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My iPhone theme i2hd

It's been awhile since I posted my theme so I wanted to share.

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true story a picture worth a million words!!

Always moving forward never backwards!

So many get stuck in the pain the agony of their past mistakes but this is why we become adults to learn from our mistakes..

Live and learn that's why we are here with that said if were constantly going back to before when we are in the here and now how can we grow how can we establish a great working relationship if your constantly going back to a time that not only I WE messed up.

The past is a ghost the future a dream all we ever have is NOW.

Were all human far from perfect and any real person is gonna love you for your rights and wrongs with that said a guard up a wall up because you've been hurt is gonna get you nowhere with that person.

It's not fair whether in a intimate relationship or a working relationship for the person who had nothing to do with your hurt to be the burden of suffer.

After all this life is short and who wants to spend their limited time here by letting someone that had their own agenda didn't care about you or your feelings controlling your whole…

Riq's top ways to know your priorities are in order..

ok never ever ever ever ever put some random man above your children that you brought into this world
example ummm ill give u the baby diaper money for gas if u come see me? ratchet tendecies at its finest!
your priorities are super fucked up...
never ever ever expect someone to go down on you if you are not gonna return the favor and fellas I feel your pain some ladies hygiene is not all the way there but my question to you is why you in it if you gotta hold ya breath LMFAO
you know your priorities are fucked up!

always always leave a tip worthy of the service you get even if its poor service its 20 percent here is my motto I would never wanna do the job so why would I not tip think about it that way next time u leave a 50 cent tip im just saying
and last but not least this one is the cake putting your bills rent lights water behind getting the new pair of jordans on saturday LOL you take the cake in lack of prioritizing yes they are limited and fresh but your gonna smell like shit with no…

Food for thought.

If your in a situation that your frowns outweigh your smiles get up get out and leave it this life you lead is a short one and your time here should be filled with happiness joy sexual eruptions and most of all what you want it to be. although I feel some love and need drama love to argue there are most who stay around hoping someone will change u can't change the inevitable all you can do is be the best person you can be if a man/woman doesnt change when they become a parent for the beat what makes u think they are gonna change because u go down on them like no other?Sex isn't the answer the solution for everything sex is bliss sex feels good but what's the sense of feeling good an hr to feel miserable the next 23 hours think about it.

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Best Relationships are the playful ones....

I'm the type of dude that when I'm not working it's me time and to
Be honest when I'm working I'm me I like to crack jokes act a fool quote movies Kevin Hart Friday after next etc and I'm the type to tap my girls puss and say oops baby u left it open lmfao!

With that said it puts me on the ungrateful significant other tip especially with gifts my girl could sew me a sweater that's exxxtra tight I mean exxxtra medium for the skinny bros and I'd rock it with pride like dam she took the time to make this ima cherish it..

In the sales business females be mad ungrateful like he got me the wrong uggs I wanted the ones that were 100
More let me pay the difference.

No one stops to think he took time picking this his gas on the hour drive to buy this it's all about you you you.

With that playful side here's what you do fellas as soon as she frowns at your gift that's it next time buy her the most random gift ever she wants uggs buy her ass some payless s…

Def y fave song right now>Crooked I - Pac & Biggie [NEW SONG 2011]

I like a WOMAN that sticks out!

I get getting to know someone is the key in any relationship whether intimate or brofessional but dang the same ole same gets old it's like sex in the same position boring.

*do you have kids?Ummm bish if I had kids you wouldn't be talking to me my kids would be all over my shit and they would be my focus deadbeat isn't in Tyriqs vocabulary

*what do u for fun...once again bish I'm grown and work 40 plus hours a week who has time for fun what I do have is normal time and in my normal time I live a normal life I get that life isn't all work it's play time too but once your grown your playtime sometimes is relaxing so what u want me to write a book on how I relax?

*why someone so fine single?who said I was lmao u assume that makes an ass out of you and me the end

*finally a black man doing something with his life?I'm sure there are plenty of brothers all about the hustle the life of being successful u can't judge a race based on your bad experiences with lames…

Mr.Right does not exist

So many say I'm tired of these men I need mr right and I'm here to tell those who use this saying he does not exist you already have it in your head that all men are bad are out to get you are out to do what your ex did so when a good man is in your face laying in your bed you find something wrong to let it go out of fear out of being hurt out of not wanting to feel rejected cause after all the down talking your ex did to you why would mr right want you..See that's your problem you subscribed to the bs the hocus pocus mr right is there for you for the taking but you won't let it happen. Everything happens for a reason you may have to meet 50 bs men before you meet a real one but when you meet a real one who are you to determine fate everyone comes into your life for a reason and if you gave that man every roadblock y'all stopped talking and he's still standing there strong better than ever then what the he'll are you still looking for...Oh he's too good…

Characteristics of Real Men

Tyrese - Stay

Cancer Woman Capricorn Man opposites attract?

Though the Cancer and Capricorn are just opposite to each other but still if it’s a pair of Cancer woman and Capricorn man, then it works rather well. They both compliment each other and understand the importance of lasting relationship. Devotion and affection comes to both of them easily and generally they make a happy duo!
Capricorn man is an ambitious man who is strongly determined to reach the top with his efforts and undoubted courage. He is conservative and domineering in nature and his most endearing quality is his dependability in times of need. Once out of his serious course, he is very tender and gentle with a soft smile. He is basically strong and serious and at the same time shy too. In a relationship with a Cancer woman, he is incurably romantic and he admires his lovely maiden for her devoted nature and family loving qualities.
A Cancer woman is full of delicacy and sensitivity with an ultra feminine touch that makes her irresistible. She has the capacity to adapt to all s…

Women are the reason MeN do EVERYTHING lol

Women are the reason men do everything women are why we have jobs get haircuts drive fly cars go to the gym watch what we eat and so on

A man doesnt buy a Lamborghini cause he wants to drive the Lamborghini he buys it for the attention he gets and the women that will be on his dick as he speeds by lol

Basically what I'm saying is this women you control everything the world is ran by women so when I see a status that says all I want is one good man or where are the good men that's on you it's the power of the p-u-s-s-y if your not living it the way you want or with the man you want to be with that's on you you gotta decide if you accept things in life or u take them!

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Finally that iPad 2 jailbreak

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Noah Jones Got A Problem (Official Video)

Young Jeezy - Ballin' (Clean Version) ft. Lil Wayne

Kobe Loves the Kids to Cuss in front of them Lmao!

Why Women think all us men talk a good game!

its funny dudes say they want a real woman when 6/10 already have one at home but you got it in your mind that your gonna miss something out here sack chasing on these hoes when in reality if you loved your woman did the lil things for her she can transform one woman into 50 women see your woman has it in her head if you dont act right you dont deserve a dam thing!
and if your a real man and want a real woman horny thirsty ass pic comments aint gonna get you nothing but a hoe feel me?me personally ill say some off the wall shit but thats me being me but YES every woman loves attention but thirsty attention gets annoying shes like dam this dude is crazy sweating me and laughing at your ass...
With that said you gotta make up your mind cause saying you want a real woman then saying on her pic comments where shes totally covered u wanna rub your dick on that your sending mixed signals and with that said your messing up the game for the real ones
Ive said to a few people send me a pic next …

Casey Anthony reason 1 milli & one why the judicial system sucks!

Whether rich poor black white orange or purple we all know or have been a victim of the system at some point or the other and whether it's fines tickets DUI battery whatever although none of the above are good they don't match Murder!!!!

When you committ murder there's no coming back that's why it's in the 10 commandments thou shalt not kill right?

It just amazes me that her lawyer sucked she lied out her ass and walked for the murder of an innocent child I'm not a parent but I know kids are a blessing there are people in the world that want babies so bad but can't have them...

With that said her daughter didn't ask to come to this world no kid does I didn't you didn't no one does. So I feel as if the judicial system should of seemed justice for an innocent child's death someone has to pay for that..With that said I'm not perfect only God can judge and she's gonna have to meet her maker some day and I wouldn't wanna be her Yes she i…

Lust Hd IPhone 4 theme

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What I dont Like in a Woman!

off top the loudest one in the room is the weakestwhen you feel the need to post your undying love for others to see your not doing that for me your doing that for your own insecurities!
if your in a realtionship with me its that your with me not with anyone else and I get the need to let others know because you know women feel every woman is trying to get at their man but im grown I can handle that on my own...Im a man not a trophy and who gets me first doesnt win this isnt a game!
ok every woman says they want a grown man a man who has his own has his shit together with that said any man on this level is not gonna be able to sit on the phone with you 25/8 and when you text your man and he said he just left work and you call 2 seconds later thats being a bugaboo.

I get that you miss your man but if you truely love that man care for that man then you need to give him space how are you gonna put all your issues and problems on that man before he even unwinds from a long day..
Ive never bee…

Too Good to be True?

Too good to be true?
A real man no kids a Job car house and good looking?how is that too good to be true one my DNA is from my patents maybe a nigga lucked up there lol I know I lucked up with my name they could of named me Jorge lol but all of who I am should never intimidate someone women say they want a real dude but they look for something wrong like there's a catch haha

Here's my thing whether your in my life or not my life goes on and guess what I'm the same dude it's all money in on my end I might hand u a business card after we fuck I'm devoted and quoted this is the life I chose and it's not just for me cause guess what I'll meet a real woman that accepts me for me gets me and well have a family all u niggaZ & females that doubt me are just substitutes and if u don't believe in my abilities I'm way out your league

A man wanting change in life raising the bar seems to
Be a problem for most when it should be embraced with open arms!

Put the …

Michezo mixed with five stone hd

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D.O.T.(Death of Thirst)lol

*why don't u call or text anymore should never be asked this is how to be thirsty 101 lol
*oh you can tweet but can't text back is a instant #slap yourself
*the slogan niggaz ain't shit is thirst at it's finest when u say this you want and need attention so when u post this u hope some nigga steps it up but really you just wanted penis and penetration cause u needed it....
*how u got a pic of your ass in a thong on the Internet then tweeting I wish u thirsty mafukkkas would fall back?the Internet is open it's open to those who don't see a girl in a thong ever in real life so yes they judge you they assume that they have a shot you hate the thirst but you create it!
*A female can put a pic with a beautiful smile and still get attention when u post a naked pic u want attention and it's on u if it's attention u dont want the whole world sees that!

*last but not least u thirsties screaming mob money over bitches but have neither need to stop your seeking attent…

Sex With a Capricorn Male.....

Sex with a Capricorn Male

Being made of cardinal earth, this man is more than likely extremely good in bed. When not engaged in his aforementioned kinkier acts, he likes straight sex without the frills—on the surface, anyway. He has some naughtier inclinations that he might not feel comfortable having the “traditional woman” he’s chosen to partner with satisfy. (Doing so would detract from her wholesome appearance.) He enjoys pleasuring his partner, taking firm command of her body. Capricorns tend to be born with the sexual knowledge of an experienced middle-aged man. As long as he isn’t one of those deeply repressed or traditional Capricorns who tend to expect his partner to please or stimulate him rather than doing any of the work himself, he will take most of the accountability for the caliber of the sex in his relationships, using his ability to delay his own orgasms to both his and his partner’s advantage.

He’s often attracted to other men because they possess qualities he wishes h…

Capricorn Men

Capricorn Men Well i dont ve words to praise a capricorn guy lol.He is sober,
serious,sophisticated, sensual, arrogant and classy in short. He is like a wine who improves with age.His biggest necessity is success and self development at all cost. He is generally shy and reserved and dont talk much. But when he talks people listen. He is very witty and only people like aquarius and gemini can dare to mess with him verbally.

A capricorn guy is very energetic and doesnt know anything about taking rest. He takes rest only when it becomes physically impossible for him to work any more. He is the most hard working among all sunsigns. He has tunnel eye view and highly task oriented. Once he selects a goal, he is totally preoccupied with the task unless and until the task is successfully completed.

By nature capricorn guy is not romantic but to please his partner he will do any thing from buying a bunch of flowers to candel light
dinner. He probably will take help of a cancerian guy who is an expe…

Definition of Tyriq

Name: Tyriq
Origin: African

Sex: Male

Unisex Name? No

Meaning: Historical meaning unknown

Soul Urge: People with the name Tyriq have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and experience, or creative and artistic ability.

Expression: People with the name Tyriq are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Sylables: 2


# of Characters: 5

First Consonant: T

First Vowel: I


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