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Capricorn Men

Capricorn Men

Well i dont ve words to praise a capricorn guy lol.He is sober,
serious,sophisticated, sensual, arrogant and classy in short. He is like a wine who improves with age.His biggest necessity is success and self development at all cost. He is generally shy and reserved and dont talk much. But when he talks people listen. He is very witty and only people like aquarius and gemini can dare to mess with him verbally.

A capricorn guy is very energetic and doesnt know anything about taking rest. He takes rest only when it becomes physically impossible for him to work any more. He is the most hard working among all sunsigns. He has tunnel eye view and highly task oriented. Once he selects a goal, he is totally preoccupied with the task unless and until the task is successfully completed.

By nature capricorn guy is not romantic but to please his partner he will do any thing from buying a bunch of flowers to candel light
dinner. He probably will take help of a cancerian guy who is an expert in romancing.

Biggest problem in his life is to create a balance between his
work and personal life. He wants to achieve his goals and at the same time wants to spend quality time with his partner also.

A Capricorn guy is attracted to a girl who is sexy esp with heavy
breast and a great body. (thinks wat he will squeeze and suck in bed lol). Flat chested or skinny girls can become good or even best friends depending on their intelligence, communication skills and other personality traits. But spouse/ girl friend, no way..........

The first thing that get his attention is the body. Remember capricorns r body concious people and they r generally in shape if not muscular. If they r fat then it means they r too busy to work out but they always have this feeling in their mind that they r fat and they need to be in shape and will try hard to cut down calories and fat.....So if u r fat then the chances r very less that u will atrract a capricorn guy...Sorry:(.......

U can woo a capricorn guy first by ur body and then by ur overall
personality. U need to be independent and at the same time should love to be depended on him.......If u ask me, virgos r expert in getting a cappy guy. There killer looks, beautiful smile, great body and open willingess to befriend/mate makes him crazy.

Capricorn guy gives up quickly on hard to get girls. Since he is
practical and very busy, he doesnt think twice before moving on. So if u r used to throwing tantrums or playing mind games u r fooling urself and not him. He wont wait 4 u long. Get ready 4 multiple orgasm when in bed with him. He can/will fuck u all night.He will do everything to please u from oral to anal sex.

Capricorns r loyal, trust worthy, responsible and honest people and so is he.....He cant flirt. Infact he doesnt know whether he is flirting or not lol.

Capricorn guys r attractive, dashing,smart and very successful.
cappy guys r not social, so u will usually not find them in parties or clubs..Then where u can find them??????????U can find them at the place where u can find all capricorn girls also.............silly thats their work place. u can easily find them in business meetings, corporate parties, conferences, seminars and all those boring places u can think of, like library lol.

Capricorn guy is materialistic. He generally thinks of money, flashy cars, success and more success.He is pretentious and doesnt mix up with every body. Quite selective when picking up friends esp girl friend. He wants her girl friend to be something to be proud of. With whom he can show the world that how good is his choice.Look at her, she is mine. She is not my wife, she is my pride :)


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The women Capricorn men are attracted to.

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