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Anaudia Theme 1.50 in Cydia

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If your a REAL WOMAN

its gonna come to you stop expecting life to just be what you want it to be I know how yall think Men dont have to go through what half you go through?Thats where your wrong know why cause we have to live with yall love it or hate it?if your a real woman true love is gonna come the man of your dreams is gonna come you just gotta let your BULLSHIT go to keep that dude in your life.The random spaz online on the facebool wall on the twitter tweet about Men not being shit wont attract you a good man it honestly makes the good men RUN.Some of yall got egos your like ok well step run do what you do but your the same ones speaking on MR Right go with your gut your heart on a mission your worst enemy is idle time..Read a fucking BOOK I mean you sit there think about shit instead of letting shit happen then your a miserable niggaz aint shit kinda female.....

you never answer when I call isnt attractive it makes you seem clingy and desperate wait for him to call you if he doesnt call he doesnt …

Think about it!

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
Leo Buscaglia

A Real Man

Has a career

Works hard

Doesn't depend on u

Takes care of his family

Doesn't have 12 baby mamas

Has his own

Get it got it good u say u want a real man but when hes at work and not your house u bitch period

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I'm not chasing Sex I'm chasing Success!

If u ever met that one bro bro who doesn't think with his d*ck he is I and I am him. Look I'm my mamas only son big shoes to fill not to mention ima grown man that likes toys. See why have a million females when I can love one female a million ways and have a million bucks. So Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday it's grind mode. I can't be like every black man I gotta be my own black man. In this case hard work pays off and I have fun doing it.

It's destinys child's fault too cause I've been on my grind since bills bills bills and no scrubs I vowed to myself to never be in a position that I could be called that!

As much as I love women I can't be in a position that one controls me and tells me if I can have an allowance. If being an independent man makes me miss out on life o be it there's more to life than just sex.

And at the same time A real woman will wait for you.

I've noticed the females who always said your too busy for me got Hellas …

The Noki Lockscreen ipad in portrait mode

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Noki for iPad best white iPad theme!

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Sh*t that makes me go hmmmm lol

*ok how on Gods green earth did Beyonce even make a song put a ring on it man I'd drink her bath water I'd have 711 jobs a ring on layaway just to lick that from the back #dontjudgeme lol

*how the he'll is mr b*itch I'm a Martian Lil Wayne gonna tell me how to love??b*tch you had like 3 women pregnant at once strippers models New New how do u get new new one and two how u let that go lol smh not to mention u drink on the regular sh*t kneegrows use to get over colds f*ck outta here!!!hahahahaha

*some 36dds but no ass really?what the oddly shape is this when I see it I say why yes your breastssss are blessed but if I smack your ass pull your hair I might break a dam bone smh black baby Jesus help us!

*And my last subject of the night the side chick expecting to be seen in public extravagant gifts lol b*tch how dare you you are side meat for a reason a gift to u is the pee pee once a month that's it u wanna do this and that no #sidechickbirthdaygift nadadamthing #okbye l…

Dear Mama

So it's your date of birth the least we could do is send you on a cruise you gave us life but you know your only son I want to
Make each birthday better than the last not only is your born day the reason I'm here but it's the reason you my best friend my teacher are here!

You always say my gifts are too expensive but I can't put a price on the life lessons the teachings the sacrifices you made for me!

The last year I made u a homemade card I told u I'm gonna buy u a house like the one I drew!That will come true but in the meantime why not show my mother the finer things in life!

To thank you for all you've given me and my sisters!

You told me recently that I'm your only child the one who's always stuck by u and that moved me because ever since I moved out at 13 my mission has been to make you proud do right by you!

It's hard for a single mother to raise a man so when I'm out here doing what I do I do it proud cause I represent you a single black mothe…

Obesity iPhone 4 theme

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Too Many Search for Compliments instead of Accomplishments!!!!!

We all know someone that would be okay accomplishing nothing in life as long as they are told they look good smell good are good or doing a good job.

This is where my mentality kicks in if you do something anything give it your all your best you don't need a compliment cause you know in yourself you did your best!

With that said the biggest accomplishment we can do as adults is children.
Raise them well
Instill values in them
Educate them

To me this is 100 times better than any monetary gain

I know I'd be nothing without my mothers sacrifices for my family.
See what you Learn you pass on you pass on hate it grows you pass on love it goes and goes.

And if your not in a relationship or don't want kids you should be all about accomplishments

When I'm in a relationship I like to motivate and be motivated

What's more rewarding in life than knowing you have all you want and that you earned it all yourself?


Find your inner beast mode set goals attain them and tell your hat…

Boys will Break your heart a Real Man picks up the pieces!

Lesbianist lol love take patience some if just don't have your tested she wants to see if you'll stay or run at the first sign of trouble and it's on you to decide if it's worth it. My thing is if we war let's war for reason and no social network is reason to war period. We've all seen it oh this girl said this on your wall who's that nigga flirting on your pic lol mad immature and childish events. One if your with that person who cares what anyone else says people want what they can't have guess what when they get it they dont want it anymore. I can't begin to tell y'all how many childish text calls I've gotten in my lifetime from people with too much time. If your life is waiting for me to tweet review your situation sometimes I'm not on for a week!

And as for the relationship tip I'm loyal in that like I am loyal in getting money you reach a time not even a age where you just are over it all as a man over the hoes over the strip cl…

H1 UI theme 3.00 in themeitapp

Reminds me of the sista iPhone 3G theme

VIP hd lockscreen

VIP HD color keyboard

And I'm using tabitha bytafont with the tabitha keys on my keyboard
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Real Women Make it Go Around but the End result starts with Us men!

Sometimes I feel like us the fellas are the root of all the insecurity I mean think about it some dude tells a female shes fat thats thats shes insecure.....When in fact any man that will sleep with you then down talk you is the insecure one.I mean come on if you do not want your woman to go anywhere tell her how you feel be upfront honest if you have a female that does not appreciate the truth real words then shes not the one for you.Nope instead we tell our women they arent shit your a fat bitch your a whore your this your that..But are you not then a hypocrite when you stick your dick in?How hard is it to say dam the sex is good I wanna be only in your the rest of your life..Oh and yes your ass is fat but I LIKE IT and thats all that matters its mine?Nope why you think its so many bi women now a days nothing against that its your life but females get a bad taste in their mouth from foul MEN and in most cases I think foulness comes from being insecure not enough hugs compliments?

I d…

download the homie @September7th 2pac eternal Legend Mixtape!2Pac - My Prophecy ft Kadafi & Edi Prod by Dae One (Eternal Legend)

this is my favorite track on there ive had this on repeat like a week straight lol

Why do females automatically assume your ballin?LOL

From the chick I just met not long ago asking me for 400 to previous girlfriends expecting this and that it's getting outta control. So I'm just curious why because you have stuff you want in your life people assume your rich and about to come up off of you?It's amazing I can hear the co vow now ooh girl he has MONEY lmfao.

But here is the thing I have no kids I don't have any habits I drink I don't smoke weed do drugs nada shit I'm barely in the club time out for me is a movie a good dinner travel shit me & Cabo San Lucas are on a first name basis the Laker game.

But understand I bust my ass for my money I work on commission and it's serious time effort sweat put into my career like sometimes I'm with a customer 2 hours and they dont buy anything it's a struggle like from february to back to school time it's slow as shit but September thru January is crazy busy that's where I get the doe .

So yea I may have this I may have that but it&#…

My iPad 2 theme



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My letter to the Wifey Type.

You deserve a crown!!Let me tell you why your rare and u weren't made into the woman u are overnight. You came into the league out of high school then graduated with high honors after acquiring the knowledge. You lived you learned you earned. you laugh you cried even some felt like they were gonna die inside. But you didn't you kept fighting telling yourself there were good men still out there!I admire your ambition your inner beauty your ability to overcome obstacles your heart your body your soul your mind. You've seen it all from the sweet talker to the down talker you didn't listen when he said you were fat worthless or meaningless you kept pushing with your foot on the glass. And then you run into a real one and you don't hold what the past has done against him you value him as he does you. You've seen all the bullshit men youve heard all the bullshit lines you just wanna push bullshit aside and live in love love has motivated you to be you and you appreci…

A Mans body of work

We all know intelligent is the new gangster well to become intelligent we have to live we have to learn we have to mature we have to grow up. Honestly some don't and never will with that said every Man is just that his own man some wanna get better some are fine just getting by. As a Man I feel like our body of work should mean something when we die we should be able we did something with our lives our community not just the black community the human community. Human beings. We all know that person and we think that's one bad human being. So my goal as a man is to
Be known not as the best not as the cockyest but as that dude that was always there for his people picked up the pieces the under dog the made something out of nothing the one you could depend on. To pick you up when your down have the answer to a question you needed and was full of intelligence that led to power. I don't dream to be the richest man ever I dream to be that man that always took care of his people. …

Madden12 team Chargers

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Mophie Juice pack air iPhone 4

Main beef with smart phones is the battery although I don't think my htc thunderbolt can be saved since I have 2 iPhone 4's I decided to spend the 85 on this case and couldn't be more happier. Usually while working I have r ok charge a few times well with this case cause its a battery case I got a full 8 hour shift in and 3 hours at home so buy one ASAP. 79.95 at At&t & Apple


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Like you'll never see HER again.

So I soundtracked the Alicia Keys song this morning and the lyrics got me to thinking.

The present really is a gift the present is your gift and if your in a relationship tomorrow isn't guaranteed so why not grip your lady up hold her love her kiss her make love to her like Its your last?I know all of us have it in us cause we can party make it rain like it's our last day alive?

As Men we need to grasp the concept that our lady is ride or die she is a gift to us from God she is in our life for a reason she's is not
to be abused physically mentally stolen from lied or cheated. She is to be loved protected picked up when she's down held tight and pipe laid right.

I think us men take her for granted sit back and think all the hoes out there you chased if you did it the right way that one woman could be all them rolled into one beautiful ass soul.

You keep thinking she's going nowhere she's always gonna be here but take her for granted she's gonna get swept off…

A mans Moment of Silence!!

lets face the facts ladies Love to talk they can talk all dam day about nothing am I right?of course I am so I Entrepronegro Tyriq aka Riq O Suave bka Mr Blue Magic am here to let you know what a mans moments of silence are and if your smart you will pay attention or be sent to timeout with the kids aheeem thanks..
1.Taking a shit this is numero uno why because its priceless you dont just take a shit you collect your thoughts catch up on if Kim Kardashians ass grew back all that so silence is GOLDEN.
2.especially when it comes to being a black man eating the big piece of chicken is silent mode especially if its seasoned and deep fried hmm mmm mmm let me clog an artery in peace thanks never ever ever bother a black man while hes eating a breastsssssssssss..Thanks HOW DARE YOU!!
3.during the Laker Game im a God fearing man but Jesus could knock on my door after the 3rd quarter ends and im not aswering so who are you we dont close the mall on your birthday so dont bother me no calls no text…

Their too thirsty for you bro LOL..part 1

I think it was jersey shore that had #shestooyoungforyoubro trending on twitter and I killed it with if you gotta make helicopter/airplane noises to get your d*ck in her mouth #shestooyoungforyoubro lmao so I decided to GO IN on this topic I just created in my beautiful mind Leggo...........

Within a second of posting a new fb status he likes and comments even if it's a post that has nada to do with someone commenting #hestoothirstyforyoubro

Every time u post a twit pic she's the last to view it and u don't talk at all #shestoothirstyforyoubro
Ummmm borderline stalk my life material

If her status is begging for a prepaid Verizon card so she can get to know you #shestoothirstyforyoubro
Lol I didn't know prepaid exist till I saw it on fb

If he expects sex after a extra value meal with double cheese and paid with a rush card #hestoothirstyforyoubro
Lol step your game up cheap ass

If he comments a pic of u and your kids about how nice your t*tties are #hestoothirstyforyoubro

It's Eazy E's Birthday

so gimme that nutt cause I'd Rather f*ck you cause the Boyz n Da Hood are always hard lil mama talked slick so I pulled her card cause im still a n*gga do you have any last werdz?im doing 85 screaming f*ck the police with Dopeman on blast cause thats how Eazy Duz it!Nobody move nobody get hurt on my NWA tip from summer till santa comes down the chimney ho ho ho as I continue to flow cause yo im just a FLY Kneegrow hahahaha #RESPECT to the #Legends #OneWest

Can't change the past but you have the key to the future.....

Probably one of our things thats hardest to let go of is the past you meet someone they are perfect but that one asshole is always in your head making you wonder what if?

Then is when you grab your own hair if your hair is cut short slap yourself.

Ok you protect yourself you've been hurt have your guard up it's ok but we cannot bring the past present is poison the present is a gift and in most cases the past is a curse but a curse you lived another day to speak about learn from and move on from.

People stuck in the past are just that the past you watch life pass you by you watch others be happy your miserable and at the end of the day turn into a hater!!

It's hard it's tough its work and if you meet the right patient Person it could work but not all are patient and your past leads to arguements.

But you gotta be the judge of character hopefully your past taught you to be a good one but if you got a dude who's focused on the money the grip the cheese let him be don…

Words of Wisdom & Of Character!

Take time to get to know the beauty of someones heart instead of lusting after their outer beauty. Outer beauty fades in time but inner beauty is everlasting!

This one moved me on the real
Cause you can be the most beautiful type on the outside but ugly miserable and a hater of life on the inside. That's why I always said if she's just as beautiful outside as in put a ring on it cause let's face the facts wifey duty 3,001 is play with the penis and she gotta be able to get it up to play with it lmao!

But as I stated before if you know each other inside out the sex is the best A woman with a beautiful mind a beautiful soul already knows where to go in the bedroom.

With that said 2 hearts joined as one takes the effort to mend won't always be perfect there's gonna be clouds not always sun. But if you take the Time to earn that heart & treat it as your own youll learn the inner beauty outshines the outer beauty every day ending in "y"


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If You don't believe in Yourself who will?

People always tell me oh your a Capricorn your cocky Or they get on me about being a Floyd Mayweather fan cause he's cocky.

Here is my thing about Floyd your about to get your head knocked off if you don't go in that with the mentality you can't be stopped it's like dying a slow painful death.

And that mentality should be in all we do as humans if you do it why not be the best at it?it comes a time in life when you decide if you wanna be like everyone else or be yourself.

Me I may come off cocky at times that's cause what I do everyday in life I'm the best at it I'm a perfectionist but I paid the cost to be the boss and there's days people ask things I don't know but I take the time to learn it and find out what I need to know so when asked again I have an educated answer.

That's how it should be who likes to look dumb when asked a question?Not me so if you have great product knowledge especially in sales that separates you from the rest.

People …

Pump your Breaks Put it in Cruise Control!

why is it when it comes to the most petty things in life people always assume the worst?
U dont reply to a text for a few hours then you do "oh I thought u was done speaking to me"
U dont talk to someone for a day "hey Stranger" LOL
and the dumbest shit ever u deactivate your facebook then come back people be on that dam u deleted me tip?
if I have not done you wrong dont assume the worst out of ME im not the one thats made u mad at the world
And if I dont reply to a text all day cause Im busy busting my ass for a paycheck thats my choice
whats worse than a 3 paragraph text message that makes no sense cause a person has way too much time on their hands to think?sit down watch a show go to a movie read a book LET ME DO ME!!
thats the whole luxury of a text message you reply when u get to it im pretty sure thats why they invented the shit reply at your own discretion..
Honestly those long paragraph messages make you look crazy lets not bite our tong…

My New Mentality......

if its not the truth f*ck it......
Let me explain we often hide behind our fears keep our guard up stop from letting our emotions out and most of all hide our true feelings for what?
thats why im like if its not the truth f*ck it living a lie is no way to live and being on social networks is the ultimate way to lie about your life people post on your wall fake things when behind closed doors its not even that kinda party..
Love? who wants or needs fake love keep those fake words keep those fake hugs im alright I know who the people that truely love me ARE for real and they know I love them back..
Its too much fakeness going on in the world today..
why settle for what the hell u do not want in this short life?
Your living a lie if you tell yourself hes not gonna hit me again shes not gonna cheat again that kid looks like you and it doesnt drink some truth serum LOL
My truth serum is coco loso if I drink that my true colors are shining through like no other some of yall should honestly try that…

Dam Let Tip Breathe wtf!!

He scored a reality show hours after getting out of prison Wednesday morning. Clearly, T.I. is a quick mover. So quick the rapper is already in prison again, CNN reports.But what got him there? Last we’d heard from Tip, he had checked into an Atlanta half-way house, ostensibly ready to start production on his upcoming VH1 series, having put his 10 months at an Arkansas federal pen behind him.It wasn’t a drug violation that landed him back in jail, MTV reports. And it wasn’t an alcohol or cough-syrup-related one, either. Rather, Radar Online reports that T.I. simply chose the wrong way to travel from Arkansas to Atlanta.T.I. made the 375-mile trip to Atlanta in a chauffered luxury bus, while followed by a caravan of four black SUVs. An offense to good taste, maybe — but that’s not the issue.Radar reports that in order for T.I. to make the trip using his own transportation, he had to file a petition. In his request, Radar reports the rapper said he’d be getting there in a van. To the au…

If you have an iPad/IPhone u need this

This will be the best 49.99 u ever spent lol trust me!

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You Can Tell A Lot about a Woman from her TEETH!!

lets face the facts a nice smile is enticing its appealing it lures you in and when you see someone that it beautiful then they open their mouth and its not so beautiful whats your reaction?Run Forrest Run for it RUN LOL
I dont expect my woman to take care of me financially but if she cant take care of her teeth how she gonna take care of me?
this shows lack of priorities am I correct?
I mean cmon son I like a woman that can cook not microwave LOL this type have you walking around looking like snoop in baby boy in that wife beater LMAO
On a serious note im a eye and smile person a nice smile some beautiful eyes gets me every dam time in fact I had to go to rehab for it a few times then gave up haha..
Bottom line im gonna keep you laughing to the point that your ribs hurt and im gonna keep a smile on your face so to those that dont have to hide theirs shake your mamas hand buy her some golden corral and tell her she is the best cause she raised you well im just saying

Trey Songz - Trigga In Africa [NEW SONG 2011]

My Ode to Ursher here I Stand.........

Not only is this one of the best love songs ever but when your in love this is how you should feel.

"I'm hoping that this ain't too hard to believe cause baby your the only ONE for me"

"I know it get hard when I'm moving in and out state but I promise for you my LOVE I will save"

And this is sooooooo true if your deeply in love as u should be no one or nothing can change it whether your in Cali or Timbuktu your love is going nowhere you know why?

Your heart is part of theirs and your hearts are one you just have to open up communicate as I said earlier this week.

What's our biggest fear as human beings? Rejection not feeling wanted being hurt.

It's up to you to let your ego go and say HERE I STAND I'm the MAN you've been searching for I'm not perfect but I'm your dream come true and nothing will happen to you that doesn't me first your my love my soulmate and my life partner.

It's no fairytale no gimmick no game just your w…