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Ladies let's talk........

Really in all honesty there are no rules to a relationship your with that person cause that's who you chose to be with your an adult and make your own decisions with that said there are certain warning signs to run while your ahead!!

*asking for money within a 2 week dating period really?I guess the first sign should of been me always at work you always at home hahahahaha!

*the first few convos sex talk comes up?ok I'm a man so obviously I love sex but if you get straight into that I'm inclined to think you talk to every dude like that!no hoes can be housewives!!

*giving out information without being asked is a sign of guilt to me especially when dealing with a confident person such as myself we've all had that one insecure or more relationships there is no need to randomly text saying I'm here there cause that makes u look like your elsewhere and honestly I don't care I trust until my trust is broken.

*the most infamous run sign is "I dont usually do this it's something about you"this honestly makes me want to run hide dip my dick in clorox bleach and arm & hammer lol to me when this is said I think just the opposite let's face the facts ladies every man wants a lady in the streets his in the sheets but dam if you out there like that what's sacred?Can u imagine being at red lobster and seeing a table of dudes that ran a train on you?LOL

I respect all women from a 1 to a 10 but you have to respect yourself too we live in a fast ass society look at the big picture if youh bring a daughter into this world would you want to raise a lying promiscuous legs open like 7/11 child?No you wouldn't set an example because I get that you have a nice ass a nice chest nice lips but u could probably seduce all men in your Victoria secret pink sweat suit no man is gonna wife you love you treat you like the queen you are if in fact your showing what should be his only to your 2000 followers on twitter this isn't hate from me this is love I love women but love yourself respect yourself we've all been in bs relationships it's learning from bs and how you come out on top that builds character.

its your world you make it go around and Shoutout respect and admiration to the REAL women left.


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Anonymous said…
That's real talk there. Every woman needs to hear that regardless of where she's at in her life. So, where does flirting fit into all of this?
Anonymous said…
Hi Sweetie.. ..It's your girl JoJo the Cougar lol! You seriously are funny. I was giggling the whole time I was reading your blog. Your serious one minute and the next you say something so funny but true. I always love your blog!
1EntrePROnegro said…
Flirting is innocent to me especially if your woman knows shes your one and only ans as a man thats my main job!

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