time lucky for me early January she just walked out cause her hours got cut lol

Had a nice bonus for December so I finally bought a MacBook pro cash $$$$$ lol

The iPhone 4S jailbreak is out yet buggy......

I upgraded my Verizon droid and I'm now rocking the Samsung Galaxy Nexus...

Amazing phone probably the best I ever had yes better than my iPhone it's big but it's bad and the 4G speeds are insane when downloading.

Overall just been keeping busy this is slow time commission wise so I'm just recovering from my 50-65 hour work weeks all November & December....

Ps who's coaching my lakers cause it's dam sure not Mike Brown?…

Jailbreak iPhone 4S finally out

You need the program absinthe on your Mac it's coming for pc soon I read there are crashes on some apps often but overall it's good to
Finally be jailbroken on iPhone 4S it also works on the iPad 2 but I'm still jailbroken on 4.3.3 lol on that....

Hopefully app updates like bitesms will stop the crashing but overall it works just like previous jailbreaks!


Like I said on twitter if the people in your circle aren't making boss moves aka holding you down always being negative always knocking you down when your up cancel that b*tch like niño you only have one life to live and you're here for a reason so take full advantage.

2012 is new it's time to live a new life get from being stuck in the past live for NOW

Life is short if you're being held back from getting where you want to get MOVE ON

It's all about doing what you gotta do to get where you want to get.

You're never to old to change but you hate to wait till your old to change.

There is no better opportunity than the PRESENT

After all the PRESENT is your gift.

Think of those gone in jail for life that never ever will have your chance again

Carpe Diem

Just cause you love someone and they love you doesn't mean they earn the right to hold you back.

A real LOVE has your back your front your middle 500 percent

They pick you up not hold you down

And if they do hold you…