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My Ode to Ursher here I Stand.........

Not only is this one of the best love songs ever but when your in love this is how you should feel.

"I'm hoping that this ain't too hard to believe cause baby your the only ONE for me"

"I know it get hard when I'm moving in and out state but I promise for you my LOVE I will save"

And this is sooooooo true if your deeply in love as u should be no one or nothing can change it whether your in Cali or Timbuktu your love is going nowhere you know why?

Your heart is part of theirs and your hearts are one you just have to open up communicate as I said earlier this week.

What's our biggest fear as human beings? Rejection not feeling wanted being hurt.

It's up to you to let your ego go and say HERE I STAND I'm the MAN you've been searching for I'm not perfect but I'm your dream come true and nothing will happen to you that doesn't me first your my love my soulmate and my life partner.

It's no fairytale no gimmick no game just your word when the day ends it's all you have.

And it's our job as men as protectors to live by it and STAND by it its why we were made stronger and why the DICK goes in not reversed LOL.

Fear should never stop you from getting what you want in LIFE

You just have to take it stand for it and be in it 1 million percent.

It's ok to be in love it doesn't make u weak it actually makes you stronger.

No matter how messed up your day is that life partner that lover is there to listen to hug you to love you to give themselves to you Cherish it!

Tell them here I am perfect or non perfect but I'm yours and no matter how tough the road is I'm devoted and in it for the long haul....United we Stand Divided we Fall

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