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You Bring Out The Best Of ME!!

Cause you are the best baaaaby!! Walk in singing Tyrese n shit...

As a Capricorn man I'm dam near impossible to read or understand honestly I wake up and I'm money motivated after making sure my family & REAL friends are good..To me that's what life is all about we can't take money with us so it's not everything but a MAN needs money to be able to provide even though a Capricorn man is attracted to a woman with her own and goals!!!

Basically what it comes down to for me is a woman in my life I can't live one day without and if u do she's on my mind hard I'm on hers I like a woman that brings out the best of me and I do her because in order to have a strong relationship you have to withstand a little rain trials tribulations and accept them for who they are point blank period..

See that's what it's all about you her nothing else matters you don't care where she's been you just want to be on the path with her hand & hand walking with …

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces XIII

It's the morning after Christmas we just had the most amazing night a night of talking good food good sex good head good orgasms we fell asleep together there's one catch were both still naked and I'm still in you I slept inside you yes it was that good...

So I wake up and see you passed out still wrapped around my dick I pull it out and start to finger you deep I want to wake you up you just smile and eyes still closed and don't wake up so I pull it out and get down and start to lick you all over you are still passed out dam last night was mad real huh? So I start to stroke my dick while I stare at your sexy body it gets hard and I slide it in you nice and deep and keep going slow you open your eyes look down as see my big dick is in you deep and you hear the gush noises your pussy makes as I go in and out and you smile and say "You Freak FUCK ME hard" so I start to grind while you grip my ass and pull me in your deeper you are so stretched out your pussy fit…

A Real Man Doesn't care where you've been but where you're going as his woman!

DNA means nothing a father figure is a father figure any man with a dick can make a child but that doesn't make him a father & if you're blessed to be in the presence of a real mother honor cherish love respect and most of all LOVE her!!For her shes been through it all seen it all...Being a mother is a gift and being in the presence of one is a blessing she puts her family above all and that's what you want & need when you're building any woman with good ovaries can be a mother but a real woman can be the mother the matriarch of the family you're building and not only is she your heart but she is your soul and on your mind as she deserves to be shout out to the moms that put family their kids their man above all and respect to th fellas that let them know everyday that they are appreciated a good woman is your rock pick her up put her on the high horse she deserves love honor and cherish her unconditionally and she will not only bring your children to the …

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces XII

It's Sunday night my serious gym lifting night after cardio during the day the whole time as I bench you in my mouth all over my house is on my mind so I hop in my car headed home with Ursher Daddy's home blasting on my system you are at my house sleeping from our last session....

So I creep into bed and start to strip you....

You move a little but don't wake up I get your panties off the head to my dresser drawer inside are my handcuffs so I cuff both your hands so you can't use them and politely start to eat your pussy and hold it open while I lick you from the back I have your hands cuffed behind your back so I'm in complete control I wake you up by smacking your ass with one and and hard dick in the other hand I come over and make you open your mouth and take me all the way in as you gag and choke a bit I pull it out grab you by your hair and pull you to the edge of the bed ass up face down so I can stand at the edge of the bed & do whatever I want so I start…


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Why there is no Black People emoji's

See what had happened was the china man that created emoji heard about the myth of the black dick & decided to pimp his wife out to Leroy from Watts am bam she's in love with black dick LOL

See they are highly upset that when I do number 2 that my shit is hitting the water dipped in the water in fact so that's why there are no kneegrow's in emoji its racist but it all comes down to dicks who has the biggest dick in the room and in most cases when a nigga whips it out during broad daylight out it becomes dark!!!LMAO

I'm @1Entrepronegro and I approve this message


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Handsome Ass Fuck Faces XI...

It's one week till Christmas and you invite me out Christmas shopping with you to help you pick some gifts out...

As we stumble passed Victoria's Secret I remind you how you in the tight tight leggings from there gets you the dick every time lol.

So you grab my hand and pull me in the store we are in the boy shorts section and I see these purple lace that would look perfect on you and say hey you need to buy these as you found some pants that you weren't sure would fit you grab them out my hand and head to the dressing room....

You crack the dressing room door And I see you no top on just wearing the purple lace boy shorts I slide through the door and start to grab that sexy ass dam you look so sexy!!!

I say take these off we didn't pay for them yet so as I'm pulling them off you are watching me in the mirror in the dressing room and get so turned on so I bend you over face first in the mirror so you can see your face while I lick your Pussy you start to moan loud th…

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces X.....

It's Tuesday night I've had a long day you invite me over for a nice home cooked meal of course I am on my way I say I walk in you look beautiful as you cook I give you a kiss.... You check what you're cooking and I come behind you and start to kiss your neck and bite on it a little you're rubbing your ass on my dick as I kiss your neck I pull your tight yoga pants down and start to play with it you tell me I better stop before I get in trouble....I slide your thong to the side and start to tease it just dipping the head in then pulling out...As you bite your lips I grip you up and place you on the kitchen counter you pull your thong all the was over and start to play with yourself as my tongue enters your tight wet hole and as you stroke your clit I like and hold it open lick again I turn you over ass up face down & start to lick you again really getting into it my face is buried in you from the back as I come up for air I bite your ass softly and dive back in as …

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces IX....

It's make you moan Monday you text me and tell me the door is unlocked for me when I get off work at 11 so I sneak in the house quietly don't want to awake you I go to the bathroom and take a shower and gentleman comes to bed fresh after a long day the shower is hot and steamy I glance thru the steam and see you in the corner of the bathroom rubbing yourselves looking at me I peak out and see your nipples are hard hmmm you sexy dirty little bad girl I say so I get out the shower leaving it on water dropping from my body I grab you by your hair and bend you over and start to spank your ass on one knee your getting hot and bothered you like it rough you say harder harder I stand you up pulling your hair and take you in the shower bending you over again I start to lick you all up and down your back I get to your ass again as water leaks down it smack it again then bite it a little bit it's so sexy....I stand up bend you over abs start to smack my big hard dick on your ass rub…

Why do men search when they are already rocking with the best??

One of my Instagram followers posted this and I had to share and my take on this is most of us men don't realize what we have till it's gone and a lot of us think dam what are we missing as far as the chase the out in the club the running the streets etc!!

And from my perspective it's like this one real genuine woman is better than 1009 females in your phone if you take the time to know your woman inside out get in her head before her bed conquer all her doubts her heartache her disbelief if you knock all barriers down and love your woman wholeheartedly then she can be 1,000 women in one but you have to go into the relationship with the mentality like its your last like she may be your wife someday that's the only way to get passed yourself & that's most men's issue is getting out your own way stop downgrading cheating its not even about looks cause a female that holds you down was there from a have not to a have got puts your feelings ABOVE her own deserves…

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces Part VIII

It's the late night tip on Sunday December 16 2012 I'm watching the 49ers vs Patriots and my doorbell rings I open the door it's you in a skirt no panties and stilettos you kick my door open grab me up kiss me throw me to the ground you rip my polo pj's and boxers down and start to stroke my dick before you slide it in your mouth you get it rock hard dripping wet as you spit on it and suck it you stand up lift your skirt up to tease me bend over and start shaking it in my face before you start to grind it on my hard wet dick just as I can't take it anymore you stand up say not yet and squat on my face and smother me with your pussy fucking my face like its my hard dick and you say I can stop licking till you fuckin cum so you grind my face harder and faster in & out as you rub your clit as a puddle starts to leak down my fave you jump up grab my dick and slide it in you grinding it riding it while I palm your ass & smack it the lights are on so as you are s…

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces Part VII

In the thundering rain......

I surprise you come to your house about 11:11 pm on Friday night and say hey let's take a ride & listen to some music you hop in I have that Kendrick Lamar & Drake Poetic Justice playing loud it sounds so good on my system as we take off you reach over and start to kiss me and then kiss my neck while I drive I unzip my zipper you start to stroke it its hard instantly so you climb over from the passenger seat and sit on my big thick hard d*ck and start to grind to the beat its all the waaaaay in deeeeep and feels so good as it reaches places its never been before you start to scream as the music is still playing loud...

I can't think straight and pull over it's pouring rain outside and dripping rain in between your thighs you have some of your cum leaking down your legs I lick it up grab your hand and we take it to the outside of the car I lift your skirt no panties on and put you on my knee on the hood of my car & start to spank you d…

From my heart to yours...

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Gentleman talk it out not hit it out...unless in the bedroom :-)

Amen no man should ever by any means lay his hands on a woman that takes away all your rights to call yourself a man in my opinion unless it's on some in the bedroom fist full of hair fist full of ass she came first I came last kinda ish!!

We were made with superior strength for a reason to be the rock to our women the rock of our family and our women are the foundation and you can't build a home a temple a body of work with a cracked foundation pick your women up not tear them down that should be the mentality of any gentleman.....


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Success is the ultimate Revenge!!

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Handsome Ass Fuck Faces VI....

So I grab you by your hand take you outside the car and bend you over the hood and without question slide right in start to go in and out deep with each thrust I go deeper all the way in every inch then out and back in you start to moan and get more and more excited each time I go deeper...As your leg starts to shake I get down on one knee and start to taste you again I caught you just in time as you release some sweet juices! It's starts to drizzle rain I stand up and kiss you passionately as I lick the raindrops off your body it starts to rain harder we keep going I go down on you again and lick the drops as the rain leaks in and out your nicely f*cked pussy I stand up slam you on your back on the hood of the car and dive in again I'm grinding and grinding pleasing your whole body I have your legs up over my head gripping your ass your are gripping mine pulling me all the way in I'm soooooooo deep in you that I can barely move my thickness is hitting your spot we just gr…

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces V.....

It's been a week & a half 2 weeks since we've had private time I've been in grind mode & you've been putting in overtime at the office so I surprise you and I'm waiting at your car Friday night after work wearing my TGIF smile ear to ear I hop out the BMW & give you a huge hug & kiss and I tell you in a commanding voice get in and you're driving.... I tell you to make a left and hop on the freeway as I whisper in your ear how did I know you would wear a skirt today I reach my hand up your shirt pull them out the bra and start to caress them slow as I lean over one in my mouth my hand on the other I say baby you feel stressed long week let me relieve that I start to tease you one finger in you as I butterfly lick your nipple you start to quiver with excitement I pull your thong to the side and start to butterfly lick your p*ssy you're dripping wet & taste so good I keep going in and out with my tongue you tell me I'm about to wreck yo…

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces IV

It's the next day I texted you good morning beautiful and you say you can't wipe the smile off your face & that no man has ever made you cum as many times as I did last night and that you're in love lol...I reply how about I really make you fall in love!!

So it's about 11:15 in the morning and I walk into your office with flowers in hand & as soon as I see you I throw the flowers on the ground & run up to you attack you and start to kiss you passionately I rip your dress open and start to suck on your chest your nipples are so hard and your so excited I turn you over and bend you over your desk as I rip your panties down and start to tease you with the tip of the d*ck rubbing it on your dripping wet lips I then bend down and start to taste you you immediately start to shake from pleasure I'm so turned on I get up and slide it all the way the f*ck in from the back your cream starts to ooze out all over my d*ck in and out out and in everything that was on …

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces Part III

So you're completely naked dripping sweat I pulled you on my face as you squat I have one finger in you & my whole mouth my tongue is going back and forth tasting your sweet juices I pull you closer to smother me with your p*ssy hmmm you taste so good as you grind & f*ck my face in and out you start to scream my name & that you are gonna cum at the top of your voice you start to shake then are completely still and then start to shake uncontrollably again as you cum for me my face is a hot sticky wet mess I love it you can't move your body is in complete heaven....

So I pick you up and lay you on your back I start to rub it all over you juices are still dripping out of you......You grab me and slide it in inch by inch I'm sooooo hard that you start to shake again as you watch my d*ck slide in & out your wetness to slow rhythmic grinds in & out dam it looks so good in there you say it's slides out cause your so wet as it does you squirt I lean down to …

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces Part II

There is no way I can stop bringing you pleasure turns me on so much so I go to a slow rhythm pace increasing the speed with each lick going deeper & deeper you moan your fingers rub all over my head you feel and taste so good my d*ck starts to grow and grow harder you reach for it & say you want it in you f*ckin now but it's my night I'm in charge NO you've given your body to me totally I want to take it places its never been I say! So I put you down bend you over smack your sexy ass unzip my zipper and start to smack it off your ass so you can see how hard you have me!! I get on my knees and Bury my face in you from the back you scream my name in pleasure as you hold it open my face buried deep in you... You start to shake I go deeper and deeper you pause then go into a convulsion your body lets go you shake and my face is a puddle I love it I'm so turned on I grab your neck and start to kiss you with passion nice long slow tongue kisses you taste your sweete…

Handsome Ass Fuck Faces Part 1...

It's been years since we last talked we went our separate ways but for some reason our bond is unbreakable you tried to move on but can't you send me a text & say please come take what you want I want you to have it & of course my reply was "Dam Right" on my way!!!

So I pull up to your house knock on the door like the police cause I want you so f*ckin bad you crack the door say its locked and if I want you bad enough break the door down....

So I break your lock and door as I bust in attack you kiss you passionately until I can't take anymore I'm rock hard I rip your clothes the f*ck off and start to
Explore your whole body with my tongue with slow kisses and licks until I get to your panties and I rip them off bend you over and bury my face deep inside you as you start to moan and shake a little bit I hold you open and go deeper and deeper with my tongue I lift you up against the wall and bury my face inside you again I tell you "I'm not stoppin…

A confident Woman!!

To me a confident educated goal oriented woman is the cream of the crop it doesn't get better she has been through it all defied all odds turned her doubters into believers made all her past trials and tribulations learning experiences and doesn't live or dwell in the past....

She's seen her share of lies and heartache but it motivated her to never ever settle for less than what she knows she deserves! She's still standing head high no matter what she's been through.

She has self worth she didn't listen when that scrub told her no one old ever want her she's too ugly she's fat she knows she is beautiful inside and out!

She knows she's not perfect but like a real man works everyday to perfect her craft!

Most of all she's herself whether you like it or not she's who she is take it or leave it!!

See Ladies I know how the insecure mind works and it was probably a man who walks talks & acts like me that made you feel that way but look past your i…

Things a Grown/Real Man doesn't have time for!

Lies.....Listen a real man would rather break your heart to your face than lie behind your back liars are cowards and are not men...

If we're in a relationship with you it's all or nothing you won't see us hugged up in a pic talking about its our sis you won't find panties that aren't yours at the crib and you won't have to sit home and worry what we do when we aren't with you if you are in a relationship give 500 percent or get out of it main job as a man besides Laying the pipe right and holding our woman down is to
Make it so she never wants another man again and this starts with telling the truth cause a good percentage of women think all men are liars that aren't shit and can't keep the dick in the pants and out for themselves only!!

A real man realized its about we not him and he likes sleeping peacefully at night!

Hard work & dedication is a real mans staple in life and relationships may be hard work but are much more rewarding when you'r…

A real Man holds you down by any means!

This is what it is all about right here if you have a man in your life that is dead weight weighing you down no matter how hard it may be to let go you have to!

A real man should hold you up pick you up make you feel like you're on top of the world! And know relationships aren't always perfect they are work but it's all about being one being a unit and being never ignorant getting goals accomplished through good communication effort and most of all respect!

If a real man respects you all this comes natural he wants to
Earn the right to be the man that comes home to you provides for you and loves you unconditionally and he won't see this as a burden but an honor


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Mind Body Soul Fuck Faces...

Your woman is insecure especially if you're a good man so what better way to reassure her than to rip her pants off lift her skirt pull her panties to the side & let her sit on your face the ultimate pleasure if you're doing it right it's all about pleasing!

Let her work your tongue in and out out and in until she can't take it anymore and is forced to shake like she's never shaken!!

Slow hard grinds for the finale can't take it back it's too late she reached the climax!!

My Rules of a Gentleman this Defines a Gentleman!!

To me this epitomizes what a gentleman is all about from a moral stand point!!

To me when in a relationship being a gentleman is all about selflessness not selfishness!!

Most men case in point when in the act of sex are all about themselves getting theirs rolling over and passing out!

And I don't care how tired you are the bedroom is one of the best places to act out your acts of selflessness it's not about you in a relationship it's about her...

Know your woman know her worth not all women deserve this kind of attention and time but if she doesn't deserve it why are you with her?

The sooner you realize the happier your woman is the happier you are as a man the better!

Have a great day beautiful how was your day? Babe I miss you when genuinely said can make your woman's bad day that much better!

It's little acts of selflessness that will keep your woman's panties wet from summer to when Santa comes down the chimney!

The decision is yours if you're not In a rela…

Throwback Thursday

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The "Foundation" of A Real Man

As a real woman is the foundation to a relationship a Real Man has a foundation

It's all in how he was raised his values and whether he listened to what was instilled in him!!

Any real man's "foundation" starts with his family in often very currency motivated but I realized long ago it's Family first everything else only after God!

A real man also reads often and stays up on current events you cannot progress in life and be blind to what is going on around you!!

But the most important base of a real mans "foundation" is his heart hes often tempted to give it freely but doesn't his heart was molded from his mothers womb out of love and if taken care of properly he can share his heart with everyone in the world freely through his action his service to the community & commitment to excellence but more importantly with the person he chooses as his significant other because any real man would treat her heart like its his own and vice versa because two h…


1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his family first.

2.) A REAL MAN RAISES HIS KIDS, not JUST out of pocket either.

3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself.

4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN.

5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises

6.) A REAL MAN calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck.


9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you.

10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you.

11.) A REAL MAN comes over just to watch movies with you.

12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because.

13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real.

14.) A REAL MAN should be treated like one.

15.) A REAL MAN doesn't ask questions…

Instagram flagged this as inappropriate???

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This is a Good MAN!!

To me though a real woman doesn't assume these things she commands them by knowing her worth & letting it be known that she will not settle for less than the best!!

Your man should appreciate you never disrespect you never lay hands on you if you have children accept them as his own cause any real man wants to be your present and your future and will not hold your past against you and accepts & loves you for your past as much as the here & now!! He loves you the way you are imperfections and all and doesn't feel the need to change you for anything!! When you need it he prays with you lays with you and holds you tight and is the first to pick you up when you are down!! He puts your own needs above his own he respects your beautiful mind body & soul he will protect you wholeheartedly whether it's financially making you feel safe at home and most of all by never ever cheating on you and most of all he will inspire you encourage you to be the woman that you want…

Rules of a Gentleman...In the bedroom part one!

Okay a woman is in tune with you mind & soul & wants to give you her body??Its crunch time Jordan 4th quarter in 92! Go hard or go home!!

First get into your woman's head know her loves and what she hates and basically do more and more of what she loves no limits if you take your time do it the way that she loves it she can be every woman that's in your phone times 5 wrapped up in one!!

And when pleasing your woman's body you come out the winner in the long run!

Me when it comes to sex I'm all about pleasing I like to go and not stop until my woman shakes and needs a binky like a baby lmaaaao!!

All jokes aside smack it up flip it rub it down like you just came home from a prison sentence and all that insecurity that most men carry in their heads will be non existing!

Women love good convo not having to take care of a grown ass man good food & multiple orgasms & that's a fact figure that out sooner than later!!

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How to keep a MAN?

I was just told that to keep
A man there's an okay to cheat rule if she knows within 24 hours no kids & no std's!!

And honestly from kneegrow to kneegrow that is the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life and is little boy shit!!

A real man has no time to cheat because he's busy trying to please his only woman through communication hard work &
Dedication I've said it many times if its worth having its worth fighting for & if you communicate with your woman she can be 150 women wrapped in one!!

When this idiocy was said to me I can only think this person doesn't value their body value sex & attracts bullshit men & with this mentality that's all you're going to attract besides the more sexual partners you have the more at risk you are to
Have a bunch of kids and std's...

In the words of the great mannie fresh you're my one & only lover and we don't have to use a rubber now look what we done did messed around and had some kids…

Dear Ladies Ima holla at the homie up above for ya real niggas got love for ya!!

We need each other!!

I was told that I basically contradict myself as to a woman not needing a man and saying that any woman that says she doesn't need a man is lying.....

Well let me clarify!!!

First off anyone whether male or female can do bad by themselves that's the truth

But when I say that a woman doesn't need a man I'm saying a woman does not need a man to
Feel complete or validate herself but she wants a man to compliment who she is and ultimately make herself better!!

I work my ass off personally from a mans point of view 60-70 hours a week and I honestly don't need anyone I'm very independent but still it is nice to have that person in your life to text and talk to
Throughout your busy day and basically pick you up when you're down and you can joke with and share with!!

If you have a person in your life that brings out positivity in your life makes you happy and you can see yourself living for and growing for that person then that's what you need in life!!

When I say a p…

I Adorn you!

You're like the gift that keeps on giving...The gift that I just want to stare at in the package but not open yet...You're the dessert that's sweet & you cherish each bite... You're the giver of life and the epitome of self respect hard work and the first teacher of children...In your essence you are at your best with no makeup on relaxing on the couch eating popcorn..

You're often taken for granted & not shown the respect that you deserve walked on trampled even in some situations have had hands put on you!

I just wanted to take time out my day to let YOU the REAL WOMAN know I Adore you!!


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Being a Real Man is a Choice....

It's your choice as a man be yourself or be the rest...


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Fuck Love?No Fuck the person who made you think like that!

And salute to the man that is MAN enough to stick around and change that part of growing up is evolution we need to evolve and as men we need to appreciate where our women have been to walk with them hand in hand on the journey they are about to embark on with the rest of their lives!

Although it can be tough to accept cause you are not her past A real man that actually cares is there through thick and thin and down to ride till the very end!!

Ladies instead of seeking the dude with the best ride the Flyest clothes seek the dude that makes your World better accepts you for who you are good or bad and is overall all about you!

You can't say fuck love until you have actually been truly deeply in love cause if you felt it just once in life you'd never say that!

Here's to the past to the ex's that made you bitter hurt you etc there is nothing better revenge wise than happiness and when we dwell on our past hardships it makes us only bitter!

Life is about learning to be better a…

No Facade all facts!!

No real woman should need a Man they want a man know your worth &
Never settle


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The truth about MEN!

I notice a lot of generalizations about men on Facebook! But the fact of the matter is a man is only gonna treat you how you allow them to treat you..

So when a general statement is made about m species how about you say the men that you deal with..

You cannot say all men are the same especially when your are the one sleeping with these dudes giving them money!

Have some self worth say in the mirror I'm worth it I'm a prize and never ever settle for less than what makes you happy and that may stop all the paragraph long statuses on Facebook and lets be honest negativity never attracts positivity if you have a negative outlook on all
Men cause of bullshit men you've dealt with that's only gonna make you the old bar lady that has 11 cats!!

Trust is never given it is earned your heart is what a real man wants to earn not a notch on his belt and your goal as a real woman should be able to decipher one from the other without pushing a real ass man away!!

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Social Networks & Relationships....

Look if you're one of those too much damn free time ass people that sits on Facebook to see what dudes/females comment on your significant others pics or status all day Get a damn life LOL

Seriously this person is in your bed all day all night piping you down every night you sucking they dick from the back every night and you're worried about what someone is saying to them?

Let me tell you why I get it human nature is jealousy but in my Kneegrowly expertise the person that is always starting fights about that shit is the one that is doing that shit!!

Speaking from a Man's perspective if you're a good man listen when she talks hold her when she needs held fuck her when she needs fucked or make love to her when she needs made love to what the hell you got to worry about you're doing your job if she wants to leave you for a bum ass nigga let her shell be back I promise you that!

Bottom line if you have nothing to hide aren't doing dirt then social networks don't b…

Know your Worth Ladies..


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Grown Man Bidness!!!

Listen this is my open letter to any man woman or child that wants to listen!

As a grown man you should not have the free time to worry about pay attention listen to rumors on what another man is doing!!

If you are doing what you are supposed to as a man whether in your relationship at your job or just in general you know taking care of your responsibilities what another man is doing is the least of your concerns!

Too much free time can be your worst enemy but when you're really on a mission set goals in your head and put hustle in your muscle to attain those goals you don't have time to worry about he said she said you don't have time for drama you don't have time to be thirsty!

Trust me you are a reflection a product of your grind and by this teenage mentality of thinking you need to flash money brag about what you have in order to attract the opposite sex you are setting yourself up for failure!

In the words of the dude who killed sonny in paid in full people can look at…

Love Live Learn Move On..,,,,

All you can do in life is love love with all your mind body and soul give your love unconditionally wholeheartedly without limits!

One life to live all you can do is live it do what you gotta do to get where you wanna get

Learn from your mistakes learn from what makes you great what makes you feel great and keep doing more and more of it and when you make mistakes make a blueprint of what to do to try and let it not happen again!

Move on if you are in a Space in life that you don't like whether your career a relationship a funk in life you got to move on in this life we lead there a no room for negativity or to let others bring us down no one controls your destiny but you with God Willing no one can determine your value but you no one can bring you down but you cause you let others words affect you!

If you are verbally abused and you accept what that person says as fact you are weak and need to learn to love live learn from your own self and MOVE ON

In this pursuit of happiness in the …

My Rules of a Gentleman Part 10...

Time is of the essence there is no time like the present it's a gift not a curse...

With that said a TRUE gentleman always has time makes time for his lady no matter how busy his schedule is she is at the top of his priority list!

But with that said if your time is not valued and she doesn't show you the same respect back she isn't the one for you!

The biggest part of a RELATIONSHIP is SACRIFICE its about a union it's about two people combing their lives into one it can't always be me me me or it won't work!

It's the little things that count in relationships and a good morning beautiful text or a I miss you you're on my mind all day text or call can go a long way!

When your women hits that slide to unlock on her iPhone or checks the iOS6 notification screen and sees "have a great day beautiful" "I miss you" text that makes her whole day that much greater...

Be the pleasure in her life not a burden & let your love adorn her..

Essence of …