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what is Christmas without this song>The Temptations Silent Night

Can you stand the rain?

Cause I need somebody who will stand by me though the good times and bad times she will always be right there....

Sunny days everybody loves them but tell me baby can you stand the rain?

No relationship is perfect but it's just that a relationship two people willing to fight fight for each other fight for their love no questions asked.

I'm far from perfect and I don't expect perfection but what I do expect is my lover my best friend my wifey material to be there for me when I have a bad day...Pick me up when I'm down that's why you have a significant other....It's not always about how one person feels its about how you feel as a couple as one heart joined together.

It's not always gonna be perfect but can you stand the rain??

I say it sounds good on paper or in a text but it takes one hell of a woman to really stand the rain. To be there head held high and stand through it all too many bring past mishaps into the present.

When you can stand the rain I fe…

Patience is a Virtue...,

I swear people out there with nothing to do but be bored and think about things need to learn this.

Just cause your sitting at your mommy and daddy's house with no responsibility no worries in life doesn't mean the rest of the world is.

Some people have to work love to work cause they are go getters.

If your needy clingy bored all the time you won't mesh with a go getter let them be....Give them space it's a marathon this game we call life no sprint so be patient if your real and true to yourself you may get where you want but being impatient needy sending long emails cause you have all this free time isn't all.

I feel like I should never be asked why I haven't done this done that cause ain't nobody eve Gave me a dam thing self made if you non patient folks had one ounce of that in your body we'd be on the same page!

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Playful relationships make the best relationships.

Hey let's face it if you can't be yourself who can you be right?

My specialty is making my girl say there is something wrong with you as she laughs.

Think about it who wants to argue fight fuss all day I'd rather eat laugh laugh some mote fu*** then laugh again lol.

I'll be honest I'm very sarcastic very random and bad at holding my tongue.

#Dontjudgeme lol

With that said most that comes from my tongue are things people think but are scared to say.

These make for great great laughs so whether a random tweet song lyrics whatever what you see is what you get and that's me.

Being funny having fun in a relationship keeps it interesting fun and you never get bored.

Think about it ladies if you have to wonder what your man is gonna say to make you smile doesn't that make it a fun relationship?

A convo with me whether on the phone or in person is gonna consist of some clown activity and that's just me I'm serious at work and when need be the other 25/8
Lets h…

Kid Ink - Get Mine feat Nipsey Hussle

The Most important WIFEY duty ever......

I know so many claim that they are wifey material and never do this...

I don't mean put it on your man that is key but it's deeper than SEX...

Respect your MANS HUSTLE!!!!

Some women need more attention than sex I get that....

With that said if you go into a relationship thinking of marriage someday it's 500/500 but it's the man's job to take care of his woman financially,mentally,physically.....SEXUALLY

IF you have a hard working black man hold on tight respect him..

All seriousness we are a dime a dozen...

Some go about it all wrong ok he's busy he's grinding doesn't mean you aren't on his mind...

Your insecurity can't effect his grind.

I say this cause I work on commission and in retail Christmas is where we make our money.

It can't be expected for me to always answer calls text ims that's ridiculous

Then you get attitude

It's like dam be gone. If I'm out here busting my ass to have what I want in life it should be admired not frowned u…

Wale ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross - That Way (Official Video)