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Ok let's make a legit straight f*ckin playlist. Part 1

Ok like 5 years ago I made this mix tape of songs I legit got me in the mood and it was a classic well I wanna create a valume 2{Yes it's spelled wrong that's my accent} lol so I'm gonna need your help I'll add the first 5 songs then u comment with what should be next deal?leave your name too

1.Color Me Bad-Sex you up
3.504 boyz-I Can Tell
5.Tyrese-Signs of lovemaking

I think I'll put Tyrese one first what y'all think???

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Any great relationship consist of coming to a common ground that's built off of great communication communication is the key if you are in tune with your woman's mind u can go places no man has ever gone that is how u get past insecurities jealousy and envy in a relationship speak on how u feel don't hide it!

They always say closed mouths don't get fed and me personally although I'm grown I likwe to get breast fed lmao.

In the classic hit Water runs dry Boyz II Men said we don't even talk anymore we don't even know what we argue about!! Why cause u don't communicate.

We have to approach our relationships with honesty stop trying to be what u aren't and look at your lover as your best friend be playful have fun and always tell the truth.

If she's not sucking you up from the back like she did when she met you tell her communicate in the bed room but say it with authority and it will happen.

Pride is probably the burden of all relationships and fear…

How to Love Entrepronegro 101

Love isn't an emotion that can be turned on and off love isn't putting down letting down saying you can't love isn't half ass love isn't no effort!

Love takes a 1000 percent effort love takes time love takes devotion love takes heart it takes courage.

Love takes letting mistakes go learning from them love takes mind body and soul.

But what love takes most of all is commitment committed to your love living for your love and most of all earning your love.

Where do we learn to love as Men?Our Mothers!!!I don't know too many black men that wouldn't kill over their mama.

With that said in my Tupac voice is it time to heal our women be real to our women?

Especially those with children?Kids pic up on all so it's your duty as a man to teach your son love & respect whether the woman is a 2 or a 10.

Love is forgiveness love is loving for flaws mistakes and not holding them against them for life love is admitting when your wrong and not turning it on the other p…

Top Reasons the Ladies need cooking classes Lol

I always see these status updates oh I wish I could find a good man

Let me tell you why you can't your cooking sucks lol

They say the way to a man is thru his sports and his stomach this is true if you add silence while he's playing madden to the equation and respecting his career moves!

With that said good sex good food equals your good man coming straight home from work shit he might even call on the way home to say he's on the way and ask " you need anything" lol

And sometimes u have that rare occasion where the food is great the sex is spectacular
But it's one of the other things I mentioned any man from 18-65 doesn't like to be nagged pressured treated like he's the last man that cheated.

What's the first reaction as a human being when someone accuses you of something rebellion by doing that act correct?

Give the present a chance live in the day and if the past repeat itself learn from it.

If your home all day while he's working perfect y…

Ladies let's talk........

Really in all honesty there are no rules to a relationship your with that person cause that's who you chose to be with your an adult and make your own decisions with that said there are certain warning signs to run while your ahead!!

*asking for money within a 2 week dating period really?I guess the first sign should of been me always at work you always at home hahahahaha!

*the first few convos sex talk comes up?ok I'm a man so obviously I love sex but if you get straight into that I'm inclined to think you talk to every dude like that!no hoes can be housewives!!

*giving out information without being asked is a sign of guilt to me especially when dealing with a confident person such as myself we've all had that one insecure or more relationships there is no need to randomly text saying I'm here there cause that makes u look like your elsewhere and honestly I don't care I trust until my trust is broken.

*the most infamous run sign is "I dont usually do this it…

As a MAN life's is about doing what YOU wanna do!

It's always someone that ask why and my motto is why not not why lol.
People always say why do you need 3 cell phones are you a playa a pimp?
I did that cause that's what I wanted to do no explanation is needed. I like electronics that's
Why I buy the new toys when they come out. And being in the cell phone industry doesn't it make sense to have the hottest phones?If you've been in sales u know if u have it on you'll sell it ask the dude at finish line rocking the new Jordans.

Me having two tablets 3 cell phones is no different than a stripper buying the hottest new g strings out lol it's an investment it's gonna pay off in the long run and hey if you bust your ass for it then who are we to stop it?

I'm a single {not married} black man with a career no children no baby mamas no drama no Maury or Larry King I don't have any of those expensive habits besides retail so let me do me I'm not living off the system I'm making my own system my own…

iPad 2 boxor white ceramic {Dreamboard} theme

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My new white iPhone 4 theme apple desk {Dreamboard}


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Game - Daytona 500 (500 Bars)

Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It ft. Kendrick Lamar

My Beach HD live wallpaper for Android tablet!

Well worth the 99 cents it adjust the time of day to your time!!!

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My next boo

When I met u it was on some wowwwwww she's beautiful ish then I really got to know u and I was like woooow again then we spoke and I realized I met that one I never had one that gets me and what's yours is mine meaning your pain your hurt your agony your suffer your struggle are mine. Is that LOVE id say so you know why not one day goes by where you aren't thought of with a smile. Have we met face to face NO.Have we met mind body soul and most importantly heart Yes.Your my motivation and I'm naturally motivated and I knew I loved you way before I met u.Do I want u all to me yes. Do I care about your past NO the present and our future. Should you be insecure thinking your not worthy nope u shouldn't because no matter how you look my heart isn't worthy of yours. You give so much but expect nothing from me but my stubborn ego makes me want to
Give you the world. Not cause u ask for it cause you deserve it. I live for that smile that laugh that happiness. And I know…

Real Men Stand To the Front Part 1..

The same way you get your woman is the same way you keep your woman stalking hitting belittleing going thru her phone or being thirsty isn't attractive it amazes me some men's style switches when they get comfy but wonder why they find other dudes numbers!Don't blame him or her blame yourself your an adult accountable for your actions.

Your a grown man you cannot always point the finger at everyone else you gotta look in the mirror figure out what it is that your doing wrong.

Just cause you got the girl you wanted doesn't mean you have to change who you are and how you got her we only have this one life and of your with that one female why not make her feel like she's the only female on this planet why not be the reason that your the only man she wants to talk to text live for live thru.

I get it we all think we are good men but the only true good men in my opinion are ones who can look at themselves and say DAM I need to change this do that fix this I should of do…

These Lil kids go hard I had to buy this song on itunes LOL

Live your Life!!!

I didn't really notice until last week when I changed my Facebook relationship status just how miserable people are with their lives to want to be all up in yours!

It amazed me even though I'm very happy where im at how many people hate to see a person happy it wasn't until I changed my profile to single that all these people who never spoke to me had something to say emails for days.

And you know after a few drinks I observed the situation and decided to delete those fake fraudulent pretenders out my life if your on some wanting me to fail at life shit cause your a miserable can't get a man in real life ass person we don't need to be facebook friends you wanna be a follower follow @1entrepronegro

I'm about the positive in life the doing what I want how I want and I don't need anyone onlines permission to do what I wanna do it's amazing that not one person was like awww he's happy but soon as that relationship ended all the miserable people with no li…

Techniec & L's "Blacklist"

My Doctor Nightmare Lol

So I guess maybe my barber knicked me with the clippers but I have this bump on my head that keeps growing especially after haircut so I made an appointment to get it checked why not not why.

WELL it was a nightmare lol picture uncle Phil from Fresh Prince with no money same size and white that was my new doctor I guess that's what I get for picking closest to
My new zip code hahaha but anyways he looks at my head pounds on it says why is your heart racing it's not a tumor in that Arnold voice lol then he said what you thought u had cancer?then proceeded to laugh at me I didn't think it was life or death but my time here I value so I wanted to make sure and it's very unprofessional to make fun of someone over a health concern if it was a joke I should of saved my companies money and mine on the copayment.

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Chivalry doesn't have to be DEAD!

My moms always taught me treat others how u wanna be treated and honestly getting shitted on by a female is what makes most players players they don't ever wanna feel that pain that agony again so they begin to do what they do don't matter who they hurt as long as it's not themselves.

With that said it's a few real ones out here and I mean REAL WOMEN & those ones that are real deserve some dam respect because the fake crazy 5150 ones outweigh the real ones like 8/10 lol with that said I'm not saying brownose trick or be fake I'm saying be yourself at the end of the day if your not you your living lie after lie.

It's ok to open the door for a real one it's ok not to call her a bitch it's ok to tell her your thinking of her while you hustle hard it's ok to make her a meal it's ok to buy her the finer things in life you know why a real woman isn't gonna expect it but she's dam sure gonna respect it like dam he bust his ass for me to…

Two themes in a row VIP Hd 3.00 in the themeitapp

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Let's talk about sex baaaaby!

Since 90 percent of the female population thinks all us men only are after sex I'm gonna break down what sex is to me I can only speak for myself

Ok off top it's go hard or go home meaning my goal in sex as in all I do is be the best at it the best you ever had so when u slip and become the future ex 4 years down the road I pop in your head lol.

It's not just sex on my end it's you giving your body to me totally 500 percent and who am I to not make your body feel right?

It's true what they say about Capricon men
We are all about pleasing first this I can attest 1 million percent.

With that said let me tell you where I think we go wrong as men when it comes to sex most of us think with the dick head yes but we wine we dine we stay fresh drive the best for what to get some ass but my question is if you want to get the ass so bad you go all out don't u want it to be good?

If you have a physical connection that's good you can stay up all night but if you have a me…